January 27, 2009

A Sense of Knowing

Last night I had a very profound experience, at least by my standards. At 11:45 pm I prepared for the hemi-sync exercise listening to 'Wave I - Introduction to Focus 10'. I have been ill the past few days having sinus problems which have amazingly cleared up today. In the past few days it was difficult doing the resonant tuning exercise since I was experiencing breathing difficulties, but I didn't let that get in the way. Also I know that the reason why I had fallen ill in the first place was because of my negative attitude towards a certain situation.

During the exercise last night I was conscious until the end of the relaxation process where I believe I clicked-out. Returned to full waking consciousness at the exact moment Monroe says 'Wake up, open your eyes'.

After the exercise I fell asleep and awakened some minutes later in the middle of the night. Upon opening my eyes I immediately noticed how quiet it was. I was in shock for the first few minutes trying to gather my thoughts. Very much awake and knowing that I was in the physical I was worried that I had become deaf when all I could hear was silence. I got up and stopped halfway noticing that I was moving in slow motion. I looked around and had an unusual feeling that everything had stopped and froze in it's place even though the furniture and items in my room were already inanimate. My whole life appeared to be a picture and I was the frame that held it in place.

I couldn't hear the ticking of my clock and immediately had the sense that somehow time had stopped. In the midst of all this timelessness a sense of knowing came to me. This knowing was that 'I am an unlimited being, I am completely free regardless of all my learned limitations'. Although I have learned about Law of Attraction and even deliberately manifested things, in the past I have always tried to incorporate the idea that I am an unlimited being in my belief system. This has always been a belief even though my manifestations should be evidence enough I never knew with certainty.

I have been so comfortable believing things suddenly having this 'knowing' that I am completely free is rather overwhelming at least when it occured. Now that I have had time to digest things I am willing and open to go beyond my learned limitations and beliefs. For now, I have no expectations of where my exploration will take me as I am more aware now that when it comes to the Unknown - expect the unexpected.

"The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations" Robert A. Monroe 1915

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