January 31, 2010

Astral Death and Incidents

Attempted AP at 6:30am with no specific intention but I was thinking a little about making a trip to Source/God/Creator whatever label you want to apply.

There were about 5 areoplanes passing by - seriously annoying. As I entered a deeper relaxed state my ears had a wooshing airy sensation. I managed to get out, through the garden I was floating up towards the dark sky. Looked down, there was a black cat staring at me with an unusual expression. I read it as a 'farewell'. The look on the cat was definitely an omen. Everything felt really unusual and suddenly it dawned on me that I was in the process of dying. I kept getting this feeling that something was wrong with my physical body. I remember clearly thinking "Whoa I don't want to die. So many unfulfilled dreams."

Despite these thoughts I was calm and composed I thought of my precious body - that is usually enough to get back only this time I was shooting faster deeper into space. Started to feel a little desperate. It was pitch black, suddenly became aware of a wave of energy at the crown of my head flowing outwards down to my neck. My brain was a wobbling mass of jelly. A pressure was squishing my head causing a crushing pain. Wondering where I was I peeped open my right eye looking at the surroundings of my room. The pain did not concern me since I was glad to be back. I tried to raise my head when the wave of energy came to a halt.

My head felt like it weighed tons - I was exhausted and rested my head to get some much needed sleep. There were too many different incidents that took place after this until 9am.

One incident my upper body was raised up (in the physical) with a hissing sound escaping my mouth.

In another incident I found myself being guided around a piece of land. I came upon a tree, with luscious illuminating beautiful leaves. I touch the leaves looking out into the vast fields of land in awe, imagining everything that I can create in this already beautiful space. I can feel a presence next to me but my mind is so preoccupied I don't think to observe it - besides it seems like it's invisible. With the beginning of a heavy rainfall a male voice began to speak. "The only downside to this land is that it has a propensity to create a lot of mould." I thought that maybe that could change, it was of little concern. This incident is particularly interesting as one of my recent intention to manifest has been to aqcuire a piece of land which I could cultivate, ever since then I have been having a lot of vivid nature dreams.

January 29, 2010

Messages In A Dream

This morning I dreamt about a lot of stuff, but became aware in one particular dream.

It began with a large room filled with people, there is a piece of paper where everyone present is required to sign. There is something special about signing this paper and I'm really looking forward to get my turn. There are two friends next to me, after they sign I am the last person left. I hold the pen ready to sign but there is no space left. I am agitated that my friends would do this almost as if they intentionally wanted to leave me out. I am incredibly angry, finding a scrap piece of paper I begin to write my name in a bold classical type font. At first I write vertically and correct my mistake by writing horizontally.

As I write the letters of my name I get lost - almost zoned out. This state is trance like, a bit of my waking consciousness begins to emerge and I try to fix some letters. I can hear a background voice getting more audible. The voice is repeating the same sentence over and over again like a broken record - with each repetition a certain strength is added. The effect is a complete awareness at which point I hear the voice clearly speaking to me in a gentle rhythmic tone.

"Five years ago something happened to alter the course of history. Your understanding of this is paramount - now, pay attention..."

I became aware of plants surrounding me. Images began to flash illustrating certain activities, unfortunately as I awoke I could not appreciate a full recall of this. In fact whatever that image was, is now just completely incomprehensible to me. I wonder if this was a contact with Angels as I have read that dream is one of the many ways they communicate with us.

Establishing Angel Contact

A few days ago I have been looking into Angels, sudden interest has been sparked and as I've mentioned before I'm opening up to more possibilities.

After I started feeling really sick the other day, which was my fault as I went from eating healthy vegan for almost 3 weeks only to revert back to junk food, I asked Archangel Raphael to assist me in the healing process - to speed it up. I went into a relaxed mode and my left leg clenched and then relaxed followed by my right leg, back and forth this continued for 5 minutes and I continued to relax. Within an hour I was cleared.

Yesterday I decided to establish contact with any angels that could assist me. My intention for the session was to find out what my intentions were before I got here and whether I am on track and who better to inform me than God's emissaries.

During the session there was a lot of involuntary movements which is one of the reason why I've cut down on meditation. I let these movements pass and soon found myself intensely relaxed. Mentally there was a lot of garbled thoughts entering my mind. After 20 minutes ended the session. So, I didn't exactly get any answers but this morning had a dream where I think some connection was made.

January 26, 2010

Seeing Electrical Sparks and Advice on Abilities

For almost over a month, I've noticed while I take any cardigan off it is accompanied by loud static sounds - it doesn't matter how long I wear it but the static is always there. Another thing that would also consistently take place is a visible pale blue flashing light.

This morning at 5:30am after getting in my room with lights off I took my cardigan off which I had only worn for maybe less than 5 minutes and once again there was a flashing bright light that disappeared quickly. The crackling sounds were very loud and continued as I moved it about trying to catch another glimpse of this brilliant spark.

I ran my fingers across the cardigan - there were strokes and flashes of that pale blue bright light. Before me was a spectacular lightning fiesta, though it was amazing I knew I was starting to freak out a little, so I put it down and got in bed.

I attempted to AP, found it difficult to relax but by 6:30am I was feeling light. In a deep relaxed state my right ear started to vibrate making an incredible amount of noise - buzzing and gushing sounds. My focus on it caused it to accelerate. Suddenly a black screen appeared before me - there was some writing which was hard to read since it was grey on a black background. Anyways, I focused and read a bit recognizing that this was some kind of information regarding astral projection and other abilities written in a question and answer format. The part I can remember clearly was regarding 'beliefs'. Here's what I managed to capture:

'A belief in these abilities is not essential - it is more important to remain open and willing so that the beliefs that you do hold do not stop you from realizing your abilities'.

Okay, this much I've sort of figured out after having many experiences with manifesting, changing beliefs or trying to let go of them completely. I really would've liked to remember everything that was written, but it is difficult to read something like this in that state let alone remember it or maybe that's just a belief.

There was an external distraction, got up and back in bed - right ear vibrated again, body felt incredibly light and started to float a tiny bit - I felt this happening physically. Possibly levitating once more. I wanted to go higher up but again due to external distraction ended it by opening eyes.

January 24, 2010

Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre

Wow! Where do I start about these wonderful books, they're just so amazing. These books are so absolutely fascinating and reading them I could actually feel the energy contained in each word - they definitely stir something within. You could have an awakening experience with the information presented and more than likely it would make a Kundalini Awakening seem snail paced.

It's about a Siberian woman, Anastasia who lives in the Taiga forest by herself amongst nature. She has a completely different way of living compared to our modern standard way of life and even abilities that most people spend time trying to exercise for years. The most essential information personally I found in these series was from 'Book 4: Co-creation' where she describes our 'Pristine Origins'. I'm doing a really poor attempt at describing these books - for more detailed information read this.

For those who are interested in Astral Projection there's also a few chapters on this although Anastasia does not call it astral projection instead refers to this other vehicle as the 'second human self'. You can read a preview in google books in 'Book 4: Co-Creation' under the chapter 'Where do we go in sleep?'

All the books can be previewed in google books.

I have also found some of the information within these books correlate with what Robert Monroe had mentioned about a certain civilization. I'll have to go through Monroe's book once more to check this out.

January 21, 2010

Sensing Subtle Energies

I practiced the Sensing Subtle Energies exercise on 2 other occasions so far and both times I felt the energy condense between my palms.

I realize I could actually do it without the Invocation statement, I think intent is important but it doesn't have to be thought or verbalized in words.

January 14, 2010

Lost In Translation

I woke up at 3:15am - about 5am tried to relax and fall asleep without any intention for projecting in any way.

Within a few minutes I could sense something was heading my way - the sensations were at first so unusual I can't really describe it and where it started. I was encapsulated by this energy - it was becoming extremely concentrated in my head. There was some light vibration in my teeth - they were buzzing. I sensed it was definitely a reaction from this energy. As the energy seemed to slow down I could feel the movement of my teeth changing. Eventually this buzzing converted into chewing which suggests that either the energy was balancing or just slowing down.

Suddenly I find myself in another room - I walk around and end up at a reception. Behind the desk is a man who looks at me smiling. I smile back realizing we're speaking in a completely different language. We're using the language of facial expressions, mostly just smiling. Though I understand it I'm still a little confused. He responds with a smile telling me to go to the next reception desk as the person there speaks English. This second reception is to the left - there I am greeted by a young man who suddenly in mid conversation disappears. He seems to be the only one talking as I am too busy trying to figure out why he's suddenly invisible which caused me to pay very little attention to what was said. Can't recall much after this.

January 12, 2010

Physical Teleportation Attempt

With just a little bit of research into Teleportation I thought I'd try it out. I was really hoping to read about other peoples experience on this but right now there seems to be very little information. Teleportation is different from Astral Projection or OBE, the difference being instead of projecting an astral body/form you are projecting the physical body. Also astral projection/OBE are considered to be a form of teleportation.

As a starter I decided I was not going to delve into any techniques - this will be done purely by intent and during the hours that I tend to astral project. Before sleep I asked my spirit guide network to assist me in removing blocks, barriers anything that stops me from using these abilities. I then added that I would like to wake up early so that I could practice teleportation and if I can't stay up make sure the birds are singing.

An Example on Intent Manifesting
I had a dream of cycling down a familiar town, passing by shops, supermarkets, market stalls, people that I know, people that I have never met etc. Sometimes I would suddenly be walking instead of cycling. At one point I'm next to a crossing, everyone is in a hurry including me. I'm about to cross when suddenly a mini bus approached at high speed out of nowhere. I took a quick step back holding my breath and noticed another man next to me with the same reaction - that was too close.

I continued on cycling next to a supermarket, from a distance I see a young girl running. There are two police officers approaching. I get a feeling that she did a bit of shop lifting and was getting nicked for it. I almost cycle past the officers when I'm suddenly stopped by a woman who I figure works for the supermarket. She says 'How dare you? Can't you see the police officers are trying to deal with a crime here?' I gather that she wants me to move back and wait until the officers have dealt with the girl. I am so annoyed at this authority, I shout back with a torrent of anger 'How dare you talk to me like that?' I continue to insult her with a lot of swear words and I'm pretty much using her drab appearance and character as my form of attack. At the same time there is a girl standing next to me giggling. This is the dream that I wake up from at 4:15am. I feel very groggy and almost within 5 minutes almost fall asleep, but then the birds start chirping and I remember my intention.

Second Part of Intention
Stayed up for an hour and it was decided that I am going to project to the bathroom - lol, just until I can really be sure that it's easy to project back to starting location, so that is what I'm experimenting with at the moment. I attempted at 5:15am, there was a little difficulty in relaxing but managed to let go of all the tension. Soon I seem to be still awake physically, there was a surge throughout my body inducing sexual feelings which according to Dr. Bruce Goldberg has been reported by some teleporters something that happens a lot lately upon waking up. Something feels very different and I feel fear rearing its ugly head, my teeth was doing something strange and I can't seem to recall what. Suddenly I'm in the bathroom only I realize it's not my bathroom - yet the entire setting and layout is exactly like my bathroom, it just felt really different somehow. I look at the mirror and surprised to see myself clearly I wonder if I've achieved my first conscious teleportation. I assume if I have indeed projected my physical body then my hands should not go through the mirror. My hands went through. I stared at my reflection and willed myself backwards. My body was gliding back just as I had willed it to with a simple thought.

I look out the window and see some very large trees, this time I walk through the wall. I walk outside for a brief moment not sure about my location. End of recall, got up at 7am. I can't really determine if this was a physical projection since I'm not sure what is to be expected. The only real way of verifying this is if a second person is witness to the dematerialization and materialization of the physical body. I'm going to experiment more on this and update here with details.

January 7, 2010

Drill #5

Early morning woke up from pelvic movement which slowly stopped as I started becoming aware of it. Was too groggy to wonder why that happened so I let my head fall back on the pillow. The drill in the back of my head did not alarm me, it was slow and had impacted gradually. I was able to lift my head up and tried to resist this by turning over on my back, I just wanted to sleep. I realized as I moved that I could cause some damage by making these sudden movements so I remained still and just let it carry on.

When the drill started to slow down, sensations calming, my entire body, especially my back was in extreme amount of pain. I faded out of this pain into a very vivid dream state. I was dreaming about a talk show with two female presenters. They were discussing spiritual stuff I can't recall but one part I significantly remember is when one of the presenter was introducing a new singer, she sings a song and performs a snake like dance. There is also another dancer in the background. I watch the act and think 'Well, this is something that's not gonna sell'. Then I became mesmerised by the words and realized the purpose of this song was not to make it sell. I can't recall the words but at the time it felt like I needed to pay attention.

January 1, 2010

Resolving Guidance, Restrictions and Blockages - A New Year Resolution

Last night at 2am before falling asleep I read out loud an invocation statement from the Self Healing Handbook. The purpose of this invocation is to release any barriers or restriction that hinders guidance or limits intuition.

After closing my eyes the spontaneous movements began, arms, legs and inner movements. A gasping breathing sound was releasing from my mouth. Fell asleep and awakened at 5am, went back to bed at 7am. There was an extreme tugging at the back of my head, my brain or some part of it was being yanked out. The sensation was unbearable and holding tightly on the pillow did not help. I struggled and signalled a stop sign, my recall is hazy after this. Awoke at 11am feeling exhausted.