March 18, 2009

Hemi-Sync: Exploration, Sleep - body jerks and time perception

Last night at 11:30 I listened to Wave I - Discovery #5 - Exploration, Sleep. Before listening to this I was already feeling sleepy and I knew that I would most likely be unconscious throughout the exercise.

Within a few minutes my head began to feel heavy weighing more than the rest of my body. During the resonant tuning exercise I began feeling even sleepier and decided to let go of trying my best to remain conscious. At this stage I lost consciousness only to be startled by some body jerks, my right arm flung upwards as if trying to regain balance.

I continued with the process not sure which stage I was at but just listened to the sounds rather than following instruction. Once again lost consciousness until I was able to hear rapid beats followed by Monroes voice unable to comprehend what was being said. I had the perception that quite some time had passed by and thought I might be on the next track - time read 11:45. Closed my eyes - lost consciousness until track ended, again I had the perception of hours passing by.

I've also been getting a lot of body jerks in the meditation sessions I've started up recently. Could be due to feeling physically exhausted lately. Woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and also able to recall my dreams which had stagnated in the past few weeks.

Experienced Enhanced Well-Being


Chris aka Float said...

Hemi-Sync has a way of doing that I suppose. My issue with using it in the past and even from time to time today is that it allows me to get extremely deep, but when the track ends it sort of snaps me back. Kind of irritating. *shrugs* Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You probably have epilepsy (that would explain the jerking), a focal type (not one with generalized seizures).

Please go see a neurologist.