December 27, 2007

Projecting via dreams

Last night I tried the noticing exercise and ended up fidgeting to sleep. I also affirmed that I will connect to my inner being. Had a dream where I was in a large living room with some of my family members. I was sitting close to them and noticed how vivid and alive my dream was. When I moved away to explore they seemed to fade away. I walked a few steps away from my house and suddenly realized I forgot something and headed back. Was lost coz my house was no longer there. At that point I think I lost consciousness. Then there was just me spinning in the darkness with a high level of awareness. I quickly began affirming to connect to my inner being. I don't remember much after that.

I will continue with the affirmation I'm using at the moment which I got from Abraham-Hicks recordings.

"I recognize that I am more than this physical being that I see here in this magnificent physical body. There is another part of me. A broader, wiser, wiser because it is broader certainly an older part of me. I seek communication with that perspective".

December 21, 2007

astral phase - distorted reality

I tried so many different techniques to go to sleep after waking at 5:00 am. Eventually I used the astral phasing technique of just noticing stuff behind my closed eyelids. I got to the point where I saw a misty cloud and then a flash. I ended up in a bedroom that looked like it belonged to a boy. The theme of the room was Blue. It looked like it was still dark outside. Then I noticed a sword to my left. It was bright and the blade seemed to have sort of sandy stripes. Throughout this whole experience this sword was in my view in the same place.

Somehow I was speeding into a tunnel made up of raw flesh. Looked like reversed skin, reminds me of juba juba's belly in the zelda game. At first it was fun going through the tunnel without moving myself, felt like a joy ride but then it wouldn't stop and felt like forever. I got so bored I ended up thinking to myself. I thought of all the things I would like to intend perhaps repeat some affirmations.

Then through all this clutter of thoughts I heard a thought that didn't seem to belong to me. It asked 'Can you hear me?' at which point I was just thrilled. I asked who it was but there was no response. Then my eyes opened wide and what I thought was a sword was my blinds on the window.

December 3, 2007

The Town Train

Woke up around 4:00 am found it difficult to sleep. I made every effort to just fall asleep - counting up to 100 and back down to 0. The last thing on my mind was astral projection but I ended up making a trip shooting out of my bed and flying to the garden where I sprinted from one garden to another. This was fun but then I think slowly I was becoming unconscious and everything became dream-like.

I eventually found myself around my town - lucid. There was a big toy like train going across some blocks of flats with people inside it. I know there was more but can't remember much now.

November 21, 2007

Astral Phasing

Attempted phasing early morning. Felt a vibration which felt more like a mild massage on my forehead. I have been using holosync these past 2 weeks and think maybe this could be why I did not get the annoying type of vibrations and that ringing sensation in my ears.

First I floated upwards and decided that I will not try to control the experience and just let it happen. I was spinning round and round above and could see the texture of the ceiling above me. Then I began to sink to the next floor down from my room. Everything was dark but I noticed the outlines of some furniture and the window. I continued sinking further downwards. Things were getting even darker. This repeated 3 times.

During one phasing I heard a voice similar to Jane Roberts – when she channels Seth. The words sounded mumbled I only managed to make out the word ‘sin’ in one sentence. On my fifth try I decided to take some control. I imagined getting out through the walls and I did, then I imagined it was day time and the sky was blue and so it was. After that I lost consciousness.

- It's easy for me to project when my sleep is interrupted, but I think it's mostly because during these hours it is really quiet which makes it easier to concentrate. Most of my day time or evening time projections would eventually fail, due to external noise.

October 25, 2007

Projecting Physical Senses

Right ear started buzzing quite annoyingly, it felt like it was my ear drum. I began visualizing things I'd like to experience in order to distract myself from the ear buzzing. Lost consciousness in a fraction of a second. I was then in my kitchen where I found 3 large saucepans filled with rice and then I couldn't remember getting out of bed at which point I realized I was having a false awakening.

When projecting I usually do not bother to walk or do anything normal. This time I walked to the garden door without feeling heavy or stuck to the ground. I opened the door with my hands rather than just walking straight through it. As I walked out I felt the wind blow across my skin and I was breathing in and out. There was a nice pleasant smell. My garden is in an undesirable state which looked identical to the one in reality.

I began thinking of all the plants I knew of, some I created with my wild imagination. In an instant they began appearing nicely arranged in my garden. This was great and I was just smiling all the way throughout.

Across my garden is another row of houses with adjoining gardens. I flew across wanting to see what the other garden looks like. The only thing I've seen in reality in this garden opposite mine is a large shed and a door with broken window. When I flew across everything was beginning to get hazy and dark I felt at that moment that I'm only seeing what I'm expecting to see and if I don't expect to see anything I probably wouldn't. So I began expecting to see plant pots and so on. I flew higher to get a better view of the garden, there were plant pots as I expected.

I somehow woke up from this closed my eyes to try it again. My right ear was buzzing even more annoyingly. I wanted to really do it again but ended up forcing myself out of it.

The buzzing itself did not hurt, it's just one of those annoying internal sensations that just feel so weird.

October 22, 2007

Another Phasing

Woke up at 6 am, couldn't sleep so I thought about projecting. However, I didn't care as much about projecting as I did about getting enough sleep. So I induced sleep instead but ended up with sleep paralysis. I noticed I was able to move my arms so I grabbed the edge of my bed and for some reason held on tight. I'm not sure if I was semi paralysed or I was half out. As I held on tight my head was vibrating and I felt the vibration was causing my brain to expand and contract, this sensation was pleasant.

Everything was of course dark, the way many of my projections start off. I began visualizing scenes which involved beaches and mountainous views. Then images began flashing before me, but they were not what I visualized. In fact I can't remember much about the images because they were flashing by faster than the speed of light. These images had a golden glow around them which would sometimes blend into a light shade of blue. The colours of the images were vibrant. I remember at some point I slowed things down and was seeing dolls, china dolls.

After a while of this something amazing happened. Everything just froze, all time seemed to have stopped. I was viewing a metal pole and then I became it. I was the pole. It's hard to explain it in words what that felt like but it was a very interesting experience. Next time, hopefully it will last longer.

October 13, 2007

Snowy screen

I woke up early morning and after 5 mins I closed my eyes. Behind my closed eye lids there was a snowy screen (The kind you get with TV reception problems). I was very aware of it. I opened my eyes and was still seeing the snowyness but it was transparent, I was also able to see my bedroom through it.

I closed my eyes expecting more, instead I fell asleep having several vivid dreams.

October 11, 2007

5 Projections and a meeting

Woke up 5:00 am then went back to sleep by 6:00 am - I seem to be doing this a lot lately.

I projected about 5 times and had no body vibrations. Each time I projected I had mobility problems and would start projecting all over again. I'd either sink through the floors or everything would just go dark. With each try I tried moving until my last projection I would glide around my house that looked very different. There were more rooms. I entered each room, they all looked the same. These rooms were empty. I started visualizing things I would like to see in these rooms but nothing seemed to work. This would've normally left me frustrated but I didn't even attempt to project.

I gave up trying to make things appear and somehow ended up in a room full of several people. Seemed like a meeting. I can't remember much about what was discussed since it's now vague. At some point a woman walked in, she looked like she was limping. Everyone fell silent and looked up at her. She was very pretty, I thought she might be a model.

Went on having several vivid dreams.

October 10, 2007

Channel Tuning

I had those really intense vibrations again. My right ear was buzzing and vibrating and felt like it was about to pop. This time I remained calm instead of trying to force myself out of it. It was dark at first and then I thought I saw an outline of a person. I assumed that it must be my spirit guide or higher self since I've been intending to visit either one of them. Then I got myself worried thinking it might be something evil. I realize I don't interact much with other beings or even people in the astral and this might have a lot to do with this fear of mine. I guess I'm just not ready yet.

I began floating which I enjoyed and is always fun. My body and ear was still vibrating and buzzing. Then it intensified until I felt like I was the vibration. I was thinking of the collective consciousness Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. They mention that we are vibrational beings and that everything is a vibration. At that moment I knew exactly what they meant.

The vibrations were now comfortable and felt rather soothing although the buzzing in my ears were still a bit annoying and quite persistent. The outline of the person that I thought could be my spirit guide transformed into scrambled letters. It was a word that began with P. At first I thought it said 'Please' and after a while it seemed to spell 'Praise'. Then the lines transformed into frequency waves. It seemed like I was tuning a TV screen. I saw a person wearing red seated on a chair staring down at their iPod. The frequency waves came into view followed by a change of scene. I was now watching a clip of Rugrats. Then the frequency waves came again. Then a new scene. I could see the outline of a plant pot in a dim hallway - reminded me of the hallways in Resident Evil.

I woke up after this. My body was still slightly vibrating and there was a pressure in the middle of my forehead. I think I was out for about 5 mins.

October 4, 2007

Out and bouts of sleep paralysis

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am did a quick breathing exercise and fell asleep at around 6:00 am. I hear my niece calling me in a soft whisper several times, I wonder why she would be calling me when she's not sleeping in my room. I begin floating 180 degrees then facing my window. I'm not trying to go out or do anything, it's just all taking place without my will power. I just flow with it by the time I try to get out of the window I don't expect anything and all is dark, like I'm in the void. Here I think about where I would like to go. I think of tropical islands but soon wake up catching my breath as though I were deprived of oxygen for hours. I imagine that's how being resuscitated feels like.

It seems niece was sleeping in the spare bed in my room. I asked her if she was calling me earlier on. She didn't. I slept in today, the whole morning. In between hours I woke up in the SP state. I estimate I was in the SP state for a total of 6 or 8 times.

Popworld - 17th Sept 2007

Went back to sleep at 7:30 am. Mild body vibes then floated upwards to the ceiling. I could clearly see the texture of the ceiling. I was spinning 360 degrees. Feeling somewhat dizzy I kept closing my eyes and the open eyes to phsyical and with the blink of an eye went back to astral. I stayed calm and passive. Suddenly I hear a tune, it's Shakira singing 'La tortura' in my head. Then a screen appeared before me. Britney Spears giving an interview. She's talking about P Diddy saying she will sing about him and in her song instead of saying P Diddy she will say U Diddy. Then she says something about J Lo which I can't remember.

At Cousins - 16th Sept 2007

I projected to my cousins house, looks pretty much the same in reality. My Cousins wife was in the dining room. I began touching her sofa and felt the velvet texture it was extremely real. Then I felt the walls, lumpy texture. It made the whole experience so clear. I went out in the streets nearby - it was a lot different. More shops and people. I was just flying around. Nothing new really, but flying just never gets old.

Wasted Opportunity - 28th Aug 2007

Around 7ish AM I tried to sleep for a bit longer. My body began vibrating but it was the most intense in my head. I had the feeling that my ears were about to buzz and pop and in order to avoid it I was forcing myself to get out. I had vibrations and mild buzzing in ears before but this experience was the most uncomfortable. I woke up realizing I should've just went with the flow.

First time Astral Phasing - 7th Aug 2007

The day before this projection I went Thorpe Park, stayed there the whole day going on ride after ride. By the time I got home I was completely out of it. I was menstruating which made my body amplify in pain. I have noticed that if you spend your day doing strenuous activity it is so easy projecting of course I wouldn't advise it just to project, relaxing with a bit of patience works well too.

The projection - I woke up at 3:00 am, l began trying to fall back to sleep and noticed sparks and lines in the darkness of my closed eyes. They seemed like electrical currents. Then I was noticing - and this is key to astral phasing. You don't necessarily participate or focus on the what you see and hear or feel. What you do is you simply notice what's going on around you but remain passive. In other words you don't react to what's going on.

I heard voices, there were several. Above me were sheets of papers - perhaps it was a booklet. I couldn't read it. The voices sounded like they were mumbling. One voice was doing a countdown and the others joined in, it sounded like they were chanting. Then they spoke of rules and principles. I couldn't tell if they were talking to me, and if they were they seriously need to find better ways to get my attention rather than mumbling a bunch of rules.

I remembered not to focus too much and just flowed with the experience. At this point everything just warped into another scene. The scenes were changing so fast I was viewing at least 20 scenes per second. I can only remember some of them.

Scene 1 - I'm in a room where there are various clocks. Old fashioned clocks, modern clocks, digital clocks and every other types there are. The times were different on each clock.

Scene 2 - I step inside a nice cosy house, for some reason it feels so familiar. I get this feeling that it's my home in another dimension. Soon there is a woman walking by, I never saw her face. From the back she looked a lot like me, same figure and hair. I was calling out to her but she began to run. The more I tried contacting her the more faster she was running. I assumed she was afraid, perhaps she thought I was a ghost or just maybe she was a figment of my imagination.

Scene 5 - I see my reflection in the mirror and smile.

Woke up a few times in the SP state then went on having a number of vivid dreams.

A Holosync Induced Projection - 26th April 2007

For a few days I had been listening to Holosync audio and then had this experience.

I woke up in the morning, did some breathing exercise, affirmations and intending a projection. Nothing was happening for quite long so I gave up and let sleep take over. I then opened my eyes and was having SP. I noticed how my body was in an unnatural position but drew my attention away from it as that hinders the projection.

Soon I am going in and out of projection. I woke up thinking I won't be able to go back to sleep now - still had hours of sleep left.

I did fall back to sleep and had the most intense vibrations in my head. I thought my head was going to implode. There was a blockage feeling in my ear. Then a bong sound went off - sounded similar to the sounds in the holosync audio, in fact I remember hearing it the night before in one audio. Then a female voice said 'You and I are no longer in vibrational alignment'. This reminded of the collective consciousness 'Abraham' channeled by Esther Hicks. The voice was talking quite a lot and sounded to authorative that I just chose to ignore what she was saying. I guess I was afraid of internalizing what was said.

I went on to have an infinite number of vivid dreams.

Listening to Holosync and combining that with an astral projection method can increase your chances of projecting. Unfortunately for me I just don't have enough patience listening to it.

September 24, 2007

My 1st conscious projection in the evening - 29th Mar 2006

From December 2005 up until March I was having difficulty projecting. I think mainly because I was starting to gain interest on other subjects like the 'Law of Attraction' and also I was starting to look more into Spirituality. In this time I learnt to meditate, learnt more about chakras and other stuff.

Then one evening I decided I want to AP. I initially felt that there was no way I was gonna project - all my previous evening projections failed miserably. Here's what happened:

False Awakening - I'm in bed, 2 of my brothers come inside the room with baby nephew. Nephew has no top on. I assumed his mother took his top off due to his fever. I carry him as he is now crying. My brothers cat jumps on my bed I scream and wake up. I then attempt to project by just going with the flow. I land on floor then head towards the window - on the the glass pane I see my hazy reflection. As soon as I get out I feel cold - the sensation was so real. I realize I never normally feel the temperature during my projections. I go back to go through the other side of my house. I fly down my street. Several cats look up at me and shoot off running scared. Never seen anyone this frightened of me - it made me scared.

I go inside a random house, into a random room. Someone is sleeping on the bed, I go closer and find it's my sister. I go inside another room and just lie down on the bed. Suddenly there's a cat that begins talking to me. I wake up before I get a chance to comprehend what was said.

I have never attempted to have a projection in the evening after this because of the noise level in my house.

Princess Jasmine - 16th Dec 2005

I open my eyes to the SP state. I bring my astral hands together. Something moves in the corner of my eye, I look to find someone waving at me with both arms as if to get my attention. This person looked a lot like me. I rolled off the bed and went through the window.

I'm flying now in the sky. Then I begin to swim in the sky and by swimming I find myself going higher compared to flying. It begins to get dim. Grey skies. At this point I'm losing awareness. Preventing the loss of awareness I utilize my imagination and make the sky become bright and clear. It works.

I look below and see an Arabian looking town, the movie Aladdin comes to mind. I quickly make myself land and pretend that I'm a princess but as soon as I land it becomes the end of what could have been a whole new world.

September 20, 2007

10th Dec 2005

I opened my astral eyes, I got up only I was not in my house. This entire place was completely different. I go through a door and become blind. I say 'clarity now', nothing happens. I say 'lights on' and still nothings happens so I decide to move into the darkness and things begin to come into focus.

I'm in a big lounge, there a several black dogs. I'm frightened and think I will have a really terrible experience and it's gonna make me want to never project again. I ran past the dogs that were chasing me. End up in a shower room.

Next thing I know I'm in an army being betrayed by someone.

Trapped - 27th Nov 2005

In my room some of my furniture were rearranged. I glide into the hallway downstairs. I go to my front door in order to get out. I open the door and find it goes inside a room. Opening door after door I felt trapped inside my house.

Decapitated Head - 27th Oct 2005

Time: Morning - like always

I fly around my room and decide to go have a look at my physical body in bed. I clearly see my body but my head is missing. I go frantically looking for my missing head.

Third eye activating - 15th Oct 2005

Time: 8:30 am

Became aware of body vibes. Felt my third eye swirling. I was struggling to get out. Soon I tune into the 'radio in my head' and hear an american male speaking. Can't remember what he was saying.

The Latest Headlines - 7th Oct 2005

Start time: 8:00 am

From SP to Vibrations. I hear a foreign person speaking, sounded german. It was a female voice and sounded like a news reporter. Then there was a female voice speaking in english, she had an american accent also sounded like a news reporter. Heard a baby cry. I felt like I was tuning into radio stations, a radio inside my head.

I get up from bed and get up. I see the floor and the door. My intention is to go through the door instead I end up going through the floor. I wake up and just fall asleep.

Remote Viewing? - 27th Sept 2005

Time: 5:45 am

This was different to most of my projections, I had read about remote viewing and that's what it seems like.

False awakening - I was on my black office chair spinning. Here I decide I'm going to bed to AP. I realized I'm already out so I fly out window only to end up back in bed. Everything is dark, a pitch black. I looked to my left and see an old couple with a big box of fruits and some shopping bags. They are in front of their door about to get in when suddenly the old man looks up at me. Ended abruptly.

25th Sept 2005

Time: 7:00 am

For several days I had been practicing meditation and since had many spontaneous projections.

From SP I became conscious. Initially everything was blurry. My wall was covered in old fashioned wallpaper. With a bit of struggle I exited my body. I imagined long poles on the corners of my bed and swung off them. Somehow I snapped back in my body. Still in a trance I tried it again. Getting out was a lot smoother. I end up in my hallway it was like always, a different version of it. Unable to find the stairs I was getting frustrated.

I flew downstairs into a room where there was a bed. I pulled off the duvet cover and snapped back into my body. Again I exited and looked at my hands, it was quite blurry but the tips were crystal clear. I didn't last long here and just simply fell asleep.

Flying with my neice - 18th Aug 2005

Time: 6:30 am

False Awakening - an event in which someone dreams they have awakened from sleep. This illusion of having awakened is very convincing to the person. After a false awakening, people will usually dream of performing daily morning rituals, believing they have truly awakened.

Had a false awakening. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and felt an eerie presence. I looked at the window. There stood a boy blankly staring at me. This scared me, I thought I was seeing the dead. I experience sleep paralysis (SP).
Then I literally split from my body and learn a really cool mobility skill, in fact spiderman does it alot - crawling on the walls. I go through my bedroom window to the garden. There I see my neice, I tell her to come go flying with me. She holds my hand and together we go flying. We're flying and landing on top buildings and even jumping from building to building.

I jump off a skyscraper and as I am landing I get a rushing thrill, both terrifying and exciting. Upon landing on the ground I open my eyes.

Most of my projections feel like this - I project and have the experience of being in another dimension and when I wake up I simply open my eyes and it feels as if I had not slept during my time of projecting. Its a lot like blinking.

Flying and Invading Privacy - 10th Aug 2005

Time: 6:40 am

I felt I was making some significant progress in this experience. I was next to my washing machine and I remember in reality I was doing several reality checks to see if I were dream. I looked at my hands and was expecting it to melt or look transparent but it was solid. Although it looked solid and life like I just knew I was dreaming. At that instant I decided to fly and as I flew away everything became black. This was my first time experiencing flying. I was so high. Suddenly I'm in my room rocketing upwards. I was flying a bit too fast now that I felt out of control. I think at this point I was exiting my body. I went even higher into another room. There was an old man in his bed with a much younger man by his side. Startled to see them there I woke up.

Time: 8:00 am

I was flying around in my room once again. Everything was a bit vague. I thought why not go check on my neighbours (I'm not a peeping tom, just a bit curious). I put my hands on the wall and tried to get through. And then I couldn't because I kept thinking that maybe I can't get through because I'm not expecting to see anything there, I wouldn't know what to see since I've never been there.

Upon waking up I pondered on this experience. I thought maybe there was some kind of barrier that I could not cross. Maybe there are rules up there too. But now I think that what we can or cannot do in the astral is limited by ourselves - the same concept goes for the physical dimension.

From Dream World to Astral Plane - 9th Aug 2005

Time: 8:00 am

Upon realizing I was dreaming I became consumed by body vibes. I was able to see my walls and ceiling which had a lumpy sandy looking texture. At that moment I was trying to get up and float about. I tried to move my right arm. I could see it clearly as I tried moving it. Suddenly things were looking more vague and I just woke up.

The Difference

I just want to point out in this post that after reading lots on astral projections, lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences it became difficult to distinguish which experience belongs in which category. This is what happens when you try digest so much information in one swallow - your mind begins to choke. Very frustrating.

I have learnt though through my experiences that they are all pretty much the same thing only our level of awareness is different. I am really aware in a Lucid Dream but in an Astral Projection I am as awake as I am right now.

September 17, 2007

The thing about excitement - 8th August 2005

Time: around 6:00 am

I affirmed to myself that I will project. Eventually falling into that 'zone' I felt the vibrations and got interrupted out of it. I woke finding myself sleeping on my side I turned around lying down on my back. Sleep paralysis kicked in super fast. Did same affirming as before - body vibration more intense. I was floating upwards but being so excited I opened my eyes quickly and snapped out of it.

The thing about excitement is that it's so hard to let go of. Even to this day I still get excited projecting.

Time: 8:00 am

Fell asleep again became aware of body vibrations. I decided to get over the excitement and just go with the flow. The key was to remain passive. I began seeing shapes which were vague at first but eventually became clearer. It looked like futuristic writings of some sort. I snapped out.

Superstar at the Beach - 1st July 2005

Time: 8:30 am

I'm in the void (black nothingness). There's some involuntary spinning. I vaguely visualize a few things. I think of the sea and end up at the very bottom of it. I love that in the astral I can breathe in the water without drowning or ever drowning. That's one of the great things about the astral - there's no risk of dying if you jump off a cliff or sink to the bottom of the sea. You can do anything.

Anyways - I'm looking up, people are swimming. I decide to float up. I get to the top. I've somehow drifted on a sandy beach. People are dancing to a bollywood song, I join in feeling like a superstar. This is followed by many vivid dreams.

Sleep paralysis.

A Failed Projection - 25th June 2005

Time: around 7:00 am

I was quite ill on this day, suffereing from hay fever. Feeling sticky and gross from the hot weather I had a feeling I won't succeed in projecting. But I tried. Felt body vibrations which did not last long, very groggy I went back to sleep. I find it's hard to project during very uncomfortable conditions. Especially when the temperature is beyond your control. This shouldn't let anyone be discouraged. You can always become the master of these conditions if you get yourself an AC.

Here's a summary of all the symptoms I experienced during projection:

Sleep Paralysis - a condition characterized by temporary paralysis of the body shortly after waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis) or, less often, shortly before falling asleep (known as hypnagogic paralysis). This is actually very common for anyone trying to project and should not be feared. I find that at times like this it's best to guide yourself to stay calm and feed yourself with positive thoughts. By doing this you will most likely end up having a positive experience.

Body Vibrations - this ranges from mild to intense. Your body feels like it's vibrating, sometimes it could feel like a current running through you. It's easy to get scared when you get this. The best thing I learned is to go with the flow. At times they can even feel good.

Floating or Swaying - this feels like you are as light as a feather and feels really pleasant.

360 degrees Astral Vision - A perspective of the whole picture. Initially it feels like you are spinning. My take on this is that what's happening is you are seeing everything simultaneously and because we on a physical level are not accustomed to this kind of vision it appears as if we are spinning.

Feeling a presence nearby - sometimes I've felt people rather than see them. Eventually what happens is if you focus on the presence someone just might appear. Like my two friendly doctors, initially I felt their presence until they appeared.

Unusual sounds - like 'kha' or even more frightening hearing yourself snore.

Hearing myself snore - 23rd June 2005

Time: around 7:00 am

I focused on my breathing and through out many of my attempts to project this is the main technique I would apply. Simply because it's a lot easier to focus on one easy method rather than frustrating over so many that won't even work. My advice - try out as many method as you possibly can bare until you find one that works and use that until of course it no longer works.

Never felt any vibrations. I felt more floating and swaying than anything. I looked up and saw my light which was an old one I had previously unlike the modern fitting I have now. I heard a weird sound 'kha'. I wondered where it came from and lost focus.

Very persistent I went back - felt the floating and swaying again. I looked up at my light again and it was a chandelier compared to my modern one. I thought it looked like an upside down cake with candles sticking out. Then I heard myself snore which by my own definition is quite incomparably the scariest sound I've ever heard. I thought my physical body was dying. I began repressing this fear of my snoring by entering a dream in which I'm sharing a delicious cake with some relatives. I think it was my birthday party :-)

I woke up with an insatiable hunger, something to do with the cake I believe.

Travelling to Hawaii...

This experience was spontaneous, I applied zero effort. It started with a dream in which I became aware I was dreaming. I found myself in the dark, there was just black and nothing else. Some people call it 'The Void'. I then felt mild vibrations but also a new sensation I've never felt before - floating. I felt as light as a feather. I went with the flow of the sensations, then everything came to a still. There was some liquid like movement. I thought I should try to open my astral eyes while still vibrating. I did, only they were my physical eyes. This is the weirdest vision I've ever had. Now I'm only slightly far sighted but that has nothing to do with the vision I'm talking about.

My physical eyes were peering out into the physical, but my astral eyes remained open. They were both simultaneously open. I closed my physical eyes and completely focused in the astral. There was still nothing there so I visualized a blue light, instead it became a bright white light. The light began spreading out into the corners of the darkness from the centre revealing blue swirly shades. Next thing I know my vision is spinning which I actually read about. It's known as the 360 degrees vision - where you have the perspective of everything in a sphere.

Knowing what to do - yes I came fully prepared reading a plethora experiences from others I looked straight ahead and my vision was normal. A picture began emerging from the blue. It was a different version of my room. I jumped out of bed so excited. There was a clock there, displaying the time 10:30. I was getting worried that I missed my 9:00 am appointment. My cousin was in my room - I told her we're in a dream. She looked confused. I pranced around the hallway like a happy child. The doors of the other rooms were closed, I assumed everybody were sleeping.

I entered an empty room and peered out the window, at first it was day but then it was getting dark. I realized I could have more fun elsewhere. So I closed my eyes and imagined Hawaii. I opened my eyes finding I have woken up to my bedroom, quite contrary to what I imagined.

I believe I became a bit desperate to quickly get to Hawaii because of my appointment. I looked at the time, it was 8:15. Barely 9:00 am.

Another Rollercoaster Ride - 16th June 2005

Time: between 9:00 am - 10:00 am

I did a few breathing excercise - where you just simply focus on the in breath and the out breath. A bit like meditation. My body began vibrating mildly, but I was distracted by the noise in my house. I tried again - body vibration were more intense than the first I assumed that meant I was a lot closer to projecting. In order to avoid freaking out like in my last experience I guided myself. Telling myself to relax, breathe and remain calm wasn't as weird as I thought it to be. It helped a lot. Soon my surrounding was just pure light. A much brighter shade of white than we mere humans are accustomed to. It was nice, very pleasant. I woke up due to physical distractions.

Noise is a big factor when it comes to astral projecting - it is almost vital to the experience of projecting to be in a quiet environment unless of course you are able to block out the noise quite naturally which can take a long time to master.

My 1st Major breakthrough - 9th June 2005

I woke up late at night/morning, there was a celebration amongst my relatives with the good news of the birth of my healthy darling baby nephew. I went back to bed and realized that I had an excellent opportunity to try and project. I started at 6:00 am, did a light breathing method.

This method is so basic I'll explain it in 20 words - Breathe in deeply and slowly, imagine your breath as pure white light. Fill your body with the light breath. Relax.

See it's so simple - by the time it was 7:00 am I thought to myself "Am I kidding myself with this or what?". Deciding that I may never project ever! I gave up and gave in to sweet sleep.

To my suprise I found myself sucked into what I can only define as 'The Twilight Zone'. The next thing I know I'm floating about in this zone. I see a man sitting on a chair in a deep discussion with either himself or people I just could not see. Soon I'm off to a new location, somewhere on the beach, a beach house. In this beach house I'm having a threesome with people I barely know. Amidst all the fun and frolicking I get sucked out quite rudely. My body was vibrating with so much intensity I couldn't take it. My left temple begins to inflate, at this point I'm scared out of my wits.
I prayed to God, the God I never believed in. Then I become paranoid with the idea that I'm going to wake up in hospital deformed - something I believed was much worse than death. Lo and behold! I found myself lying in a hospital bed unable to move or speak. I was luckily however able to see, hear and most importantly think. I considered these to be my 3 gifts from God to whom I had just prayed for my dear life.
There were 2 doctors in blue uniform, perhaps they were even male nurses - not sure. One was sitting on the left side of the bed and the other in front of the bed. Dr. Lefty was speaking, he was greeting me and told me that they were interested in mearners. I asked telepathically 'What on earth are mearners?' to which he replied 'People like you, who are very home oriented.' I woke up relieved that it was all quite possibly just in my head.

One thing I learned from this experience is that no matter what we focus on in the astral it will manifest instantly. Clearly during this projection I manifested my fears. I experienced intense body vibration followed by my temple inflating to which I concluded that I will wake up in a hospital with some kind of illness. The whole experience was very scary yet at the same time strangely exciting like a rollercoaster ride.

Astral Projection - How I got into it

My journey into the world of projecting began one day in May 2005. I was at my local library looking for the most recent book on ghosts, to my dismay I had read everything they had on ghosts. Then one book in the same section caught my eyes. It was 'Astral Projection for Beginners' by Edain McCoy. My initial reaction was that of a skeptic. I was only fascinated with ghosts because I was a skeptic. I wanted to understand why there are many people in this world who claimed to have seen ghostly apparitions and stuff of the similar nature. I wanted to know why I could not see these ghosts and others have.

I wasn't a believer in either one of these things. But it is a good healthy thing to be skeptic - because when things begin to defy your logic, your skepticism and rational reasoning the experience is most astonishing. In fact I would advise anyone interested in experiencing any kind of phenomena to begin with at least some skepticism but at the same time read the experiences of others - and try to understand them from their point of view. Sit down and wonder why many people experience these phenomenal crazy things.

Back to my story - So I decided to give the book a try, I had absolutely nothing to lose. I began my first practice on the 29th May 2005. The method I used required I relax my entire body and focus on a mental screen, using a made up imagery. I imagined this and that, nothing particularly relevant. Eventually I was napping and half way through there was a bear swinging a scientist and then the other way around - I know, my mind is full of anomalies. I was becoming lucid. Then a voice called out my name several times, it was then that I got really excited. I woke up grabbed my journal and recorded the incident.

It was since then that my skepticism began slowly dissipating. A part of me rationalized the whole experience into a form of induced hallucination or a hypnosis of the sorts. Since then I've recorded nearly all of my astral projection experiences in a little red book, today I've decided to relay my experiences right here on a blog. Why? I feel it would be such a shame not to share these experiences, the methods I've used, what I've learnt. Perhaps others can read and learn from what I have to share. But all in all it should be vastly entertaining.

What is astral projection? Many people have different definitions and theories on the phenomena. I think rather than explaining it the reader can learn more about it by clicking here.