April 30, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

In the past week I've skipped a few days of practicing getting into Focus 12 but this really hasn't hindered any progress. Yesterday I listened to 'Introduction to Focus 12' and again I felt like I was moving into Focus 10 with ease where I suddenly became aware of my right arm (physical) moving outwards to the right and as soon as I became aware of this my arm remained immobile. Then the same thing happened to my left arm moving outwards to the left. Though I haven't experienced these IBM's for a while now I managed to focus moving deeper into F10. My breathing pattern changed drastically - it seemed to have a life of it's own and with more practice this is becoming more pronounced. I gradually lost awareness of my body until my nose and the back of my neck was getting itchy - the urge was so strong I ended the session early.

I felt like there was something I missed in the earlier exercises so I decided to listen to Wave I - 'Advanced Focus 10'. Once I got to the REBAL part of the exercise the process seemed so unnecessarily long now that I'm getting accustomed to using the shortcut. Although my main objective is to move to F12 I know it will be a lot easier if I could get deeper into F10.
I will be listening to Wave I - 'Exploration, Sleep' and 'Free Flow 10' from time to time to get even more used to creating the REBAL and moving to Focus 10 the easy way.

Another thing I've noticed is my opportunity to AP has increased in the past few weeks - I will often wake up around 4am usually due to dreams with intense stressors. It's become easier to wake up at these times, the hard part is staying awake for at least an hour in order to induce an AP.

My dreams are changing, evolving in a sense or perhaps I'm becoming aware enough to notice the nuances to a greater degree so much that writing them down is becoming quite a challenge.

April 25, 2009

Spotting The Difference & Not My Average Dreams

Time: 6:20am
Technique: WBTB at 3:15 am (slowly began writing down all recalled dreams), Affirmation
Mood: Calm & Relaxed
Duration: 20 mins
Symptoms: High Pitch sound and sensation, floating
Goals: None

Experience: In a relaxed state became conscious of oncoming high pitch sound. Moved my head physically - just a little until I thought any physical movement at this point will stop me from projecting. I remained still and let the intensity take over. After a few seconds I was floating up and spun across the room to my window at which point I was able to perceive various items that belonged in my room clearly. I took notice of the lighting - it was dim. I remembered before the projection the sun had come out and it was a lot brighter outside.

There was the usual sinking sensation as I headed out the window. With a lack of vision all I could perceive was darkness. Had the feeling that my eyes were trying to blink, so I focused on them remaining open despite seeing nothing but black. I could feel the mattress beneath me - I was back in bed. My duvet covers had long thicker blue stripes than the ones in reality. I looked from a side view at two sofas that do not belong there - my room was certainly not big enough for two sofas to fit in that space. I could feel my eyes were about to blink and within a flash I woke up with my position on the same side.

The time read 6:40am, I fell asleep and had two memorable vivid dreams where I was becoming lucid in two very stressful situations. These dreams were the highlight of my experience this morning. Both dreams involved a female protagonist. In one dream the DC is given the opportunity to rescue a man, in the second dream the same man betrays her and she must rescue herself. There was a stressful element halfway in each dream where my awareness was heightened to the point of lucidity. I was perceiving through the female protagonist. The emotions were so overwhelming I felt as though I was experiencing them for the first time. Fortunately my consciousness was withdrawing within a few seconds. I've recorded the dreams in my dream diary - they are so filled with detail it was like a whole lifetime but I could mostly remember the most vital moments. I might relay them here another time.

April 22, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

I've gone back to the first track of Wave II, 'Introduction to Focus 12'. I don't think I'm ready for 'Problem Solving' - need to improve my ability to get to the Focus 12 state. Since I've moved on to 'Wave II - Threshold' my ability to get into the Focus 10 state has improved and I'm recognizing more and more the feeling of reduced sensory perception usually leaving only an enhanced awareness of my breathing pattern which is deep and slow. I realize this state is similar to some of my meditation experiences. I haven't been meditating for a while now and I might not start up again until I've made some progress with Hemi-Sync.

During one session listening to 'Introduction to Focus 12' I imagined energy flowing into my body while in Focus 10 as recently suggested in a comment to another post. Nothing happened or I was simply not aware of any change but I'm just learning to get in a deeper Focus 10 state and will try this again.

As for the Focus 12 state I have experienced subtle instances where I would became aware of images in my mind. These would last for a few seconds and somehow I just click-out until the audio signals back to C-1.

April 21, 2009

Time Travel

Had an interesting experience this morning which I'll label as a 'dream' only because I'm not sure if I really had traveled through time. In this dream I suddenly became conscious though I was not aware of what eventuated prior to becoming lucid. It was more like waking up, expecting to be in your bed only you find yourself in some unknown place which I know sounds a bit like spontaneous APs / OBEs unlike the average conscious APs / OBEs. Initially I was in shock but then I absorbed my surrounding and having had seen nothing like this place before I was in absolute awe as well as confused. Right now the structures of this place is rather hazy since it's no longer as fresh in my mind. Even if I tried describing it I think I'd have a hard time trying to find the right words.

I soon had a feeling that I was not only in some other place, but in a completely different time. I noticed a group of people and approached a gentleman. I asked him what year it was speedily in fear of losing consciousness, a question that was burning within me. I received a sort of visual impression of the digits 2900. This seemed to confuse me more so I tried approaching another person before I could ask I instantly woke up at 6:00am.

A few minutes later fell asleep again and had more unusual experiences that were a cross between dream states and APs, some I can recall partially.

I haven't ever given time traveling much thought, but it seems I have the common belief ingrained in me that time travelling is possible only in movies or books, the fantasy world. I know the irony in that is extreme considering this is an astral projection journal, but then again how many people who have experienced APs and OBEs believe they can physically fly?

Having direct experience with Astral Projection has opened up my mind a lot to possibilities I would have once considered far-fetched. I think it's time to open up my mind just a little a bit more.

April 14, 2009

Wave II - Threshold #2, Problem Solving

I moved on to track 'Problem Solving' late last night / early morning 3:00am. I did not feel sleepy at all mostly because I was in a really good mood.

The exercise offered in this track involves placing a question or problem in the center of your consciousness. The next step is to direct it outwards, release it and wait for a response.

My question that I wanted to ask was 'What is my purpose in this life?'. By purpose I don't mean my career, I guess the heart of my question is to find out the reason for my existence. I noted this down before getting into the exercise to help clarify my intention during practice.

After the resonant tuning I began losing consciousness and fell asleep. Woke up at 8:00am - my arms felt like they were pumped with helium and raised up slightly but at the same time they also felt heavy. I began bringing my arms down with a little force. Suddenly I felt lightheaded followed by a burst of joy filled emotion just erupting within me. I began smiling and giggling - this came so naturally, no conscious control much like how breathing functions naturally. I had no idea why I was giggling it just came with the emotion.

Soon I could hear my mind singing a hindi song from the old bollywood movie 'Yaarana'. Did a search with the lyrics to find the movie title since I don't recall watching this movie but most likely did when I was a child. The song was 'Sara Zamana' and only one particular line kept repeating continuously which was 'Sara zamana, hasinon ka deewana'. I think the translation for this is 'The whole world is crazy for pretty girls'. Well, I have no idea if there is some meaning in this song that relates to my question, will need to translate whole song which will take time since my Hindi is limited.

According to the Wave II booklet the answers or solutions do not have to necessarily come during the excerise, they can reveal themselves after the excercise in a very normal waking state. These can come in the form of songs, conversation with others, passages in books, synchronicities and many other ways.

April 9, 2009

Focus 12 Progress

Here are some of the results listening to 'Intro to Focus 12' in the last 10 days:

  • In one session I became more aware of the Focus 10 state - body numbness and an incredible sense of my breathing which seemed to operate without any control on my part. When I tried changing the breathing pattern it felt like a struggle as if my breathing had a life of its own. I was fascinated with the way my breathing functions without me or any conscious effort on my part.
  • Intense pressure and energetic sensation in head during listening.
  • I've had migraines for a few days which are more likely due to stress, these migraines lasted for very brief moments. I can't remember ever having migraines before, I rarely ever get a headache.
  • Tremors in right cheek - actually muscle vibration would be more accurate. These aren't so visible, just the sensation is more noticeable. These lasted several minutes at a time for a few days. I had a feeling the hemi-sync audio was causing it so I decided to skip one session. The following day no tremors were present. I continued last night and felt the tremor/vibration in right cheek, it was a lot more subtle.

April 2, 2009

Play Centre

Time: 7:10am
Technique: WBTB at 5ish am (last night listened to Glenn Harrold concentration hypnosis and 'wave I - sleep exploration')
Mood: Enthusiastic
Duration: 10 mins
Symptoms: Sensing presence
Goals: Visit Nephew, View places beyond imagination, RTZ Verification, Communicate with others

Experience: I was sleeping on my left side, it was dark but I sensed a presence very close by, in fact I knew that something was on top of me though I felt no weight, just a sensing. There was a pressure on the side of my neck, this scared me more than anything because I felt like I was being attacked. For a brief moment I almost snapped myself out but realised how wasted the opportunity would be. My head began moving to the right, panicked because now I was getting to face my fear, quite literally. I let myself go and immediately spun across the room where I began falling to the bottom floor and somehow ended in the kitchen where I saw my niece and many other kids on the floor swimming in what looked like a flood.

I got in the water and began swimming towards the garden door halfway deciding that I'd rather fly instead. I swooshed out the door and in a flash I ended up inside a big building at first I thought it looked like a shopping centre. Then I saw that there were so many children running about and playing with toys and thought maybe I was in a play centre. I shouted out 'hello' several times but it seemed nobody heard me. I skimmed around the big room/hall to see if my nephew was around remembering my original intention.

On one side of this massive centre was a flight of stairs. I flew to it and as I landed I began feeling dense. I walked up the stairs feeling more physical at this point. I didn't look down at my form but perceived that I was wearing trainers.

I noticed a woman holding a child in her arms and with other children beside her. I approached her but it was very clear that she couldn't see me. I sensed two people behind me. I faced two women, seemed like they were looking at me. They smiled and began moving their mouths and moving their arms about a lot, it looked as if they were trying to communicate something but I couldn't comprehend any of it. My right eye suddenly fluttered. I immediately recognized that dual vision that I've had a few times in previous experiences. I saw flickers of the area I shifted to and my bedroom in the physical. Focused on the non-physical area but had no control, returned to C-1 at 7:20am surprised that only 10 mins had passed by.