March 20, 2009


Time: 7:00am
Technique: WBTB at 4:50am (set internal alarm clock night before, I woke up from a disturbing alarming dream) - listened to hemi-sync advanced focus 10 at 6:00am, set intention
Mood/Feeling: Sleepy, unbothered
Symptoms: Hazy vision
Duration: 20 mins

Experience: At 7:00am I was feeling really sleepy and hazily affirmed that I will remember any astral experience as best as I could. I suddenly became aware of a sheet of paper in front of me with writings. Can't recall any exit sensations. I focused on the writing which was surprisingly clear and managed to read one paragraph. I skimmed through and focused on particular words, at this point my vision became a bit hazy and the words made no sense. I continued attempting to read until eventually I somehow found myself in the spare room. I noticed smoke coming out of an old telephone on a stand which does not exist in reality, at the time I didn't think much about the anomaly. Concerned by the smoke I quickly pulled out the cord. Lost consciousness and slipped into a dream state. Unfortunately I have no memory of what the paragraph read.

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