January 5, 2009

A Strange Fountain

AP started at 9:00am, already relaxed using phasing method.

I was aware from the pre-astral state where I heard a male voice talking about universal stuff. Right ear vibration followed with complete body vibes although they felt less vibish this time. Instead I felt like I was in a moving train. It seemed to be taking a long time moving in the darkness without any deliberate control. With some patience I began observing whatever I could perceive. I was able to hear sounds of gushing wind and some noise. The sounds became more audible and I realised it was some kind of chant with instruments that played soft sounds.

A point of light flashed, I instantly remembered reading about this in an astral dynamics post regarding phasing. Focused on the light which looked more like a faint sun glare.

I tried grabbing it and was looking at the silhouette of my arms, I put them down concerned they could be my physical arms. I tried looking around and the light vanished. When the light appeared again I stared at it with concentrated focus. It seemed by staring at the light I was following it. Suddenly I whooshed forward at great speed, I noticed a lot of ceiling lights passing by and realised that I was at the top of a room. Here was a large chandelier, I looked down and noticed four chairs and a table, I announced with my thoughts that I was in a dining area as if playing a guessing game which actually helps remembering these kind of experiences more clearly.

There was darkness once again with the sensation of moving backwards, with partial vision I was able to see doors and the way that I was zooming out confirmed that I was moving backwards now in some very long corridors filled with many rooms - my surrounding seemed like I was either in an office building or a hospital.

Once again everything became dark and I was certain that I was heading back to waking consciousness. Here I asked my spirit guides for a little help, a brief moment later the sky came into focus. I looked about my new surroundings filled with people and some very clean streets. It was incredibly sunny, I was certainly no longer in London. I definitely did not control my movements but when I focused on particular areas my body or form would travel to that point. Tried to communicate with the people there who looked like any ordinary people. I focused on a man walking by and instead ended up moving towards a hill. Heard a female voice calling out my name. I noticed palm trees, lots of palm trees and then the beach and moved to it. Focused on the ocean and noticed opposite me a rather unusual shaped green mountain with water flowing out like a fountain, this particular area was isolated making it appear rather ominous. I was excited to explore this new area and expected to be moving towards it, instead I whooshed backwards and woke up at 9:15am.

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