January 30, 2012

A Song In the Head

I awake around 3am - sort a few stuff out. Back to bed relax.

Suddenly I am aware of a song playing ,'Jaan Meri Ja Rahi Hai Sanam' from movie 'Lucky no time for love'. The song is literally travelling in the ear canals almost as though I was a music player and my ears were the speakers. As the song played I sang along as I know this song and I was feeling happy. My thought process went like this 'Wow, there's a song in my head. Now I don't need my mp3 player - this is sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!' It was amazing - I felt like I had a built in stereo just needed to know how to control it.

I continued to listen to the song until things started to change. I felt another layer of the physical form moving and I had some control over it - it was a shadowy, dark silhouette like form - one that I have seen many times before. There was some astral transitional type of stuff going on but rather unclear right now.

Something else was going on, I can't recall what but I know I panicked a little and tried my best to get out.

When I opened my eyes I suddenly realized where the song had come from. Last night before this event, I fell asleep requesting a song from that other presence (a part of Self).

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