January 30, 2012

Kundalini Spontaneous laughing

This has been occuring in my sleep - I become suddenly aware of it. Several times my face spontaneously scrunched up in fits of giggles and I found it funny at the same time a little alarmed.

I have read that this is common for those going through Kundalini process.

A Song In the Head

I awake around 3am - sort a few stuff out. Back to bed relax.

Suddenly I am aware of a song playing ,'Jaan Meri Ja Rahi Hai Sanam' from movie 'Lucky no time for love'. The song is literally travelling in the ear canals almost as though I was a music player and my ears were the speakers. As the song played I sang along as I know this song and I was feeling happy. My thought process went like this 'Wow, there's a song in my head. Now I don't need my mp3 player - this is sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!' It was amazing - I felt like I had a built in stereo just needed to know how to control it.

I continued to listen to the song until things started to change. I felt another layer of the physical form moving and I had some control over it - it was a shadowy, dark silhouette like form - one that I have seen many times before. There was some astral transitional type of stuff going on but rather unclear right now.

Something else was going on, I can't recall what but I know I panicked a little and tried my best to get out.

When I opened my eyes I suddenly realized where the song had come from. Last night before this event, I fell asleep requesting a song from that other presence (a part of Self).

January 29, 2012

The "High-Light" of Life

After my previous Salvia session I was extremely hungry - my mind was rampant with everything I could possibly eat, but I ended up sleeping on it.

Woke up 4am and I ate a vege soup with some rice - I never ever eat at this time but I think I was feeling metaphorically empty and translated that as hunger.

Back in bed tried to relax several times until at some point I witnessed a red light in the screen of my closed eye lids. I thought maybe I left the salt lamp on which has a red ambient glow but it was turned off. I looked to my right and it seemed wherever my gaze fell this red light was there and I saw faces of several beings. Closed my eyes not paying much attention. Some movement briefly took place in the ear canals and I started to hear an inner voice making some kind of sound - pronouncing words in an unspoken language yet there was an echo.

I continued to relax fell into a dream that was similar to circumstances that took place yesterday. Had to clean cat poop from my garden which I was pissed off about. In the dream I see poop on one side of the garden my reaction is a little different - I solved this same problem on the other side and now I just need to implement same solution here. I go in the house, brothers cat runs out and I stamp my feet expressing some agitation cursing the cat. She pisses on the side of the tiles avoiding the plants - I feel bad and at the same time amazed that she listened to me.

I continue playing out other scenarios related to this physical existence. Then I realize that there is a voice narrating a story - I was all this time living the story as it was being told. The voice in unspoken words carried on - telling me about the many lives it had lived until it eventually got to a point where through some process it ended everything - meaning all it's worries and all of that pertaining to earthly existence. It told me that a being emerged - as this happened there was a faint glowing light getting brighter right before me. Like a blossoming flower it was unfolding and there were showers of light, I was heavily transfixed on each droplet. It was so beautiful I almost burst into tears but held it back intrigued with this story. But there was only so much I could hold back, I turned away and opened my physical eyes and then finally allowing the tears to flow out. Never have I witnessed anything so beautiful....

There were several sparks of brain orgasms as I opened eyes. The voice was faintly there and finally I recognised the narrator of this story. It was some version of my Self, the light being was a version of my Self and I am a version of this same Self.

January 25, 2012

Lots of vivid dreaming

Past several days maybe actually a week or so I have been having very vivid dreams. The dreams are very interesting and some correlate with life situations.

I had one dream where I'm cycling and zoomed into other parts of environment, it was exhilarating and exciting I have been wanting to take up cycling but too chicken at the moment.

This morning dreamt that I was a young man. I had a daughter who was either given up for adoption or was missing. I was desperately looking for her even though not actually making attempts to seek her out just an inner wish. There is a young woman about the same age as me and she reminded me of my daughter until my heart beat strangely as she walked into an elevator and I just knew that I just found her. She gives me a knowing look and I awake at this point - it seemed normal in the dream that she was the same age as the father.

The vibrations are still there and as I awake there is always this glimmering of shadows in the peripheral vision.

January 16, 2012

Health Talk

From last year I have gone to extensive measures improving my diet and it hasn't been easy but through trial and error I have found ways to make it easier. A lot of this I want to share here now and also update on my health and also how it benefits for things like astral projection, meditation etc. Here's a breakdown of what I've done in the last two years to get physically healthy.

Tried out different therapies/remedies to clean body of toxins - neti pot, urine therapy, herbal teas, blackstrap molasses, water therapy, oil pulling and maybe a few other things I can't recall right now.

Improved diet - went from carnivorous to vegetarian to vegan and then back to vegetarian and now I have gradually worked my way up to about a 70 to 80% high raw vegetarian diet.

Honestly I think keeping myself occupied on physical health I've neglected some other beneficial practices like meditation and need to slowly add this in my routine along with pranayama but there's so much time in a day that a person can fit everything in so I'm learning to do what comes to me slowly.

Gardening - transition to a raw diet has naturally turned me into an avid gardener, this makes up for some physical activity - interest has built up to permaculture. Another interesting phenomena that perhaps occurs with everyone who attempts to go raw is the desire to heal the Earth and I am all the time looking for new ways in which I can help to reduce my carbon footprint - obviously being on the computer right now isn't helping much but I'll find a solution for it soon and I have reduced the amount of computer time by ending previous business venture.

Physically I do feel healthier, and also a lot of old condition remedying perhaps through all the support I'm providing.

January 2, 2012

2012 Blog Intentions

So 2012 Blog Intentions in short:

Law of Attraction

The Long Version

2012 is all about improving health which will be accompanied by detoxing. The only reason health is paramount right now is because I can't be distracted with a broken vehicle. The kundalini energy has made it very evident that changes will be made to physical body and my obsession with health stems from wanting to support this process.

Another very important change to make in 2012 is releasing myself from all relationships that I feel are not right for me.

This means making specific list of each relationship I have that I feel I need taken out of my life and I can say right now without a doubt that all the relationships I have right now are toxic to some degree. Some more than others. Last year I felt a particular negative tie to a toxic relationship severe almost completely - it's still there but not so much and wow what a relief that was and it took an entire wave of negative incidents for it to occur. So I know I can't take a completely fast path and let a natural path unfold in its own sweet time. I think the reason why those really tough events unfolded was simply because I was getting so desperate and all those bottled emotion were spilling out all at once manifesting crazy things.