March 7, 2009

Attempting To Visit My Nephew

Time: 7:30am
Technique: WBTB at 4:30am - listened to music followed by hemi-sync discovery #3 - advanced focus 10
Mood: Fidgety - Unable to relax
Duration: 20 mins

At 6:30am I attempted relaxing which was extremely difficult and the sound of birds chirping was not helping at all. I decided to use the time to practice the hemi-sync exercise and set some intentions for my expected AP experience. After reading through a few chapters of Robert Bruce's 'Astral Dynamics: A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences' book I thought about how the ability to AP must be incredibly natural for children and how his own experiences had confirmed this. I think most people who AP have had the ability since childhood but simply forget them over time.

I thought of my 4 year old nephew - intelligent with sharp precise memory and of course absolutely adorable. He is also beginning to reveal some intuitive ability.
He lives some 100 miles from London and although in APs physical distance is completely irrelevant getting beyond my bedroom window is usually a challenge in itself. I know that the actual physical route is not necessary and so I intended to visit my nephew and expected the journey would be easy and a lot quicker than in physical - maybe even instantaneous.

Experience: At 7:30am relaxation came naturally, as soon as I closed my eyes wavy lines appeared. There was a mild vibration in my head with the usual buzzing sensations. I thought the waves will transform into frequency wave lines that have occurred in other experiences. Then I heard the sound of water running and sounds of ocean waves. The wave lines formed into an ocean with waves, suddenly filled with a great number of dolphins. The scene was in cartoon and it was like looking at a TV screen - full screen view. I heard birds chirping, they could be the same birds I heard chirping earlier in the physical. The dolphins were swimming, jumping and giggling. I was so in awe with this particular scene, the sound, the colours. Despite it being a cartoon I was amazed with how real it all appeared.

Slowly the image began disappearing and I perceived that I was back in bed lying on my back but able to see clearly in a birds eye view that my duvet was covered with sparkling snowflakes - a very beautiful sight. I lifted my arms, they looked pale almost white. At the same time I sensed the birds eye view. This could be the mind-split Robert Bruce mentions in the book - so far some of his concepts haven't sunk in and I have yet to read the book completely - and properly.

My hands flopped hanging loosely, at this point I was at SP. The perception of the sparkling snow and the state of SP faded and I returned to C-1, heard the physical birds still chirping.

Still very relaxed I tried again, closed eyes. Head buzzed, began hearing male chanting followed by frequency sound transforming to classical music. Sensing physical body, head felt incredibly heavy, neck was straining so I slowly adjusted to C-1.

Attempted AP again an hour later at 9:00am - this time more focused on my original intention for this AP. Practiced deep breathing for a few minutes and felt the light trance sensation almost feeling the head buzzing - unfortunately I was interrupted by knock on door.

Afterthoughts: Although I didn't exactly visit my nephew the cartoon was rather intriguing - may very well relate to my intention. I still need to read more about the mind split. For my next few APs I intend to visit a few people and hopefully be able to verify these visits. Maybe setting these intentions can help me progress since I haven't been very specific with my goals for AP.

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