March 19, 2009

Rapid Solar Plexus Pulsations

Last night at 11pm instead of listening to hemi-sync I listened to an Abraham-Hicks workshop. Esther Hicks, who channels the collective consciousness 'Abraham' has a rather pleasant voice and I find it particularly soothing, so it's no wonder why as I listened to the track I began relaxing deeply. The sound of Esther's voice became inaudible as I began to fade away from normal waking consciousness.

Eventually, when I returned to C-1 I could hear her voice along with sensing an intense pressure in my abdomen. I felt rapid pulsations in my solar plexus. It felt like a ticking bomb ready to explode. I felt an emotion that I can't even begin to describe, not even sure whether it was good or bad. I placed my hand on my abdomen and felt the sensation only slightly despite pulsations still occurring rapidly and rather violently. Overwhelmed and even feeling a bit nauseous I took a deep breath and the pulsation slowly subsided.

Though I've experienced chakra sensations in the past, my knowledge in this area is still somewhat limited. According to a few sources online if the solar plexus chakra spins too fast it is an indication of several negative aspects. Unfortunately I can relate to a few of these aspects, some of which have been more dominant lately.

I'll be doing some reading up on the chakra system.


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