March 23, 2009

Wave II - Threshold #1, Introduction to Focus 12

Last night I moved on to Wave II, Introduction to Focus 12. In the past few days listening to Wave I CD I've been either clicking-out or falling asleep, I suppose the latter is expected with 'Exploration, Sleep' and my observation has revealed that practicing late night when incredibly exhausted does not help much.

Even though I have yet to to experiment with the 'Free Flow 10' track of Wave I, I feel it's time to move on and I'm glad I've made the transition sooner because listening to 'Introduction to Focus 12' where Monroe points out that these exercises are only tools to learn and use and that they do not create changes in you I realized my expectations have increased since resuming practice, no doubt due to higher levels of stress - it has made me desperate in some ways almost as if I'm seeking a quick fix.

Although this realization is nothing profoundly new it has made me more aware of the fact that I have some expectations - expectations I intend to release.

Last night's experience: Practiced at 10pm, surprisingly remained conscious throughout. Half way felt an intense movement around sacral chakra point, feet and calves began to tingle for a few minutes. After this I began heating up which I think may be due to having thick covers over me. When I practiced moving back and forth between Focus 10 and Focus 12 I was tempted to end the track but forced myself to continue. I think I was trying way too hard at this point which I know only hinders progress.

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