May 24, 2009

Threshold #3 - One Month Patterning

The purpose of this track is to use the energy of Focus 12 to speed up the process of manifesting your desires based on the principle that we become what we think.

I've manifested a number of things since expanding my understanding on the Law of Attraction, but I've never really attempted using a deep state of focus to set intentions for the purpose of manifesting so this should be interesting. I haven't really manifested anything significant with great speed although the things that I've manifested within a 5 minute time frame were things that I didn't really have much resistance about. It seems there is some importance with being detached with your desire. I don't mean detachment in the sense that you no longer want what you desire but in the sense that you aren't so attached to it that you're clinging to it.

I never put a time frame on what I desire to manifest because I haven't developed enough confidence in this process to do so just yet. It seems easier to allow it to unfold in its own time. I will start with this track from today.

Focus 12 Progress

This week I haven't bothered practicing any Hemi-sync exercises. However, in the last few sessions I've experienced a lot of chakra sensations.

7 Chakra Sensations
In one session I felt so tense but I didn't want to give up quickly and decided not to bother so much with the instructions. I listened to 'Intro to Focus 12' rather aimlessly. Eventually, at some point where Monroe counts up to Focus 12 I felt a tingling sensation on my neck and immediately recognized it as my throat chakra. This sensation was followed by a cramp at my base/root chakra. Then I felt a heavy weight on my chest and had the impression that my heart had stopped beating. This was followed by the a pulsing sensation in my sacral chakra a sensation that was moving up into my solar plexus where the sensation intensified. Soon I felt the familiar third eye chakra pressure followed by a heavy weight crushing on the crown of my head. The sensations disappeared soon after and now I experience the chakras randomly at different intervals of the day. Since then I've practiced balancing my chakras using meditations devised for this particular purpose - I have to admit I'm not practicing consistently because it just feels like such a chore.

Threshold #2 - Problem Solving
I had a few issues with the exercise in this track of 'Problem Solving'. While practicing I didn't have the level of trust that is involved in receiving answers simply because my questions were so big that I just couldn't see how the answers would present themselves. Eventually I felt inspired to write down the questions and take a crack at answering them myself - the result was astonishing! This method has reached a point now where I ask a question and I receive mental impressions that I'm able to somehow translate into words - a sharp sense of knowing. As I continue to use this method of writing down my questions and letting the answers flow I am building more trust in the process. I don't feel it's necessary to use the 'Problem Solving' exercise anymore unless I feel inspired to do so.

May 17, 2009


Experience #2: A few minutes after the Fragmented Recall experience I closed my eyes and almost instantly felt my teeth chattering still aware of my phyisical surrounding. I certainly was not shivering since it was quite warm this morning.

My jaws opened up with a magnetic type force still shaking and stretching as if it would rip apart. I was not afraid instead my reaction was a reflex of clenching my mouth shut to avoid any further stretching. I guess I'm learning to accept that strange things happen when you delve deeper into other states of consciousness. Eventually my lower jaw began moving left and right without control on my part. I stopped resisting it - I think I have an idea on what's going on with these involuntary movements but I'll ponder that at a later time once I can determine that it is what I think it is.

I found myself suddenly coming into awareness in a new surrounding. I was in an a very antique style office. I wonder for a while where I am until I notice a blurry form on the window of a man who looks a lot like Christopher Reeve. I immediately realize that I'm not looking at another person but instead staring at the reflection of the form that I have assumed.

After this realization my awareness is filled with ideas of me being Superman - I wondered why not Superwoman? From this point my awareness is more semi-lucid but at the same time I'm aware of the fact that I'm not Superman and I remember my original identity of the person I am here (in the physical). I speed out the window fuelled with the idea that I'm Superman I find a hidden area where I change superfast into my alter ego. I fly out but stop immediately confused with my costume - I have a black cape. This confusion doesn't last long when my original persona (the physical me) comes more into awareness and realizes this is a place to explore - not to save the world. There were a few people but I can't recall them clearly.

I noticed beginning my exploration a wall of bricks surrounding what I percieved to be an entire town. I knew there had to be something more beyond this wall of bricks. I pierced through this barrier with my awareness enhancing to more clarity. Here I percieved a great hall of people doing all manner of things, from building things to just passing by. I noticed a truck on one side. It was like being in a massive factory. There was really nothing interesting about this place other than my level of awareness that seemed fully present.

Returned to C-1 at about 9:15am.

Fragmented Recall

Time: 7:10am
Technique: WBTB (woke up at 6am)
Mood: Feeling deep sincere appreciation for life
Symptoms: spinning, floating, shrinking,
Goals: None

Before I relay this experience I want to point out that this was one of those types of experience where I know a lot more had transpired but my memory is limited to fragmented parts.

Experience #1: I didn't focus much on my breathing to help me relax in fact I was expecting to project easily without any effort on my part. My only task was to shift my position into one where I could find most comfort - somehow I always end up finding comfort lying down on my back.

I felt the floating sensation instantly and spun across the room towards the window, my vision was very clear. I was a little surprised with this manner of exit or entrance, depending on how you want to look at it. I think I was hoping to feel the sensation of energy surge at the crown of my head mostly because I preferred them as I've noticed when those symptoms are present the experiences are clearer, my awareness enhances to a greater degree and the feeling of awe being present.

Next to the window I began sinking downwards, my vision was still clear. The more I sank the bigger my room appeared it was like I was a particle of dust looking out at my incredibly magnified bedroom and this is not the first time.

At this stage I slip into different events and I can only remember 3 with enough clarity to describe them.

1. I'm in a dark room and my vision begins to fade. Suddenly I perceive to be stretching my arms and legs - I feel really dense. I become more aware of the denseness as the stretching increases to the point where I feel like I'm becoming big enough to hold an entire Universe in my hands. I also felt like my body being as dense as it was could rip apart if I continued stretching though there was no pain. End of recall.

2. I'm in a room that is dimly lit and immediately notice a young man on the floor. He is resting on his right arm holding a cigarette in his left hand and puffing away. He has a peaceful smile on his face. I stand there for quite some time observing and simply wondering why he's so happy. Suddenly I get an impulse to hug him. The impulse was so strong I almost acted on it until I realized just how much I disliked the smell of cigarettes. End of recall.

3. I'm walking down an unfamiliar street and observe a few buildings. Though I can't seem to recognize this place it feels so familiar. I try to go through my bank of physical memories and see if I could withdraw anything that fits. As I begin to do this I feel like a point of consciousness being carried with the wind. End of recall.

Returned to C-1 at about 8:20am at which time my recall of the experience was a lot clearer than it is right now. I decided to attempt again and had another experience: Superman.

May 9, 2009

The Enchanted Land

Time: 8am
Technique: WBTB (woke several times this morning)
Mood: Neutral
Symptoms: energy surge at crown of head with electrical like sounds, buzzing sensations, floating of consciousness
Goals: None - no actual intention to project, although in the past few days I've been attempting to connect with my Spirit Guides and practicing chakra balancing meditation to assist with this

Experience: Though I had no intention to project this morning I felt my head buzzing slightly as I shifted position to try and fall asleep once again. As the buzzing faded I felt the oncoming of an energy surge. The zapping sensation was becoming more intense almost amplifying my resistance for some reason. I knew I could either completely resist it or learn to enjoy the process. Of course I chose the latter and found that the ride was electrifyingly pleasant. Suddenly I could see an outline of a woman with long hair appearing to be running in the wind with fluid like movements, after a few seconds this faded into darkness.

I could hear the faint sound of voices chanting followed by drums and the types of musical instruments native tribes use. As the chanting and music became louder my vision had finally began taking form. I was now in a field of different colours particularly the shades of yellow and green. It was sunny and I became aware of the sun light enchancing my vision. My form / point of consciousness was moving sideways on an invisible path with a perfect view of the field in front of me. It was like being carried with the stream, I didn't try to control any part of the experience because everything was unfolding beautifully. There were no signs of wizadry or powerful Sorcerors yet the magic of this land left me in a state of complete awe.

The voices chanting perfectly in unison had become so much clearer I was finally able to make out one syllable words very foreign to me. I was just as captivated by the chant as the view in front of me. The chant, the view, the wonderful emotions that bubbled within me - everything was perfectly in sync. This is perhaps the most enchanted place I've ever been to. Bushes of what looked like one gigantic dandelion flower were visible - they were mostly a hue of yellow. This place was so organic I wondered if there were any houses and just as I thought that images of wooden houses flashed.

My vision changed and I felt like I was peering through one eye - a camera lens to be precise. Then the other eye, which turned out to be the left eye opened up. I had stopped in the middle of one part of the field where several people were roaming about. I approached them gliding in their direction, I really couldn't tell if they noticed me. They looked like ordinary people, dressed in casual wear. I noticed a bush of red dandelion fluffiness. My vision started fading and I felt clearly that I was about to open my physical eyes.

I was frustrated that it was ending so fast and angry at my sudden impaired vision. Then I sensed someone saying 'It's okay that you have to go'. It was communicated to me very non-verbally - certainly it was neither in a language, nor did I hear it. Now I sensed others around me having no idea who they were. I remembered the yellow bush of a massive dandelion and the enchanting field. My vision returned slowly, I had an urge to move in a particular direction, approached a hill where I walked down a dirt path and passed a little boy who was walking in the opposite direction. I stopped walking when I heard my name being called out. It was a child's voice but I couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a girl. I perceived it was coming from behind me so I turned around but ended up looking at the blank orange shade of my closed eyelids returning to C-1 at 8:20am with some mild buzzing sensation in my head.

May 4, 2009

Drill #2

Experience #2: After previous experience I felt like I needed some more sleep, I shifted on my left side and with closed eyes immediately viewed what appeared to look like a monitor screen. On this screen I viewed another room. There was an open door and a young woman walked through the doorway, followed by another and then another until there was a straight line of women walking through. I noticed they were all identical. I wasn't interested in attempting any more APs - I really needed some extra sleep so I shifted my position on my right side and immediately felt an impact on the crown of my head.

There was a loud drilling sound, my head and face buzzed profusely. Just like in the 'Drill' experience I had the perception of someone or something working on me. I slowly opened my eyes and it was apparent that I was still in my room and no doubt very able to move physically. I thought this might be my cue to AP once again so I shifted my position about until I felt comfortable and waited. The drilling sound, my head and face buzzing continued for quite some time until at about 8:15am I lost my patience and opened my eyes. The sound and sensation ended after a few seconds.

Swimming in Black Ink

Time: 6:30am
Technique: WBTB at 5:20am then at 6:30am practiced focusing on my breathing, affirmed to transmute any energy of fear to love
Mood: Fidgety, unable to relax
Symptoms: energy surge at crown of head with electrical like sounds, fizziness, buzzing sensations, floating of consciousness
Goals: None

Experience #1: I thought it was highly unlikely that with my very awake state I will be able to project. Starting at 6:30am I focused on my breathing for 30 minutes and finallly gave up. A few minutes later began feeling sleepy and lost some consciousness until the energy surge at the crown of my head just bolted through and once again I was alert. The sounds of electrical sparks were getting really loud. Eventually as this mellowed down I could feel the residue of the sensation which felt like the top of my head was fizzing. Soon I felt like just my mind moving around in liquid which I can only describe as greasy black ink in water.

There were black floating blobs - it was mostly just black but the different round shapes forming were visible. I kept thinking of keywords to help me remember this experience more clearly which were mostly just 'blobs', 'weird liquid like movement', 'different shades of black', then I saw an eye take form with another eye on top. I was moving along sort of being carried with the stream - finally when I stopped moving I observed in front of me a vortex with swirling things that I can't seem to describe.

At this point I felt like I was supposed to do something. Thought about meeting my Spirit Guides but realized it's pointless calling upon them for no apparent reason so I asked for assistance. Lost consciousness, had several FAs and finally woke up at 7:30am from a dream I had about a schoolgirl thanking her classmate for sharing his astral tip. After this experience I had another experience: Drill #2.