March 28, 2009

Focus 12 progress

The past week I've been practicing moving to Focus 12 by listening to 'Introduction to Focus 12'. Unfortunately I've been falling asleep during practice, which is mostly due to exhaustion and practicing late.

Despite feeling that somehow my exhaustion level was rendering the hemi-sync sounds useless, last night I made some progress. For starters I managed to remain conscious throughout the entire track except for at some point towards the end where I experienced a brief click-out. My mind did wander off a little but managed to bring myself back and focus - I think this is what has happened the past week - my mind would wander off and I'd end up falling asleep.

When moving up to F12 an image began to appear in some area of my consciousness. It was some kind of orange block fusing with different colours - I thought maybe it represents the chakra system. Remembered not to get analytical and just go with the experience. More images took form, most of which I couldn't comprehend. The images were subtle and not as clear as the hypnagogic imagery I've had in my astral experiences but then again I feel I wasn't looking at them directly with my eyes - it was definitely more like sensing them.

After practice a few random thoughts entered my mind and shortly after I fell asleep. The thoughts were far too random and completely unrelated for me to even recall right now.

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