July 27, 2008

Meditating In Challenging Situations

I meditated twice today and to my surprise I managed to relax into it successfully - whilst in the background kids were making so much noise and crying and the weather was hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

My first session was interesting. I was getting deeply relaxed and entering an altered state of consciousness when suddenly my head which was leaning slightly to my right moved involuntarily with a jolt to the center, aligning with my body. At this point my awareness was on my neck area and then for a brief moment I just remained still trying to deepen the meditation. I decided to get up and ended the session - 10 minutes had passed by.

In my second session I experienced the usual hand movements but I focused less on the movement and focused almost exlusively on my breathing. I felt an expanding sensation in my head as if an insane amount of oxygen was being pumped in - soon I was feeling like I was just my head. As I felt like I was on the verge of falling asleep I snapped out of it.

In nearly all of my meditations I experience some kind of involuntary body movement. I wonder what these movements mean. I have read somewhere that it has to do with energy and some even say it has to do with some kind of blockage.

Of course when I first started meditation I didn't always experience IBMs so I'm leaning more towards maybe it has to do with progress. The experience of it is actually quite exciting but I would like to get past it and move deeper in my meditations.

July 26, 2008


Yesterday I was feeling very emotionally distressed mostly because I was clamoring over a situation that seems ridiculous right now.

I decided to distract myself. I was lying down listening to music when suddenly I found myself in a state of meditation. No thoughts or sounds were heard and my hands were moving involuntarily together in a clapping motion. A smile formed on my face again involuntarily and as I returned to normal waking consciousness I felt really good. I released a lot of resistance within 10 minutes.

I've also noticed lately since practicing meditation more often and combining that with hemi-sync I have been experiencing spasms in muscles around different parts of my body. Also my eyelids have been twitching - although fortunately now that is slowly diminishing. This happens when I'm awake and not in meditation.

Anyways, last night for the second time listening to music before falling asleep I again went into a state of meditation and felt a squeeze of clogged up energy in my head - couldn't handle it so I turned off the music and decided to fall asleep. Closed my eyes and it was dark as usual until slowly a light was shining over this darkness. It seemed like the sun was rising - getting brighter and brighter. I opened my eyes to double check and closed them again, immediately it was getting bright. I must have fell asleep after that since I can't recall what happened next.

July 20, 2008

Hemi-Sync Vs. Simple Meditation

Listening to Hemi-Sync has been quite a challenge in the last two days. Im still feeling the same sensations (pressure on the head, tingling around arms and legs). Now my body seems to heat up really fast but that I know is due to the weather. I can't seem to finish the excerises and have an urge to give up. The only improvement I have made so far is that I haven't been 'clicking out'.

I'm gonna try my best to listen to it when I feel comfortable. Maybe the reason I'm being put off now is because I need to move on to the next exercise. However, I haven't yet accomplished my goal of reaching 'focus 10' consciously which I think is mostly due to the fact that I've been practicing only twice a week.

I'm having better luck with meditation - it feels so much easier. There's less resistance and I'm able to relax quicker than I do with hemi-sync. So for now I vote for my simple meditations which also includes the third eye meditation.

I will still be practicing hemi-sync in the mornings whenever I feel comfortable.

July 14, 2008

Abraham-Hicks On Out of Body Experiences

"Question: I had a very lucid dream once where I was in a forest... and it felt like this moment now, just as real. And somehow I felt that I would go deeper into the dream and forget that this current experience ever existed. And I was afraid of that movement, and so I woke myself back up. But when I awoke, it made me contemplate what this right now is and if perhaps I could be really dreaming this and have forgotten that this is a dream.

Abe: Well, from our perspective you are dreaming this. In other words, the reality that is really real is the broader, nonphysical part of you. Everything is perceptual -- in other words, the only reason that this reality looks and feels and smells and tastes and sounds so real is because you have vibrational interpreters that interpret the energy. So in your dream state, at another level of consciousness, you are interpreting the energy and having a different experience.

We don't want you to ever worry about the realness of that which is here, but we don't want the realness of that which is here to limit you and make you think that that's all that is real. In other words, in this world that you call physical, that is occupied by a few billion human ones, [are] as many worlds as are perceivers of it. In other words, what is real is as you perceive it to be.

A dream is your re-emergence into nonphysical, achieving vibrational alignment with who you are then, and then as you come back into your [waking] state, the entire dream actually takes place as that which you know from nonphysical is translated back into a physical equivalent that you can make sense of. Dreams don't happen all night long -- we don't care what their meters are telling you. The dream is downloaded almost instantaneously as you are coming back into conscious awareness.

An out-of-body experience varies from a dream in this way: when you find vibrational alignment with who you really are, you can catch a glimpse of whatever your Inner Being is glimpsing at. So sometimes an out-of-body experience will show you another world, sometimes it will show you this world -- but what an out-of-body experience is, is you perceiving through the uncluttered eyes of who you really are. And we would say that this dream that you are describing was more of an out-of-body experience than it was a dream. But [it's] hard to tell the difference because from your human perspective it was different from this reality.

You are right, you are so much more than the one who is focused here in this physical body. But you came here with great and powerful intent to be here, and there is no place you would rather be -- that is our promise to you. And so while sometimes you do take escape in other thoughts, in other realms, in other dimensions, you are fulfilling your reason for being here, and this is where the whole of you wants to be focused.


Abraham-Hicks, Washington, DC, 5/1/04

"Make a decision to have an out-of-body experience where your Inner Being gives you a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow. We think it would be good for all of you. We think it would be really good for you to get a glimpse of your Vibrational Escrow because when you get a glimpse of it, before you can see it, you have to feel worthy of it. In other words, you can't see it until you feel worthy of it even in your dreamscapes.

Make that an intention. Start writing this down -- `Inner Being, in my dream state, in my out-of-body excursions, I want a glimpse of my Vibrational Escrow' ­which means I want to work my way into a place of such worthiness that I have full view of it. And as you let that be a vibrational challenge or goal, and as you begin to accomplish it more and more in your dreamscape, then you'll begin to see it filling-in in your life experience."

Abraham-Hicks, Hawaii Cruise 12/05

July 12, 2008

Guided to Outer space

This morning I had a rather interesting experience. I was in focus 10 and could sense that I was about to have an astral projection. Suddenly a voice emerged and I began to listen and surprisingly this time the voice was crystal clear and audible. The voice sounded exactly like my voice only I was not actually speaking or thinking the words in my head.

Within only a matter of seconds I realized that I was being offered some kind of guidance. In fact the words being offered sounded like something out of a Hypnosis script. It started with 'Listen to the sound of my voice' and continued in a relaxing rhythm. Suddenly my head began to vibrate in a really annoying way that I couldn't help but shift my attention away from the voice. In that moment the voice came back even more audible, 'No, you do not want to focus on that now. Simply follow my voice.' And so I did. The vibrations slowed down almost to a complete stop. I had the sense that I was still in my bedroom and felt a presence in the corner of my room. Then I think the voice called out my name or a name that was familiar to me. I tried to get up but my body was stuck and I knew I was in the sleep paralysis state. After much struggle I snapped out of it and opened my eyes.

I expected to see my bedroom because I thought I really had woken up only I was in some kind of spacecraft. I assumed I was in a spacecraft because in front of me was a large glass screen looking out into what I can only describe as space. I noticed outside in front of the screen there was some kind of robotic looking object which was glowing a golden light.

Can't recall anything after that except for very vivid fragments of some dreams.

July 5, 2008


I have been listening to various hypnosis programs by Paul McKenna and so far having good results with them. At first my body would suddenly jolt and my arms kept moving. Now I easily get into a deep trance state and when I return to normal consciousness I do remember becoming aware at certain points. I also had the experience of 'clicking out' a few times.

The hypnosis programs I've been listening to use the Hemi-Sync process so it's no surprise at all that I'm having similar side-effects such as a pressure on my head and sensations between my brows and electric sensations around my body. I do however think these sensations are more to do with relaxing deeper since I've had the same sensations in meditation. The difference between hypnosis and meditation is that hypnosis feeds your unconscious mind with positive suggestions (mostly for specific areas of your life or to change certain habits) once you are in that trance state. Meditation is more like getting to your unconscious mind and allowing it to be super conscious.

What I find really fascinating is hypnotizing others. I've been watching clips on youtube of hypnotist Tom Silver, Paul McKenna, Peter Powers and other expert hypnotists performing what seems like magic on others. I have to say I am totally mesmerised.