May 4, 2009

Swimming in Black Ink

Time: 6:30am
Technique: WBTB at 5:20am then at 6:30am practiced focusing on my breathing, affirmed to transmute any energy of fear to love
Mood: Fidgety, unable to relax
Symptoms: energy surge at crown of head with electrical like sounds, fizziness, buzzing sensations, floating of consciousness
Goals: None

Experience #1: I thought it was highly unlikely that with my very awake state I will be able to project. Starting at 6:30am I focused on my breathing for 30 minutes and finallly gave up. A few minutes later began feeling sleepy and lost some consciousness until the energy surge at the crown of my head just bolted through and once again I was alert. The sounds of electrical sparks were getting really loud. Eventually as this mellowed down I could feel the residue of the sensation which felt like the top of my head was fizzing. Soon I felt like just my mind moving around in liquid which I can only describe as greasy black ink in water.

There were black floating blobs - it was mostly just black but the different round shapes forming were visible. I kept thinking of keywords to help me remember this experience more clearly which were mostly just 'blobs', 'weird liquid like movement', 'different shades of black', then I saw an eye take form with another eye on top. I was moving along sort of being carried with the stream - finally when I stopped moving I observed in front of me a vortex with swirling things that I can't seem to describe.

At this point I felt like I was supposed to do something. Thought about meeting my Spirit Guides but realized it's pointless calling upon them for no apparent reason so I asked for assistance. Lost consciousness, had several FAs and finally woke up at 7:30am from a dream I had about a schoolgirl thanking her classmate for sharing his astral tip. After this experience I had another experience: Drill #2.

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