April 2, 2009

Play Centre

Time: 7:10am
Technique: WBTB at 5ish am (last night listened to Glenn Harrold concentration hypnosis and 'wave I - sleep exploration')
Mood: Enthusiastic
Duration: 10 mins
Symptoms: Sensing presence
Goals: Visit Nephew, View places beyond imagination, RTZ Verification, Communicate with others

Experience: I was sleeping on my left side, it was dark but I sensed a presence very close by, in fact I knew that something was on top of me though I felt no weight, just a sensing. There was a pressure on the side of my neck, this scared me more than anything because I felt like I was being attacked. For a brief moment I almost snapped myself out but realised how wasted the opportunity would be. My head began moving to the right, panicked because now I was getting to face my fear, quite literally. I let myself go and immediately spun across the room where I began falling to the bottom floor and somehow ended in the kitchen where I saw my niece and many other kids on the floor swimming in what looked like a flood.

I got in the water and began swimming towards the garden door halfway deciding that I'd rather fly instead. I swooshed out the door and in a flash I ended up inside a big building at first I thought it looked like a shopping centre. Then I saw that there were so many children running about and playing with toys and thought maybe I was in a play centre. I shouted out 'hello' several times but it seemed nobody heard me. I skimmed around the big room/hall to see if my nephew was around remembering my original intention.

On one side of this massive centre was a flight of stairs. I flew to it and as I landed I began feeling dense. I walked up the stairs feeling more physical at this point. I didn't look down at my form but perceived that I was wearing trainers.

I noticed a woman holding a child in her arms and with other children beside her. I approached her but it was very clear that she couldn't see me. I sensed two people behind me. I faced two women, seemed like they were looking at me. They smiled and began moving their mouths and moving their arms about a lot, it looked as if they were trying to communicate something but I couldn't comprehend any of it. My right eye suddenly fluttered. I immediately recognized that dual vision that I've had a few times in previous experiences. I saw flickers of the area I shifted to and my bedroom in the physical. Focused on the non-physical area but had no control, returned to C-1 at 7:20am surprised that only 10 mins had passed by.

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