October 4, 2007

First time Astral Phasing - 7th Aug 2007

The day before this projection I went Thorpe Park, stayed there the whole day going on ride after ride. By the time I got home I was completely out of it. I was menstruating which made my body amplify in pain. I have noticed that if you spend your day doing strenuous activity it is so easy projecting of course I wouldn't advise it just to project, relaxing with a bit of patience works well too.

The projection - I woke up at 3:00 am, l began trying to fall back to sleep and noticed sparks and lines in the darkness of my closed eyes. They seemed like electrical currents. Then I was noticing - and this is key to astral phasing. You don't necessarily participate or focus on the what you see and hear or feel. What you do is you simply notice what's going on around you but remain passive. In other words you don't react to what's going on.

I heard voices, there were several. Above me were sheets of papers - perhaps it was a booklet. I couldn't read it. The voices sounded like they were mumbling. One voice was doing a countdown and the others joined in, it sounded like they were chanting. Then they spoke of rules and principles. I couldn't tell if they were talking to me, and if they were they seriously need to find better ways to get my attention rather than mumbling a bunch of rules.

I remembered not to focus too much and just flowed with the experience. At this point everything just warped into another scene. The scenes were changing so fast I was viewing at least 20 scenes per second. I can only remember some of them.

Scene 1 - I'm in a room where there are various clocks. Old fashioned clocks, modern clocks, digital clocks and every other types there are. The times were different on each clock.

Scene 2 - I step inside a nice cosy house, for some reason it feels so familiar. I get this feeling that it's my home in another dimension. Soon there is a woman walking by, I never saw her face. From the back she looked a lot like me, same figure and hair. I was calling out to her but she began to run. The more I tried contacting her the more faster she was running. I assumed she was afraid, perhaps she thought I was a ghost or just maybe she was a figment of my imagination.

Scene 5 - I see my reflection in the mirror and smile.

Woke up a few times in the SP state then went on having a number of vivid dreams.

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