October 21, 2013

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October 12, 2013

11:11 Phenomena 2

I have been seeing the 11:11 a lot once again as well as other similar numbers like 04:44 and 02:22. It is always like this and has increased in frequency. I have been on the computer more and other devices so it could be a coincidence, but then I never have coincidences. I feel definitely this is some kind of messaging.

Actually this is the Universe IMing me. Without going too much into it I feel the Universe is saying to get ready because some kind of change is about to occur. I have been feeling a little drained lately, my energy focused on certain projects.

Last night went to bed early feeling so drained. Closed eyes lightness appeared, opened eyes to see that there was no physical external source. Closed eyes again, this occurred several times. Allowed the head to move as I went to sleep.

I am feeling the urge to take Salvia Divinorum once again, next week maybe.

September 16, 2013

Brain Vibrator

Last night went to bed around 11pm. As I slept there were some genital movements and feeling of a presence nearby. This evening I went through an emotional outpouring requesting for something from a particular energy that I had encountered. I asked this unknown source to reveal itself more clearly really wanting to have a solid connection. The following experience may have been due to this or completely unrelated, also did practice OM in the evening.

Slowly drifting off to sleep with those sexual type sensations, not feeling aroused just sleepy. All of a sudden I'm aware, there is a rapid vibrating inside the brain. It felt like something entering the brain - In and out in a continuous flow. Honestly, felt like a thousand penises penetrating my brain.

I was feeling afraid at this stage, thought my brain was about to be done with. I tried to move, there was heaviness in the head. Felt paralyzed but eventually managed to snap out some time after 12am. The vibration was dissipating. Pressures are still in the head at this stage.

Orgasmic Meditation

I have been practicing a meditation known as OM - Orgasmic Meditation. It was my first session yesterday, very interesting and will see how this goes. 

September 10, 2013

Kundalini Braingasm

I have been doing something lately, for now not reiterating explicit details. It is something that I know I shouldn't do at this stage - the result has been crazy head inner thrashing. It is very much like as described in others experiences. Feels like a penis on the head.

Last night had a very scary braingasm - I was not expecting it. Came on suddenly after leg tingling energy traveled upwards. Base of spine thumping and energy running up the spine.

Breathed deeply for the most part. Relaxed and tried to sleep it off. There was a womans voice in my head in my native tongue saying 'They have been talking for 4 hours' repetitively - I felt sick for unknown reasons. Then images flashed in my head - a perception different to seeing. Didn't care for it, was not bothered. Turning over my left ear leaned against the flat pillow. There was a beating that sounded very sexual, felt like it was coming from inside the body yet simultaneously outside.

I want to explore this further, I probably shouldn't but I'm willing to take the risk.

August 30, 2013

Latest Lucid Dreams

This morning I had several very fascinating lucid dreams. In one I recall I was in my house, I knew I was dreaming, felt things around me which was hazy at first. As I was near the garden door realized I should go outside but things were going blank. As I recalled what the garden looked like the image of it formed, somehow the memory of my physical existence was blending in that dream state but there were some major differences. Did not focus on these too much.

 I got up on the brick fenced up wall - looked very different yet I had a dejavu like experience - felt like I had been there in some reality - not physical reality that I'm aware of now.

I had to balance as I walked, there was a long cord, on this cord some ball with sharp points was transporting back and forth. First it looked cool and then I was aware it could be dangerous.

There was another incident where again I was in the kitchen. Wasps and other types of flies swarming around (in physical seeing a lot of wasps). A very unusual fluffy white bee looking insect was hovering around me - it got stuck  on my clothes. Afraid that it may sting me I slowly tried to take it off.

There was more but I think what's more important than the incidents is what I learned from them. For one, the images were taking shape from memory bank and there were intervals of blank darkness then the images of that reality would form. Even to feel sensations needed memory recognition, I remember at some point could not feel anything and had to ponder what it might feel like and then the sensations were felt as what I perceived from memory.

I feel this all applies to this physical reality. Lately I've been immersed in the Sutra Texts, understanding and learning through these things that had not even crossed my mind.

August 25, 2013

Sleep Paralysis and a False Awakening

It's been a while since I last experienced Sleep paralysis, forgot how annoying it could be. In the morning around 7am I relaxed and dozed off. Suddenly unable to move. My legs were in an awkward position. Tried lifting hands and arms but it was difficult. Soon with some force rolled over and landed on the floor, I felt like I was dehydrated. Got up and all groggy tried to pour some water. Some moments later I woke up and realized that all that was just a false awakening.

August 24, 2013


I have listening to holosync since 7th August 2013. Right now moved onto Dive followed by Immersion. Do not know how long I will last on this program.

I don't know if it is due to the program but I have had outbursts of creative moments, ideas flooding in my head. A few days later it just all fizzled and I feel more relaxed now.

11:11 Phenomena

I have been seeing the digits 11:11 on the phone time, computer time. Mostly digital. It has been happening a lot. My ears and body has been heating up, sweating like crazy. Small things making me jumpy. Eg. just today I stood near my garden door which was left slightly ajar, there was a squigeey squiky creak that made me jump. I feel like I'm being tested on my fear level.

'They're' up to something.

August 8, 2013

Bird Teleportation

The other day I was at the park. Stayed there till very late. I was sat on the hill watching the sun set. As it got dim there were several birds flying about. Watched them trying to follow their every movement. Suddenly they would disappear in mid air. I did wonder maybe they were moving about so rapidly that I lost track of their movement so that it seemed as if they disappeared. Honestly I don't think that was the case. I was intrigued and continued observing the birds vanishing in thin air.

I have attempted teleportation a long time ago, it was like the next step up from astral projection. Having not mastered astral skills I left it, but I might consider trying again now that I see that the birds are doing it.

July 22, 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Release and Recharge

As I played this track I recalled that it was about releasing problems and certain issues but in the session Monroe asks you to think of the first fear that comes up and soon you imagine bubbling it away. Going through the manual now the method is used for the purpose of releasing and converting self-imposed emotions. Something that I absolutely must do right now.

I thought of the issue that I'm having with some people it has been on my mind past few days - 2 people to be specific. I don't want to drudge my personal life here but maybe it is time to record these and see how hemi-sync effects these areas of ones life. So I was hoping that with this track I can bubble away my issue I am having with A and S, in particular with A, started session at 6am.  The emotions that have been piling up in this situation is one of anger and serious frustration, there are more people involved but I find myself in the middle trying to serve justice, be a savior to one person involved. I sometimes think to just let it go not get involved but cannot tolerate it any longer.

In this mornings session I got deeper into F10 but clicked out, then I had an interesting false awakening where I was looking at my mp3 player and title of one of tracks read 'osom' or something like that. Soon I have another false awakening where A is involved and a kind of drama is unfolding much like it does here in physical reality, however in the false awakening I'm handling it a little better.

Upon returning to C1 the track was beginning again as I had set the player on repeat shuffle.

July 15, 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Advanced Focus 10

Around midnight listened to Advanced Focus 10. From count up to F10 to count down to C1 I clicked out. It could be that I listened to it rather late that made me click out - will experiment during other times when I am not tired.

July 14, 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Introduction to Focus 10

Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Experience from 'The Monroe Institute' is a collection of six albums called 'Waves of Change'. The purpose of the audio is to develop expanded states of awareness. It uses a process called Hemi-Sync which is short for Hemisphere Synchronization. The audio sends seperate sound pulses to each ear and creates a third sound called the 'Binaural Beat'. It is never an actual sound, but an electrical signal created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together.

 After my session with Orientation played the next track 'Introduction to Focus 10'. The Focus 10 level is also known as the Mind Awake / Body Asleep state. Compared to my hemi-sync sessions in the past, as Robert Monroe may put it, there has been a new variable. This variable is simply a very powerful energy that is activated within the body, an energy commonly known as Kundalini. My head was constantly rotating, as I type here it is still rotating and body doing other things. During the session a million different things were going on. As I breathed in deeply for Resonant Tuning my heart was beating as if full with all that I was breathing. Going deeper suddenly the energy is straightening my back with a jolt, there are some blockage feeling in right thigh. Deep inner tissue massage going on - it seemed more focused on the right legs. There was also that vigorous head shifting left and right as if shaking something off.

For me it seems rather than entering the mind awake / body asleep state I have reached a state where the mind is awake and the body seems to be more awake than ever before. I am not at all going to try and fight this, rather I think it may be a very good thing - hemi sync audio and that powerful activated energy system. In fact it was in my earlier days with Hemi-sync that this energy made itself known.

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Orientation

Listened to TGE first track orientation. It has been a while and once again I hope I commit to this. It is really hot today although I'm feeling the heatwave so much like most people I did feel the body temperature was not ideal enough for total relaxation.

Orientation is an instruction of what to expect during the entire series, clearly describing the hemi-sync audio technology with a demo. Robert Monroe guides you into Focus 3, which is the first basic level where Hemi-Sync starts to have an effect on the person.

I felt relaxed at F3 in todays session, felt tingles on cheeks and compressions around the face. After the session ended decided to listen to Introduction to Focus 10.

July 13, 2013

Brain Imaging

My dreams have been getting more vivid lately. I have been keeping an amethyst and crystal quartz just above my head when sleeping, rather than under the pillow maybe this is doing something. This morning had an experience where after dreaming re-emerging into full waking consciousness I observed in the physical just above the bedside table part of the wall and bits of the table forming a face in motion. Watched it for a while until the more wakeful I got the less it moved about.

This made me wonder that everything that is seen with the physical eye is an interpretation - an interpretation of the brain? the mind?
My guess is that something does change in the brain, and the image that gets formed is an interpretation of whatever part of the brain is activated. Most people generally see the same thing and the interpretation of the image formed is always the same because a huge part of the brain is not activated.

The other day as I held my baby nephew in my arms, I let him chill out without trying grabbing his attention observed his movements. Strangely he stared at the ceiling a lot, kept moving his head about as if something was flying about in the room and for the longest time laughed at some entity completely invisible to me. I imagine the images that were formed with his little activated brain are the same type that I had undergone with Salvia Divinorum. Although right now it's shut down and I don't see them (I see the parts of beings that make up physical environment but not their motion, they are still images) some changes are taking place in the brain, something is occurring here. This brain interpretation is not limited to images, there are also sounds, sensations and smells.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

July 1, 2013

Astral Projection Experience - Body Magnetism

Just relaxed, focused between the eyebrows. Suddenly that horrible sound was felt as some kind of pressure in the ears. I tolerated it for the sake of APing. I raise upwards, things go blank and then wall appears again. This happened a few times, found myself in different places only right now my recall is terrible. I remember at some stage I was in an unknown room where there was a basket hanging on the wall. With my arms which were clearly vivid I touch the material but hands go through.

A while of this and found my awareness back in the body on the bed. Something was going on with the legs, a magnetic feeling pulling them upwards. I saw what seemed like a faint aura. At first I thought they could be the physical legs as they were solid but they felt so light and bubbly. Forced the movement downwards and then consciously tried pulling them up hoping to get this body fully out.

Looking up on the ceiling the 'others' were huddled up in a form of cluster. It could be they were helping me or they were just there doing their own thing - not sure. When I returned to the body fully felt sleepy but at that time the memory of the experience was much clearer than it is now.

Prior to this experience I woke up at 2am was up for about an hour using neti pot and doing some other cleaning choirs knowing it was going to be tough sleeping. Before I went to bed I did have the sole intention to astral project. Did a bit of reading on the subject and then got ready for the projection. No method used, just third eye meditation and remaining aware. Kept an amethyst and crystal quartz under the pillow.

For next time must keep pen and paper handy to jot down keywords in order to help recall experience.

June 30, 2013

The Hulk In My Dream

Early this morning recalled a dream where I was in a shopping complex and there's a man who pops up several times. I see he is getting aggravated by others on each occasion he turns into the hulk. I recall trying to get him to use his anger constructively. When I woke up felt like this was some kind of message for me, when I think about it past two days I've been getting quite irritable.

My dreams are getting very vivid lately or it could be my recall is better. Not sure if sleeping south is doing any good as I have also started the third eye meditation which may be the cause for these dreams. Some nights I have had visual experiences before falling asleep where I'm still very much awake - images forming with eyes closed eventually has got to the point where I'm seeing lots of scenes and people that I sense have actual physical existence. This sort of stuff also occurred when I practiced the third eye meditation about two years ago.

June 28, 2013

Third Eye Meditation

Strangely over the past two years I have had incredible difficulty meditating - can't seem to do it, I have completely forgotten what it was like to have an actual session where I've consciously meditated unless there has been a change that I can't identify.

An eg. this morning I was trying to let the body relax naturally and as this occurred there was an energetic kind of movement within exuding from within the body, like a magnetic force quickly snapping out from the center. Somehow this explains why I'm unable to meditate as I did in the past can't explain at this stage. Last few days I decided to try the Third Eye Meditation, it has been a very long time.

Here are Krishna's instructions:

Attention between Eyebrows,
let mind be before thought.
Let form fill with breath essence
to the top of the head and there shower as light.

The usual forehead pressures and sensations are present when I practice this and I have managed with this particular meditation, unfortunately so busy that I haven't had enough time to give third eye as much 'attention'. According to the explanation by Osho 'attention' is food for the third eye, the more attention you pay to the third eye the more you are feeding it. I slept through last night practicing this meditation and early in the morning had a Salvia type experience. The experience itself was sexual in nature, this time round I was not entirely aware of my physical body but the consciousness 'I' was in another body experiencing what they were experiencing.

I will keep up with the third eye meditation and see what happens with this.

June 25, 2013


When I attempt to meditate I observe my head rotating (usually clockwise) which occurs 24 hours. I have this tendency to eventually zone at and then when I'm back it feels like so much time passed by when really it is usually 10 or 15 minutes. I am going to try at least now to begin with 15 or 20 minutes once again.

Vivid Dreams and Intense Sounds

Past few days I have been having very vivid dreams and able to recall to some extent - I haven't bothered writing them down but they are related to life stuff. This morning just before I woke up there were sounds of someone banging the window or door and I sensed it was from outside the garden. This sort of stuff happened a lot about 2 years ago and during the kundalini process slowly they started to wear off. I don't think it has anything to do with the sleep direction as back then I slept head pointing north east. This is my take on what this could be: I think just before I woke up in the physical body, consciousness was hanging about somewhere external where the sounds were taking place and coming back rapidly into the body and the ears were registering the sounds. The sound was quite intense almost like it was taking with me as part of the incident. I felt last night I slept in good conditions, in a peaceful state of mind uplifted by good vibrational thoughts on things that are going well for me. Also I requested the body to awaken at a specific time so that I may practice AP. I woke up around 5:30am, was hoping it would be around 4am.

June 22, 2013

Pointing South

Last night I went back to sleeping in the south direction and remembered that initially when I began exploring astral projections and altered states of awareness I slept southwards. I slept a bit too late so could not wake early enough to attempt AP.

In general regardless of shifting body direction I am recalling dreams. The dreams are related to life stuff. I want to explore sleeping southwards for a while and see what it does for astral projection.

June 21, 2013

Getting a bed-lift

I have been thinking about changing my bed about so that it is pointing either north or south will experiment with both directions. At the moment it is pointing north east and sometimes I sleep on the opposite side facing south west.

I do recall once when I was sleeping so that my head was pointing north I had many third eye related visions and imagery.Another thing that I need to get changing is the gradient of the bed - need to position it so that blood flows downhill to the brain.

Had an interesting dream this morning which was related to my bed, a therapist was at my bedside giving me tips on adjusting my bed so that I'm sleeping more comfortably.

Hopefully the end result of all these changes will be more rested sleep, a charged brain and lots of astral projecting.

June 20, 2013

Using Crystals for Astral Projection and Well Being

I am experimenting with crystal therapy. At the moment I'm focusing on crystals and gemstones for astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Today I used an amethyst stone placed on the location of the third eye. On my pillow above the crown of my head I pointed a quartz crystal and simply relaxed, requesting  any present energies to help open up the third eye.

When I relax my head rotates clockwise, it is some kind of energy and has been happening for a long time now, getting stronger. Other usual things happened that have continued to occur over the past few months now. Head shifting left and right vigorously. I feel with the stones there was some difference in the way the force was moving today. I eventually zoned out and when I returned it felt like so much time had passed when in fact it was about 15 minutes or so.

There was some pressure on the forehead which I gathered was from the weight of the amethyst stone, but now as I sit here writing about this the same pressure is present.

June 19, 2013

Astral Projection Tip #4

Astral Projection Tip #4 - Make a list of all the things you wish to do when you astral project. Be creative and keep it fun. Eg. flying.

Astral Projection Tip #3

Astral Projection Tip #3 - Make an affirmation to astral project. Say often in your mind or out loud 'I will astral project'.

June 17, 2013

The Distinctions of Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Astral Projections

I am going to make a few distinctions here between a beginner, intermediate and advanced astral projection. Although inherently there are really no differences between these projections, a projection is a projection is a projection. Everyone does this when the body falls asleep. Consciousness continues to travel it is simply about being aware of this, taking control of it so that you can explore consciously.

Beginner Astral Projection
Early projections are like learning to walk, it's fascinating and you feel you can go anywhere. The awe and wonder of projecting stays with you for a long time. There is this undeniable feeling of being free and limitless, it is almost magical. However in the early stage one is prone to feel vibrations, heaviness, ringing in the ears and often experience a lot of exit symptoms. I think initially when you start to maintain more awareness in these projections the physical body starts to change and these exit symptoms are present according to those changes. Early on things can be hazy, and recall of experience can be choppy.

Intermediate Astral Projection
As you gain more experience and awareness of your astral excursions, slowly exit symptoms either disappear or change to something more subtle. This is basically a change in both astral vehicle and physical  body. You will start to feel as though you have another body, this can be very light and bouncy at times. By this time more or less you are able to will your vehicle to go to a designated destination. The more your awareness raises the more control there is in your travels. Around about this time one is more likely to go through life changes - there is likely to be a spiritual awakening as one gets more attuned into their Higher Self. This is the time to call the Higher Self and ask for it to accommodate for a spiritual awakening to assist and help you make the necessary changes.

Advanced Astral Projection
When you get advanced you will know it. It will be unlike your previous astral experiences and  by this time you are likely to have made certain lifestyle changes. Astral projection is not seperate from ones worldly life, as above so below.  Advanced astral projections are not about how far you can travel, or how many celestial beings you have come across. These projections teach you things. More and more you will have realizations.

When you make contact with the Higher Self and live according to all your understandings, you begin to understand the world around you, the nature of your Self and you  live according to that Truth. Because no matter what dimension or world you enter that Truth alone is.

A Conscious Astral Projection

After such a long time I have finally managed a conscious astral projection. I have been trying the past two days and have discovered the hindrance 'trying'. As the wise Yoda once said "Do or do not; there is no try." It seems I was constantly trying to relax, trying to let go when really the body naturally relaxes - it is the body itself that goes through the sleep process. I got up around 5am, walked about a little had a UT drink which was clearer tasting. I took my gold chain off thinking this might be stopping me. Back in bed I was getting ready and just trying to relax.

The duvet was too hot and heavy, got a light sheet and keeping my body still I concentrated on breathing etc. My body was too stiff so I let go and let the body find it's own natural comfortable posture. The posture it turned to was embryonic. I did some serious letting go, and felt instantly sleepy at the same time I focused the mind or awareness on the shift of the physical body. Eventually it got to a point where body had entered a light sleep state. The mouth kept opening which was annoying, somehow controlled this and kept it closed. I think my nose was a bit stuffy or something blocking my breathing through there so the mouth on auto was opening. Soon I felt something going on in the ears - a tremor like vibration but not quite, like some horrible sound was about to be produced and I was cringing.

I just let go knowing that I was about to project consciousness away from the physical body, it's been a long time I wasn't about to ruin it. There was that familiar rotating out (clockwise), although there was something different about the way I was moving - not sure what. I perceived myself moving downwards in the downstairs room, then through the living room. Then there was a blankness but the sensation of still moving. Soon I perceived a light brown armchair and figured I was at one of the neighbors house. The movement eventually slowed down and I was in a room looking out the window. Outside noticed a young woman, dark skin with brown hair. She seemed to be looking for me asking for help. At this point I returned.

Returning and registering the experience I wouldn't say I was excited, more relieved to be honest. I felt 'yay I can still do it... but it's kind of boring'. I guess I want to get to a stage where it was like in my Salvia experiences and I know those are truly advanced projections.

June 16, 2013

Astral Projection Tip #3 - Make an affirmation

Astral Projection Tip #3 - Make an affirmation to astral project. Say often in your mind or out loud 'I will astral project'. Make your own affirmations, one tailored to your needs and intentions.

Astral Projection Tip #2 - Read all about it

Astral Projection Tip #2 - Read all about astral projection. This will keep you motivated, well informed and reduce fear level.

Astral Projection Tip #1 - Silence

Astral Projection Tip #1 - Silence Clear the mind & learn to relax your body, free of tension one can roam beyond the stars. There are numerous ways one can relax, choose something simple and one that you are comfortable with. Ultimately this is the surest fastest way to astral project, the more still that voice in your head remains the clearer the path. Meditate.. deep breath in... & out...

June 15, 2013

Need to Affirm Astral Intentions

Last night attempted AP. Relaxed and head started to rotate by the invisible energy. I observed and let it take over, somehow entered deep sleep. Later woke up around 11pm. Very alert at that time. Went online for a bit lazily in bed then tried to relax. Unfortunately no projection, barely even a dream. I think the issue is I'm not affirming my intentions. Need to be clear about this.

June 14, 2013

The Big Pretty Bird

A very vivid dream early this morning. I am in a big unfamiliar room. The window is large, maybe a patio window. It is slightly dark out but almost at the point of sunrise. Looking out there is a big bird, as we make eye contact it raises its wings. They look very pretty with colorful geometric patterns. It flies towards me and fear takes a grip, yet I stand and just observe. It reaches the corners of the curtains on the sides from the outside making it drop from inside, how unusual. I quickly realize its next step is to break through the window. I get out of the room only to return for a quick peep, the bird is nowhere in sight however I notice a round marking on the window. It looks like the bird pecked a hole. I stand still knowing it is nearby.

I have had a similar dream like this years ago, only it was an eagle - birds usually signify a great change in life especially when they try to break in and the amount of fear on my part simply symbolizes my fear of change. This time round I was not as afraid as I was in the eagle dream, perhaps next time I can be willing.

What has been going on since 2010?

In 2010 I started a new blog where I felt I could expand my horizon and dabble in aspects of my life that went beyond astral projection. I wanted to keep my options open without an end goal or destination in mind thus the blog title 'Uncharted Journey' emerged in my consciousness. With that medium I far surpassed what can be imagined, entered realities beyond what can be percieved by the naked eye. Yet still I feel I have barely touched the surface of what has yet to be discovered and at the same time discovered all that one needs to know in their path.

As a result of what I have gone through in the past few years it is getting more difficult to identify with the body as my self. There are some things I know that simply cannot be written try as I may and so I'll leave them out.

Since 2010 I had developed an unusual interest in psychedelics and eventually started experimenting with an entheogen known as Salvia Divinorum. During this time the physical body was in the hands of an energy that most people would know as Kundalini. As I type this that ever present energy dances inside the body. I feel that the combination of Salvia Divinorum and Kundalini energy created a fusion where it maximized my capacity to explore beyond earlier astral experiences.

The experiences I had with Salvia are like advanced astral projections. These experiences are not simply entering unknown places, planets and worlds that are not mapped out but entering the worlds that live in worlds. It is as though in each physical human, there are worlds within worlds inside them and beings within beings inside them, just an endless flow of life everywhere.

These experiences consisted of entering physical bodies that are in a sexual communion to becoming a thought unit inside someones head. There was one experience where I could perceive all the people in my vicinity (neighbourhood, city and maybe country) having sexual intercourse and as a result the physical body 'I' has assumed here was having a major orgasm. Another experience I was perceiving people who were dying and 'I' was with them having their experience. Most of these types of experiences occurred locally. Then there are the beings that are everywhere, these are like points of consciousness - some have very human forms whilst others are unusual but the majority are human like. My initial experience with them was more of shock, wondrous amazement, not so much on my part but more on there's. With these lot there was always an attitude of 'I can't believe she can see us'. I also witnessed the energy patterns of people around me, perception of what I can clearly call the second self or human counterparts. I joined a permaculture group and even their energies mingled with me without physical interaction.

I am updating this blog with astral experiences with and without the use of Salvia since 2010. The frequency of Salvia use has decreased to the point where I forget I ever had these types of experiences. I think there is a limit to how much you can use a herb no matter how powerful or strong, long term use is probably not the best path. Salvia has helped show me the capacity for this physical body and I know it goes beyond that but I have to do it without the aide of herbal help, somehow tap into these skill sets on my own.

Return to Astral Projection

I have decided this day to return to this blog and focus specifically on astral projection and physcial teleportation.

My other blog Uncharted Journey focuses specifically on different areas of my life, mostly kundalini, meditation and other related aspects. All astral projection attempts, tips tricks techniques and experiences will be posted here.

Some update is in order in my next post however in the next coming week I will be adding entries from Uncharted Journey blog that I feel are related to Astral Projection just so this blog is updated and has a record of my journey in this field so far.

June 7, 2013

The Silent Watcher

Last night slept late exhausted conked out instantly. I have been sweating a lot past few days in sleep may be as a result of the weather change, exchanged duvet for something lighter - no sweating which may have helped me have a really relaxed sleep.

Before I write about last nights experience there was another experience on Sat 1st April. Early morning I had the perception someone was sitting to my right side on bed, communicating with me. Their form was changing. In the midst of this there was something magnetic swooshing about from out of the physical body which I was aware of, felt like another light yet solid body coming out of this physical body.

Eventually the form that was sitting beside me changed to the form of my sister and for a moment I thought it was my form. Sis was on holiday and due to arrive that afternoon, realizing this the form slowly disappeared but I was amazed and startled how solid and vivid the form looked. Perception dimmed and snapped out of the trance.

Last night or perhaps early morning  not sure what time, but it was still dark out at that time. In a scene a woman or a genderless looking person was kissing me innocently. The feel of it was very solid, suddenly the kiss became sensual and it was a little too real, again like in other experience I was startled. Then a face started to appear, almost looked drawn out. I had an experience similar to this in the past which is in a journal entry on this blog, can't find it right now. In the experience there were two faces of young men looking down at me whilst moving about and calling an elder over urgently. I was seeing them through closed eyelids, it was like they were on the ceiling looking down at me but at the same time they were a part of the closed eyelids coming through the flesh, very close.

This mornings face wasn't a familiar face, his eyes deep and penetrating. He remained absolutely still. I simply stared back not really trying to make sense from it just curious.

Can't recall what happened beyond this.

Another experience I had recently, felt like my body was having sexual intercourse and I was certain there was a couple somewhere and somehow my body had become an antenna where it picks up these motions and sensory perception. I am not entirely convinced but it seems to make sense since I have had experiences where I had found my awareness embedded in areas of other bodies.

Forehead pulsing something being done here.

May 5, 2013

Energy Work Update

I've noticed that if I don't put in time for the energy work to take place I get really moody and frustrated. Doing the best I can, even made a habit of regularly taking a pause and letting it do its thing. Sometimes try to multi-task like right now as I write works going on in the head.

Lately, especially in the morning there has been a 'scrunching' sound in the head, and both brain and skull feel squishy. I have changed my sleeping position - previously head pointing north east, now pointing south west. I am not sure if the sleeping direction makes a difference but I recall at one time when I slept with head pointing exactly west I had a lot of psychic experiences, seeing through closed eyelids, visuals being drawn, images appearing randomly. Something I hadn't thought much about until now. At the moment I am having some interesting experiences with visuals. They occur just as I relax for sleep, random visuals of people and roads. I think it could simply be remote viewing.

There have been some moments where I slept earlier than usual during daylight hours. The energy has been extreme, almost thrashing my head about rather shockingly. There had been very rapid nodding of the head which I felt maybe could be energy exiting head region, not too sure.

I think at this time my focus needs to be in sticking with a clean diet since I have changed from mostly raw foods to including some cooked foods and allowing this energy work more time. Also having terrible cravings.

April 24, 2013

Giving In To Energy Work

The physical body at this stage is going through energetic changes, rewiring etc. It's funny because as I write this my head is nodding continuously a dramatic 'Yes' as if to say 'Yes, you're spot on!'

I had put these movements off and it's time to seriously give it more time, in fact need to make this a priority. So I'm starting off everyday to give it as much time as possible. I really ought to since health is my priority and this energy is here to heal.

Here are some of my experiences so far with the great Healer within.

Usually and mostly there has been head rotations and many other head works. On the first day of intentionally giving the power more time my head rotated swayed and did all sorts of things, deep muscle movements in legs. Then the hips unwinded and has since been in a process of loosening. Gential movements were present and this did cause sexual arousal, in fact due to this there has been an influx of sexual energy.

I have done the energy work sitting, standing and lying down. There was an incident when standing it was like I was being flung forward, the room is tiny so in order to avoid falling on furniture I shifted to an angle where I can test to see if the energy wanted body to go down. It did, and I found myself prostrating. Also prostated sitting down for quite some time.

There have been two incidents so far where they wanted me to lay down and focus on the head rotation - yesterday I did this and blanked out for about 5 minutes. When I did open eyes it felt like I woke up from the deepest sleep - in the sleep there was awareness of body sleeping - hearing my breathing etc almost like a precusor to an obe/astral projection. Waking up from this state head feels heavy, there is also groggy feeling present.

In the mornings my head feels messed up sometimes, too heavy and full and when I open mouth jaws crackle so I know there's something going on there.

I try not to over analyze, just go with the flow.

Ear Infection and Third Eye Chakra Connection

About 3 weeks ago I developed an ear infection - the first time as an adult. It was horrible but I understand it could have been worse from others experience. I did initially think it could be due to my sudden intake of really bad dairy - non-organic and all that crap. It was during the easter holidays and holidays are a crisis period for me so I was going through some emotional disturbances. This is a part of my life that I need to address and resolve.

Anyways it mostly effected the right ear, first started with sharp stabbing pain and next day I woke up with crusty ear and liquid oozing out. After that my ear was pretty much blocked and I was partially deaf for maybe a week. Treated this with H202. I think this 'infection' cleaned something out causing further changes around third eye chakra which might even be linked to my recent 'spinning wheel' incident.

April 21, 2013

The Spinning Wheel

This morning I had an amazing experience but I can hardly recall it. As usual it all happened so fast and rather suddenly. I woke up early and had to quickly clean a leak on the bed which was annoying but I woke up mostly because of that. Back to bed I felt appreciative of others, sent out thoughts of blessings and wishing happiness for all.

I relaxed and almost immediately zoned out with full awareness I noticed something spinning at the center of my view with closed eyes. It was spinning fast and zooming in gradually in consort with the speed. The image was getting clearer and looked like a colored drawing, my initial thought was it looks like some kind of religious maybe Hindu symbol. With the spinning I emerged into a scene with others around but quickly came back where again I noticed a spinning wheel. Only this time it was more pattern like, I think it was only one color can't recall but this time I thought of the wheel of dharma and - this just might be it. As it got clearer and I zoomed in full force into another very realistic scene, in fact it was more like another dimension. My recollection of the scenes were that some were probabilities of this life - same characters different scenes. And there were other scenes playing out with others. Once I returned checked the time - 15 minutes had passed.

I understood something vital to all understanding. Nothing changed but the outer, my consciousness and level of awareness remained the same throughout but what changed was the scene before me. The screen is always blank and empty and with the spinning of wheel the images appeared - in fact this world that we live in is but an entrance through this wheel.

I am unsure what exactly this wheel is - most likely related to third eye chakra. As for the wheel of dharma my understanding is that it is a branch of teaching but I think its origins come from the ability to perceive it literally with closed eyes.

Found a site describing meaning of wheel of dharma.

April 20, 2013

Meditation Jolts

The day I 'meditated on motions' I attempted an evening meditation before bed. Letting go almost instantly there was a jolt that took me by surprise - this occurred often in the early Kundalini days. My hands were rested on my chest and it felt like energy was zapping out into the body. It was very quick. Those same early feelings were present and I was a little uncertain about having fully invited Divine Feminine part of myself to run the show.

April 18, 2013

Meditating on Motions

It seems that over time meditation has become increasingly difficult. I am unable to relax physically and mentally. Today on impulse I attempted a session. This time I closed the blinds to darken the room - maybe in some failed attempts the lighting may have caused some issues, but then I would like to be able to meditate in most conditions.

I could not relax my mind and meditation cannot be forced. Let go of any controlling, allowing thoughts to play out. Focused on my breathing which was not really helping. Remained still, head was rotating as usual - I let this play out completely concentrating on the motions. Felt like something moving inside the brain, a pressure. I eventually lost consciousness and opened eyes from some major heaviness in the head. Looked at the clock 15 minutes had passed although it felt much longer. There were the familiar leg tinglings, spine rattling which felt like little creatures having a really good time. This was followed by heightened sexual feelings, I wonder whether this has to do with trying to awaken or giving permission for divine feminine to make its presence known.

I intend to at least try to meditate every day for however long I can sustain with no end goal in mind or I just may have to give in to the motions as it is something I have been neglecting. The motions are not always the same - sometimes it takes place with the whole body but most of the time it is pronounced in the head. Like right now as I write this it is side to side, sometimes it has a pleasant swaying motion but usually it's rotating. This morning there was crackling sounds with jaw movements suggesting that last night something had taken place.

April 5, 2013


Had an intense vivid dream this morning. In the dream I am taking a driving lesson. I make a left turn a bit too early and almost collide with an oncoming car, however strangely the instructor is calm as am I. I know something isn't quite right. The lesson ends early near my house. I see a few of my relatives, my mum approaches the instructor almost as if they've all sensed what I'm sensing. My mum asks the instructor if everything is okay. He apologises to my mum and other family members (very weird) about stopping the lesson and just keeps handing her coin after coin and I wonder if that is my lesson money he is returning.

When we are alone still sensing something I place my hands on his shoulders and ask him if everything is okay. Finally he breaks down, holding his abdomen he tells me about an unusual feeling he cannot describe. He makes hand motions and I start to recall the feeling, I can read in his expressions what he's trying to tell me. I say "I know what you are feeling. It's like you have lost something, as though something very precious has died and it's forever gone. You are trying to cling to it and this is making you grieve. Let it go, let it die do not cling to it." I think I cried with him.

I woke up at 2:20am a bit disoriented feeling as though the dream was real and the waking was the dream. I have felt this kind of unexplainable grieving, completely unrelated to external events. I have also read that it is common in those going through the Kundalini process. However at this time I'm not sure how this information relates to me at this time - why would 'they' (energies) play this dream out. Last night I was reading a few of El Collie's chapters on Kundalini, one chapter was related to emotions so that might have triggered it.

I feel they may be trying to prep me for something that I may not be ready for and when I think about it I'm not ready for the death of someone around me. Last night my computer monitor which was switched off after some time started making those clicking/cracking sounds. This morning the water pipes made a loud vibrational sound that woke everybody, then in the loft the tanks or something solid was banging about for a few seconds. Not a lot of people realize this but the sounds and every little subtle detail around us can tell you about things that are likely to happen. Another thing is the weather which I was looking up online, there were several dash symbols for Saturday either a website glitch or temperature and other details were unknown for those time of the day.

Now all this can mean something or I am being absolutely paranoid and honestly I would rather be paranoid.

March 23, 2013

Hemi-Sync Break

I haven't had the time for hemi sync practice and I don't think I will for a while now. I have decided to commence the practice again in the winter when I have more free time.

The next several months will be focused on intermittent fasting, proper nutrition (focused on brain developement), a study which will be focused on memory skills and exercise (cycling, walking, jogging).

March 22, 2013

Food for the Brain

I went to a lecture regarding the impact of diet on the brain. I am not one to be drawn to lectures neither have I ever attended one. This one however was calling me and I am so glad that I went. Started to understand a lot more in regards to some of the changes I was going through and how a change in diet was impacting my brain and further steps that I need to take in order to help brain functions. A lot of what I learnt I was already incorporating. Here's a list:

Flavanoids - found in cacao I'm sure there are also other foods that contain flavanoids
Curcumin - found in turmeric powder, ginger
Essential Fatty Acids DHA, EPA - eggs salmon sardines linseeds
fruits berries etc - I think the wild fruits are best
vegetables for their nutritional content
Calorific restriction diet - studies revealed reducing calories every other day was beneficial but not as much as fasting
Intermittent fasting - learnt that for the effects of diet improving brain function (creating nuerons etc) it was best to fast every other day - in the lecture nothing was mentioned about why studies have revealed how fasting helped and the answer came to me - because energy is not wasted on digestion and focuses on regenerating whatever cells are required in the body.
Exercise - this one is important but should be avoided when fasting
A good healthy environment

Things that decline brain cell regeneration:
stress which leads to bad eating habits, environmental factors

A very peculiar thing happened as I sat and listened, near the middle of my brows inside somewhere in the brain there was a tremor or vibrational sensation it was vigorous and persistent for a good 5 minutes.


Woke at 3:15am. From yesterday I have been having digestive issues, some cramps present, sharp pains in what I think may be the kidneys, the cramping tightening were present when I awoke. Did a bit of studying since it was hard to fall asleep - eventually when I did doze off I could still feel the cramps. Still awake and alert I felt I was rising got a clear look around and realized that I was probably about 3 to 4 feet above my bed. Closed eyes wanting to remain there but I could still feel cramping and what felt like my bowels opening. Opened eyes again still wondering if I was in some astral from or actually physically levitating - I was more certain of the latter. I felt very solid. There was some sexual urges present. Mother nature was calling - had to empty bowel or something would explode. Slowly the body was settling back down on the bed. When I opened eyes fully some kind of wave was pulsing in my head. I was disappointed not being able to explore this state further, it was unlike an astral projection experience but I can't be certain that it was definitely physical body that was levitating.

March 16, 2013

Clicking Sounds

This morning after a bit of cleaning and studies got back into bed, felt like I seriously needed to sleep. Closed eyes relaxed. The more still and silent I remain the more noticeable the others are when eyes are closed. Again there was a sudden rapid head shifting left right. This time I eased into it but with a little aggression. I started to feel the others above me yet at the same time somewhere inside, again this is really hard to describe. There was a magnetic pressure at the centre of the forehead, in fact as I type this I feel it. For a while brain has been pulsing with wave like feelings - cannot describe it clearly but at times I feel my brain might explode.

Legs were tingling and then there were some bulging sensations near digestive and endocrine system. This was followed by some strong aroused feelings. Base of spine was thumping and soon my body felt like it was having sexual intercourse.

I had a very emotional moment yesterday about Self and connection to the total Self, I think this mornings incident is related to that.

Later when  I got up there were clicking sounds in my head, these occurred several times and slowly died down throughout the day. I feel the brain is being worked on, changes are being made. I had a thought this morning that maybe there is a possibility of parasites feeding of decayed matter in the body, particularly at this stage in the brain. I don't think of parasites as parasites anymore just use this label since that's how most identify with - they are more like little helpers carrying out a function, they simply have a job to do and are present where they are needed.

March 13, 2013

World Wide Human Connection

This thought had gone on in my mind at one time and whilst it is fresh in my mind need to let it out. At first it was just an idea related to how the internet and the world wide web worked. Just like how you can pull information from the computer the same applied in the human brain. All memory is stored in the brain itself. I can access my brain right now rummaging through all memory stored and collected, but it goes beyond that - if I can get a strong connection with other human beings I can access the content of their brains and it doesn't stop there. There's also the potential for access to ancient memories passed on from ancestors. This is obviously not something new, there are many theories in the scientific field suggesting the potential to tap into the deep nature of DNA to uncover ancient memories.

I have had a Salvia experience somewhat related to what I wish to impart. During that experience there were helpers scanning other human brains in order to copy or activate some kind of function in my brain. I felt it was being copied from someone who was either dying or had died because of the scan, can't be sure which. From what I understood they were changing visual functions. Also there have been the more abstract experiences where I found my self to be inside another persons train of thought.

I am experimenting with this as I learn new skills - the process is very simple. It is almost as simple as setting forth intentions but obviously being a bit more specific.

In the mean time, here is a very interesting article on DNA memory.

An Attempt to Relax

Today after two hectic weeks - feeling very stressed and run down I attempted to relax. Thought that a nap might help. My mind was rampant as usual and I felt I may never relax. Took 3 deep breaths and focused on breathing. There were electrical tingling in left leg. Head nodding left right, the deeper I relaxed the more vigorous the movements.The head movements are really intriguing - really does feel like being possessed.

I eventually fell asleep, woke up about an hour later feeling heavy around the head  and not at all rejuvenated. I think the tiredness is a result of the stress I've been dealing with and this has dictated some old bad eating habits.

Good Day Bad Day

One day I put forth some intentions and being positive throughout the day, charging up good feelings and the next day took a huge dip. I have noticed this happening often. Another thing to note is when I make specific plans for anything it could be a project or what I want to do for that day things do not go accordingly and when I just go with the flow I can get more done. So no more planning, just go with the flow.

March 9, 2013

Powerful Intentions - Retake

I have been thinking I need to start creating consciously in my life, time to revisit the Law of Attraction materials dusting away on my shelf. However, I recall I put it off because a lot of my desires were materialistic and there was  no lasting fulfillment from them. Then eventually I got to a stage where I did not have the need nor desire for anything except eating healthy, focusing on my well being etc. Now I have become very simple, I still don't want much from life. Rather than focusing on what I can get out of life, my focus is on what I can give back. Community, neighbors, environment and the well being of all people from all walks of life has become a lot more important.

This is one of the reason why I've started a project for an eco village which is still in the planning phase, right now I haven't formed a group - just starting it alone hoping eventually the group will form as is the case with many eco villages. I sit here and I wonder how can I use LOA to help me out with this and it dawns on me that I'm already using it - it's just one of those laws that just is and I can't help but use it. Synchronicities continue to occur on a daily basis although I don't always notice it, they've become the norm and have even lost their 'wow' factor.

I still want to put some conscious thoughts into it the way I initially did when I first started playing around with it - those times were incredible fun. I hope to journal future manifestations that are to occur. For now, I'm sticking with the eco-village plan and using all intentions towards this.

March 1, 2013

Hatched Egg

Had a peculiar dream and woke up feeling very weird - can't explain.

Of the dream I recall an egg somewhere from the batch of eggs that I eat one was starting to hatch and it was scary, amazing and profound. I observe it watching it move around it looks strange, rubbery and technical.

February 27, 2013

Brain Charges Possible Take Over

Woke at around 2:30am - did some revision which made me sleepy.

In the relaxation suddenly head /brain feels being chomped on, eyes closed throughout. Struggle to open eyes - presence of others. Weird paranoid feeling parasites chomping on brain bits.

Electrical brain charge intense in left brain side

have been stressed past few days

eventually opened eyes

hand near certain body part - weird

breathing cessation

body rocking - woke up feeling somewhat normal

February 17, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

11/02/2013 - Advanced F10
Listened to the audio, feeling too lazy to go through prep steps on my own. REBAL feels light yet solid there is that similar bouncy feeling that I have had near legs since Salvia which is also strongly present in head most of the times if I remain still and quiet. Relaxed deeply and eventually zoned out it was almost like a click out but partial.

13/02/2013 - F10 without audio
By the time I got to the REBAL I just could not relax, mostly mentally which also applied some tension near my head region. My intention for todays session was a direct connection with the older wiser part of my self. I think if I am to do this without guidance I need to start small perhaps focus on relaxing the body and mind. I have thought about using hemi-sync 'Opening the Heart' but have this strong feeling doing so will open up Pandora's box rather than the heart so I am leaving it for now.

February 10, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

06/02/2013  -
So far this week have not had any sessions, perhaps tonight. After a few more sessions I might try the Salvia, it crossed my mind today but the setting is not right at this time, need to let certain stuff cool off. Need to let go of certain negative situations, people etc. Right now my focus is on my studies but I need to observe some of the situations I get meddled in, they are private and mostly family related. Since December when I started my studies it helped me to focus for a while away from all the crap but now feeling like having ignored all that the issues have arisen with greater force. I see now though with clarity that it is not so much the negative people and issues around me but my own focus on them - by focusing on these issues I contribute to it in some way. This obviously doesn't mean that I should simply ignore the issues and it will go away but rather try to understand it and be done with it for good, as the issues are not external but more from within deeper underlying issues. I do wonder if I can observe it the way Krishnamurti would suggest - 'Look, observe without words, or naming, without a goal without any hope for anything whatsover, silently watching'.

-  Advanced Focus 10
Started session around 10pm. Relaxed throughout fortunately not thinking too much. Somewhere after REBAL felt the outer layer of this as a magnetic force. Then involuntary movement of the head shifting left and right which occurred 3 times, each time suddenly and with more force than usual in between these moves there were sudden jolts where the body felt to be closing in - the feeling was much like how perhaps a flower would close or fold in its petals. Beyond all this there is no recall, just slept through.

09/02/2013 - Advanced F10
Sometime in the evening. There were bodily sensations tingles and the goosebumps in particular were stronger than usual. Then going deeper yet physical body not still in the sleep mode there was an image of a mans face and then a white light flashed with a faint image of a light bulb. Then a red light flashed but it wasn't sudden instead there was a smooth building up of the intensity and brightness. I opened eyes just to see if there was any external source. The lights reminded of my bike since I recently got a white and red light for it. Carried on with the audio but fell asleep. I intend to start practicing without audio.

February 3, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

31/1/2013 - Have not listened to any Hemi-sync past few days due to stressful situation and certain change going on in my life right now. This tends to happen getting deep into hemi-sync and has happened in the past. Externally there is some kind of storm brewing, I can feel it but try my best not to let it get to me - now I know why I had put off this program for a long time, simply not willing for those changes, too messy. Intend to try a session tonight.

- Intro to F10
Fell asleep throughout, woke up in a sweat. Exhausted this week.

This week haven't bothered with the program, with a busy schedule and lots on my mind it has been difficult. I think there is also something else going on physically. For almost 3 or 4 consecutive nights I have been waking up in a pool of sweat. Either body is fighting an infection or simply excreting toxins through the sweat with no cold or flu nor any evidence of a fever.  Not sure if I'll be listening to the program in the coming week, thinking I should focus on getting more sleep and letting the body recover. One thing I should note here and it's not really hemi-sync related is an incident that took place this morning. Half awake and half asleep from some time after 3am became aware of the body rocking back and forth, could be due to the recent visit of sexual energies (usually present during m cycle) only awareness of this motion did not present any sexual sensations or arousal instead I found it comforting sort of like if someone were to sing a lullaby to put me to sleep.

January 26, 2013

Take Over

Woke up at 3:45am to empty bladder, then I had to go a second time. I did the revision which thankfully has helped keep my mind at bay otherwise it would be meaninglessly occupied with lots of crap.

Even after the revision I still did not feel mentally drained, so I focused on the breathing. Was feeling relaxed and along with that I knew or predicted that something was going to happen near the rectum and tailbone. I shifted to my front side almost preparing for it. Relaxed and lost sense of physical environment and then it started. A movement near rectum followed by a really intense orgasm. Without getting too caught up in the frenzy of the intense sensations I observed each and every movement as diligently as I could. Trying to understand it. One guess is oxygen or prana was taken in through the rectum, another is the others are causing internal physical change, and the other is a bit more sexual but I think that is hardly likely although I was very much aroused.

Eventually shifted out of the body, the scenery changing. I could feel myself going on a long trip. Suddenly I ended up back in bed with those earlier sensations. My duvet was moved, and then the right leg moved. Something had taken over complete control of the physical body and it has attempted this multiple times before, however not as effectively as this morning. I was alarmed but not afraid, in fact I was curious. What did it want to do, where does it want to go and finally I came to my senses when I realized I had gone to bed naked and quickly took back control, pinned the body back on the bed with all my might.

I remained awake for a short while and not much time had passed, went back to sleep. I have wondered for next time to remain prepared for this so that I can observe its movement.

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

23/01/2013 - Orientation
Back at the start of the program, since last time I simply could not focus. Went smoothly yet I think I still need to relax more.

24/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
In this session remained alert - physically relaxed deeply. All sensations of deep relaxation were present. Felt energy concentrate around leg area and some movement within the brain. I should also note here that I am being more louder with the RT. The energy sensation I was feeling around legs and arm felt like something separating from physical body. Reminded me of some old OBE type experience where the body form that was separated was no different, in solidity and denseness of the physical body.

25/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
Practicing this session once again has made me aware just how tense I have been, especially around the forehead area. There were the same sensation as in the previous session but not as intense and I fell asleep. Woke up early morning at 3:45am and had an interesting experience 'Take Over'. This waking up early has either to do with the hemi-sync audio, spring arriving a little earlier or because there is something deeper going on. For a while the sleep interruption had ended and I felt I was sleeping deeply. There are some extra things going on in my world right now perhaps it's a combination of all of this.

January 25, 2013

Latest Dreams of Change

Having dreams that are signifying some change.

The Drs
I am in some hospital waiting room, people around me. Eventually get called in, a doctor is trying to explain to me my diagnosis. Apparently I have a rare condition, one symptom is brain wave sensations. The doctor is telling me because previously I rejected an MRA scan (odd because in the dream I knew it was supposed to be MRI). I have an envelope of a previous hospital report and they want to see it. A little embarrassed as I have it tucked away in my undergarments. From under the table, hoping they are not looking swiftly pull it out and hand the document over. My cousin is in this dream, which is odd as she was in another dream. In the past she has always been in this dream - I think she is some kind of symbol in dream that I need to be aware of.

Living In the Desert
In this dream Bell actress is present from Once Upon A Time. She has lost her memory and starting life fresh. She is on the land wondering where her home. Slowly she performs some rather elaborate gymnastic movements. As she dances she is thinking that the land, which looks like a desert is her home and decides to live there.

The other dreams are related to family issues and things I can't recall right now.

January 21, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

14/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
Around 10 pm shadow silhouttes percieved through closed eyelids near about focus 10 state - sensations around body in sync with the movements of others - the same others from Salvia experiences, not sure what they are doing.

15/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
My intention was to start the audio much earlier around 7-8pm but between that time and after midnight so much on my mind. I was also thinking about Divine Beloved, requested it to come forth however it wished. I recall pouring my heart out and then remained still and let the thoughts pour out. I was told many things  but of that the most essential insight was that Divine Beloved is in everything including the goosebumps I have felt in the past and that it is never far away. My mind pondered on every connection I have had with the Divine trying to piece things together.

After midnight I think it was almost 1am I put my earphones on and relaxed. After or maybe during REBAL I felt a breeze and then the goosebumps, there was some tingling near upper lip and around face region. I smiled, happy with the confirmation. I continued to relax and for the briefest second I let go so completely. There was a melody, one that I have heard before in a Salvia experience when physical reality as I knew it was about to end. Awareness was almost completely lost of myself, my environment and everything that pertained to existence, when suddenly I heard Monroe's voice just about starting the count up to F10. It is very interesting that Salvia type experiences are taking place with Hemi-Sync. I personally do not want to categorize these experiences as they have more to do with the operation of the brain or mind - Salvia and Hemi-sync are the tools that awaken functions of the brain.

16/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
5pm tried to relax as much as I could but two people AR and SP constantly kept irritating me after an incident. I put them in the energy conversion box which helped very little. Clicked out at some point. Towards end felt tired and sleepy. It is more efficient if you practice these sessions with less conflict, perhaps in these situation I should consider using the Release and Recharge exercise.

Later in the night 10 or 11pm tried it one more time again those two annoying people somehow barged into my mental space. I relaxed and fell asleep. This morning had a astral type experience.

17/01/2013 - Release and Recharge
Odd, I tried to think of a fear but nothing popped out. I know there are some fears that are still present but lately I feel my issues differ slight from fear issues. Instead I should be working perhaps with some anger issues and other emotions other than fear.

I think next time if I can't think of a fear issue I may instead think of a goal or something that I want to achieve and see how that plays out, can't recall but maybe there's another audio in the program that is for this particular use.

19/01/2013 -
 First I should note that I have been feeling an odd sensation on left side of temple, spasm like contractions and internal movements, could be hemi-sync related.

20/01/2013 - Sleep Exploration and Advanced Focus 10
Was far too frustrated to listen properly and follow exercise. Felt fidgety and agitated - during these states it is pointless to even attempt any session.

January 17, 2013

Chubby Energy Body Waking In Others

Early morning around 4am I woke up with earphones still intact from Gateway Experience. Could not sleep and eventually just did a bit of revision in my head which I noticed is helping. It lulls the mind much like a mantra.I could feel the sleepiness coming on and in the midst of the revision I dozed off when suddenly a white light flashed, opened eyes not sure it could be a plane since it was too bright as though it was internal. Continued to relax and started to feel the familiar astral sensations. I anticipated those nasty blackboard scratching effects but fortunately it did not appear. Instead scenes started to rapidly emerge. I felt the familiar sinking feelings from other travels only this time there was visuals of where I was sinking into.

There was a wardrobe in front of wherever I was lying down. I was trying to figure out what room I was in but was not certain if it was in my house. The scene would constantly morph into other rooms that had wardrobes facing the bed. In the last scene I perceived the familiar energy body which is sometimes like a silhouette, a physical form or phantom like. This time it was phantom, I felt it but could not see clearly. I raised the arms, they felt magnetic and something else as well as myself was moving it about. The energy felt different, it was light and yet at the same time there was a heaviness. The arms felt very chubby - energy felt highly concentrated. At some point I felt like I was materializing on the bed and had this feeling that things were going to get sexual. Some other brief moments I caught myself, some part of me creating the scenes.

At the end of it I got this feeling, an understanding that I was awakening in others, in their rooms and bodies. With Salvia it is a lot more stronger and obvious but it can be done without the use of plants. The spell was broken by external noise and I think I awakened not from the experience but a sleep state.

My guess is that I am or the consciousness of 'I am' is in all people and everything. Every cell, every atom is a portal in which this consciousness resides. And now the question still remains - Who or what is this consciousness?

January 14, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

From now on I intend to do a weekly update of hemi-sync, that is if I could keep up with it along with my hectic schedule.

11/01/2013 -

Advanced Focus 10
Listened around 5pm. Head moved on auto left and right twice. Then the familiar forefinger movement on both hands were present and reminded me of my earlier sessions where fingers gently raised. There were brief visuals like in previous experience.

Sleep Exploration
Feeling a little bored of the Advanced Focus 10 track decided to try out sleep exploration around 11pm. I blanked out completely - not sure if it was the longest click-out but when I came back to full waking consciousness I was a little disoriented couldn't recall what I was doing before. Then a few seconds later checked around for earbuds, checked time and it was almost midnight however felt like it was much later.

Advanced Focus 10
Last 2 sessions were hard to focus on - mind kept wandering on concerns and some issues which energy conversion box was not helping with. There is some changes with sleep pattern - today in the morning woke up 4:45am. For a while sleep interruption had not been present until recently since taking up hemi sync. Also had a very vivid high anxiety dream - briefly I was in the back of a cab and somehow a person I was getting violent vibes from entered the car, I felt strongly that I needed to get him out by force this was the dream that woke me up. Also my cravings for bad sugar and carbs have gone up perhaps related somehow with anxiety dream.

January 11, 2013

Focus 10 - Body Awakens

Focus 10 - mind awake and body asleep state seems to be having a reverse effect on me. Not sure I've mentioned on previous posts but as I listen to the audio body movements are present - particularly head rotating. Relaxed in bed last night around 11pm fortunately not tired this time and started on Advanced Focus 10.

During REBAL creation there were the usual energetic sensations on which I did not focus on much, mind seemed to wander on irrelevant stuff. Around Focus 10 count-up where my body was relaxed feet was briefly lifted up and heels kicked down involuntarily. The feeling that someone was there was evident after this. Still don't know what to call it - to me it is an unknown energy but whenever it is there I greet it and feel unconditional love for it. No fear present. Soon enough in visual field people were emerging, I saw cars and streets forming and had this feeling that I was in a location that had physical existence but was not sure what timeline. This is most likely to be remote viewing. Lasted briefly and did not form vividly as though still tuning, I guess I couldn't focus on it since my awareness seemed to be keen on the presence.

The energy suddenly shifted eyes left, right and at times round, did not notice any particular pattern. This startled me a little and I was also amazed since I've never had eyes move automatically with such concentrated control.

Once session ended I felt good and uplifted, also some sexual energy present. My guess is this energy was recharging physical batteries, I definitely felt rejuvenated this morning.

January 10, 2013

Sleep Interruptions via Hemi-Sync

I have been swamped lately with studying, running errands and very very busy but somehow managed to fit hemi-sync sessions into schedule. When I am exhausted it is pointless listening to hemi-sync. The other day after creating REBAL I have no recall whatsoever, my only guess is I fell asleep.

Hemi-sync makes me wake up in the middle of the night, from around 2 am  - will be observing this more closely as it could be related to other factors.

In the meantime I am listening to 'Advanced Focus 10'.

January 2, 2013

Brain Tuning

Woke up at 2:20am from a dream surrounding certain issues I am having with others - in the dream I was angry and expressing a bit aggressively with a few relatives stunned at my behavior. After this I could not sleep at all so I put on Hemi Sync TGE Advanced Focus 10. Eventually I did feel very relaxed before reaching F10 but then once earphones were out I was too awake. Started doing some revision for a course and brain started to get quiet. Relaxing I dozed off.

Instantly there was a change - screeching sound in ear much like a black board scratching. I felt like I couldn't go deeper and wanted to snap out. Slowly with eyelids closed a familiar bearded face started to form, etched in darkness illuminated with dark blue lines. I could sense he's been waiting there. There's a plane in the sky - sounds coming from this only add to the discomfort of the screeching sound. I knew if I moved the head too much something could go very wrong, tried my best to remain still. Still sensed physical body and environment.

I thought briefly what if I was being abducted (paranoia after reading latest comment). Quickly put intention forth for higher and beneficial energies that were there to help. Visions of images, most of them cartoonish. Soon I was in a scene of a woman and a man frolicking, then another scene where a persons hand was on the edge of a door - I felt squeamish because it seemed this person was about to have an accident. Some parts of some scenes I felt a sexual arousal but it was more energy based rather than lust.

The scenes were changing rapidly and more cartoons popping out. During experience I recall how earlier when I couldn't sleep I thought about how the brain is like a computer. The images, things I was seeing, hearing -  all that was stored in the brain and every other people had access to the same visuals, scenes, sounds. Hemi-Sync audio may be rewiring brain pathways so that they are operating with more functions. It is so interesting how everything I am doing as of late - a new study course that guarantees a very appealing job as it correlates with some of my interests but also it makes the brain grow and recently the urge to listen to hemi-sync. The combination of this and the changes that were made through Salvia journeying plus other aspects like dietary change is causing something new to happen in the brain - or perhaps it is something that has been sleeping for centuries.