January 28, 2009


This morning at 7:20 after a hemi sync exercise I attempted to project. Did not practice any breathing methods or technique to induce AP. I just simply got in a comfortable position and as always through trial and error I find lying down on my back to be the most comfortable.

Instantly, I felt a kneading sensation in my head and the whole floating process began. This time I felt myself getting sucked upwards at incredible speed, not able to see anything. Soon I was in the middle of my garden, a little disoriented and wondered how I got there. Eventually I realized I was projecting. It was raining just as much as it was raining in reality, could be RTZ but that's not much to go on if looking for validation.

I was snapped back in bed before I could even decide what to do next. Tried again, felt vibrations and something fluttering in my ears which was very annoying and distracting. My second attempt failed and I ended up having some vivid dreams where I remember manipulating the DCs and events though I have forgotten the dream itself. End.

My projections are always very brief and they tend to mostly end in the pre-astral state. Lately I have been going to bed very late sleeping around 1:30am. I think I need to rest more in order to have clearer longer lasting projections.

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