January 28, 2009

Hemi-sync: Wave I - Discovery #3 - Advanced Focus 10

This morning I moved on to the Advanced Focus 10 track where the Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL) tool is introduced to the process. The REBAL acts as a magnet, attracting desired influences and shielding undesired energy.

I have had some experience with the REBAL tool in the past however more practice is required before I could share anything significant since I have not used it consistently.

This morning all the exercises went well except for the affirmation part - I will stick to using a shorter similar version of the Gateway Affirmation. Surprisingly did not click out, maybe because I was well rested and relaxed enough to remain conscious.


This morning at 7:20 after a hemi sync exercise I attempted to project. Did not practice any breathing methods or technique to induce AP. I just simply got in a comfortable position and as always through trial and error I find lying down on my back to be the most comfortable.

Instantly, I felt a kneading sensation in my head and the whole floating process began. This time I felt myself getting sucked upwards at incredible speed, not able to see anything. Soon I was in the middle of my garden, a little disoriented and wondered how I got there. Eventually I realized I was projecting. It was raining just as much as it was raining in reality, could be RTZ but that's not much to go on if looking for validation.

I was snapped back in bed before I could even decide what to do next. Tried again, felt vibrations and something fluttering in my ears which was very annoying and distracting. My second attempt failed and I ended up having some vivid dreams where I remember manipulating the DCs and events though I have forgotten the dream itself. End.

My projections are always very brief and they tend to mostly end in the pre-astral state. Lately I have been going to bed very late sleeping around 1:30am. I think I need to rest more in order to have clearer longer lasting projections.

January 27, 2009

A Sense of Knowing

Last night I had a very profound experience, at least by my standards. At 11:45 pm I prepared for the hemi-sync exercise listening to 'Wave I - Introduction to Focus 10'. I have been ill the past few days having sinus problems which have amazingly cleared up today. In the past few days it was difficult doing the resonant tuning exercise since I was experiencing breathing difficulties, but I didn't let that get in the way. Also I know that the reason why I had fallen ill in the first place was because of my negative attitude towards a certain situation.

During the exercise last night I was conscious until the end of the relaxation process where I believe I clicked-out. Returned to full waking consciousness at the exact moment Monroe says 'Wake up, open your eyes'.

After the exercise I fell asleep and awakened some minutes later in the middle of the night. Upon opening my eyes I immediately noticed how quiet it was. I was in shock for the first few minutes trying to gather my thoughts. Very much awake and knowing that I was in the physical I was worried that I had become deaf when all I could hear was silence. I got up and stopped halfway noticing that I was moving in slow motion. I looked around and had an unusual feeling that everything had stopped and froze in it's place even though the furniture and items in my room were already inanimate. My whole life appeared to be a picture and I was the frame that held it in place.

I couldn't hear the ticking of my clock and immediately had the sense that somehow time had stopped. In the midst of all this timelessness a sense of knowing came to me. This knowing was that 'I am an unlimited being, I am completely free regardless of all my learned limitations'. Although I have learned about Law of Attraction and even deliberately manifested things, in the past I have always tried to incorporate the idea that I am an unlimited being in my belief system. This has always been a belief even though my manifestations should be evidence enough I never knew with certainty.

I have been so comfortable believing things suddenly having this 'knowing' that I am completely free is rather overwhelming at least when it occured. Now that I have had time to digest things I am willing and open to go beyond my learned limitations and beliefs. For now, I have no expectations of where my exploration will take me as I am more aware now that when it comes to the Unknown - expect the unexpected.

"The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations" Robert A. Monroe 1915

January 22, 2009

Hemi-sync: Old Sensations, Decipher, Afterimages and Buzzing Speech

I have been listening to Wave 1 - Intro to focus 10 the past two days. I can only seem to find time now after midnight.

Old Sensations
I'm becoming more aware during the instructions given by Monroe however there are still moments where I click-out. Last night I experienced intense pressure, felt like something heavy pushing down on the top of my head and sensation in lower abdomen travelling up to upper abdomen - these have occurred before when listening to these hemi-sync audio.

During the exercise last night there was a moment, when I got deeper into relaxation I had a rather odd feeling of something in my mind. Curious, I concentrated and unravelled a thought which is now vague to me but sounded somewhat peculiar.

After the exercise last night before falling asleep random images flashed by. There was a particular image of a group of men inside an office that seemed to stay still for a bit longer.

Buzzing Speech
These past two days I've noticed a buzzing sensation around my nose and inside my head when I talk. I know it's due to the resonant tuning exercise since I've done vocal exercises before and felt the same buzzing in my speech. It is annoying as it sounds like my voice is echoing at times.

Some Things To Work On
I still have an urge to take off my earphones a few minutes before the track ends. This, I hope to resolve before moving on to the next track as I understand that it is necessary to listen to those final signals before moving on to the next exercise. Although I've been practicing late I haven't been feeling sleepy or tired at those times, the only issue is that after the exercise I get sleepy and do not feel like taking down notes on my experience until the next morning when the experience is not as fresh in my memory. So, I intend on practicing before midnight most likely at 11:00pm and possibly early morning in the weekends.

January 19, 2009

Starting Over With Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience

It has been several months now since I last used the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Program and last night I decided to start over by first listening to Wave I - Introduction to Focus 10. I was conscious halfway listening to it at which point I believe I 'clicked out'. Then became conscious again 6 minutes before the track was to end.

I woke up at 5am from an incredibly vivid dream, not sure if the vividness was brought about by the hemi-sync sounds. In the dream I was inside an amazing episode of Bones that I believe will never be broadcasted on TV as there was quite a bit of character fluctuations.

Tiny Me Or An Expanding Environment

Noticing a blue glowing light coming in through the window I got up out of bed to check it out. I then heard a conversation between a few people and expected to see my neighbours, though my neighbours are never ever in because they are so wealthy they are on vacation for the rest of their lives. I looked up at the night sky at which point I remembered that just a few minutes ago at 7:30am I had intended to AP and it was most definitely not night time.

I moved out into the sky, floating mostly and when vision became blurry I decided I wasn't going to try too hard instead my intent was to let the experience evolve naturally. Without warning, I began moving backwards, back through the window towards the bed. Floated up again and instead of heading towards the window I floated to the opposite end of the bedroom. I began sinking and soon after my vision was becoming clearer. I was able to observe that I was in a completely different room and looking down I was only partially excited with the clarity of my vision. I took this opportunity to ask for a connection with my spirit guide.

The room became brighter. I was moving backwards looking at one corner of the room where there was an empty bed and other unrecalled objects. I noticed that as I moved back, which was occuring involuntarily, I was either shrinking or the room was stretching bigger in size. I continued to shrink with the added fear that if I became any smaller I would simply disappear. There was some physical distraction, I can't recall right now what it was, that woke me up at 7:45 am.

January 14, 2009

Jumbled Up Inner Dialogue

Yesterday I meditated twice and each time relaxing was effortless. In the first meditation there was the usual IBMs with an inner dialogue of which I was merely an observer. I don't have much recollection of the inner dialogue but the words used seemed comprehensible at the time, it was only when I ended the session that the words in the form of thoughts seemed jumbled making no sense.

In the second session, commenced 30 minutes later, almost instantly I saw a flashing image of some kind of gathering and in the middle was a woman behind a lectern smiling. I was still very aware of my body and physical surrounding. Continued with meditation without pondering much on the random image since it is something I'm becoming more accustomed to, experienced milder form of IBMs than in first session.

Each session lasted 15 minutes.

January 5, 2009

A Strange Fountain

AP started at 9:00am, already relaxed using phasing method.

I was aware from the pre-astral state where I heard a male voice talking about universal stuff. Right ear vibration followed with complete body vibes although they felt less vibish this time. Instead I felt like I was in a moving train. It seemed to be taking a long time moving in the darkness without any deliberate control. With some patience I began observing whatever I could perceive. I was able to hear sounds of gushing wind and some noise. The sounds became more audible and I realised it was some kind of chant with instruments that played soft sounds.

A point of light flashed, I instantly remembered reading about this in an astral dynamics post regarding phasing. Focused on the light which looked more like a faint sun glare.

I tried grabbing it and was looking at the silhouette of my arms, I put them down concerned they could be my physical arms. I tried looking around and the light vanished. When the light appeared again I stared at it with concentrated focus. It seemed by staring at the light I was following it. Suddenly I whooshed forward at great speed, I noticed a lot of ceiling lights passing by and realised that I was at the top of a room. Here was a large chandelier, I looked down and noticed four chairs and a table, I announced with my thoughts that I was in a dining area as if playing a guessing game which actually helps remembering these kind of experiences more clearly.

There was darkness once again with the sensation of moving backwards, with partial vision I was able to see doors and the way that I was zooming out confirmed that I was moving backwards now in some very long corridors filled with many rooms - my surrounding seemed like I was either in an office building or a hospital.

Once again everything became dark and I was certain that I was heading back to waking consciousness. Here I asked my spirit guides for a little help, a brief moment later the sky came into focus. I looked about my new surroundings filled with people and some very clean streets. It was incredibly sunny, I was certainly no longer in London. I definitely did not control my movements but when I focused on particular areas my body or form would travel to that point. Tried to communicate with the people there who looked like any ordinary people. I focused on a man walking by and instead ended up moving towards a hill. Heard a female voice calling out my name. I noticed palm trees, lots of palm trees and then the beach and moved to it. Focused on the ocean and noticed opposite me a rather unusual shaped green mountain with water flowing out like a fountain, this particular area was isolated making it appear rather ominous. I was excited to explore this new area and expected to be moving towards it, instead I whooshed backwards and woke up at 9:15am.

January 3, 2009

Opening the Astral Eyes

At 9:00am, still in bed I tried to relax by focusing on my breathing with the intent of APing. For 30 minutes I was doing the complete opposite of relaxing, I gave up and opted to get at least 2 hours of sleep. The good thing about sleep is that I don't need to try so hard.

Of course I ended up doing the complete opposite of sleeping and found myself in the very early stages of projecting. My arms felt very light. I moved my right hand a little and it felt like energy moving, thought it could be my astral hand. Those initial stages went by faster than usual. My right ear vibrated, a snowy screen formed before me. I noticed my astral eyes slowly opening, it was very much like opening the physical eyelids in a slow motion. I was in a large room with very soft light - a moonlit room. As I continued to move forward at a speed far greater than my ability to comprehend this new environment I heard a female voice shouting 'Stop all that noise'. I got the impression that I was an uninvited guest.

My astral eyes began drooping until they were sealed shut. I hesitated to open them as it was likely I'd end up opening my physical eyes. I opened my left physical eye with the right eye tightly sealed and in the SP state. Closed my physical eye hoping to easily re-enter astral state. Felt air funneling out of my right ear and with that I was out of the SP state, physically awake at 9:45am.

Hearing music in meditation

In a recent meditation upon relaxing I began hearing music followed with singing. Didn't feel like I was hearing it with my ears as if it was playing somewhere in the room, it felt more like in my head. It was a bit like listening to my thoughts only this time there were musical sounds and voices singing clear enough for me to notice it. The songs were in Hindi which is becoming common for me in the usual mind awake / body asleep state maybe because I enjoy listening mostly to Hindi songs.

The songs were unfamiliar and the words were jumbled up, hardly making any sense.

One thing that stands out dominantly and I've noticed since resuming my meditation practice is a pulsating sound in my right ear. I'm not entirely sure what this is but it's not painful, for a few days it occured intermittingly. At first I thought it could be a physical anomaly until I decided to try and focus on it. I noticed that the more intently I focused on it the faster it pulsated, when I divert my attention away from it, the sound seems non-existent. Now I do not hear it at all unless I focus on the sounds in my right ear.