July 12, 2008

Guided to Outer space

This morning I had a rather interesting experience. I was in focus 10 and could sense that I was about to have an astral projection. Suddenly a voice emerged and I began to listen and surprisingly this time the voice was crystal clear and audible. The voice sounded exactly like my voice only I was not actually speaking or thinking the words in my head.

Within only a matter of seconds I realized that I was being offered some kind of guidance. In fact the words being offered sounded like something out of a Hypnosis script. It started with 'Listen to the sound of my voice' and continued in a relaxing rhythm. Suddenly my head began to vibrate in a really annoying way that I couldn't help but shift my attention away from the voice. In that moment the voice came back even more audible, 'No, you do not want to focus on that now. Simply follow my voice.' And so I did. The vibrations slowed down almost to a complete stop. I had the sense that I was still in my bedroom and felt a presence in the corner of my room. Then I think the voice called out my name or a name that was familiar to me. I tried to get up but my body was stuck and I knew I was in the sleep paralysis state. After much struggle I snapped out of it and opened my eyes.

I expected to see my bedroom because I thought I really had woken up only I was in some kind of spacecraft. I assumed I was in a spacecraft because in front of me was a large glass screen looking out into what I can only describe as space. I noticed outside in front of the screen there was some kind of robotic looking object which was glowing a golden light.

Can't recall anything after that except for very vivid fragments of some dreams.

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