January 3, 2009

Hearing music in meditation

In a recent meditation upon relaxing I began hearing music followed with singing. Didn't feel like I was hearing it with my ears as if it was playing somewhere in the room, it felt more like in my head. It was a bit like listening to my thoughts only this time there were musical sounds and voices singing clear enough for me to notice it. The songs were in Hindi which is becoming common for me in the usual mind awake / body asleep state maybe because I enjoy listening mostly to Hindi songs.

The songs were unfamiliar and the words were jumbled up, hardly making any sense.

One thing that stands out dominantly and I've noticed since resuming my meditation practice is a pulsating sound in my right ear. I'm not entirely sure what this is but it's not painful, for a few days it occured intermittingly. At first I thought it could be a physical anomaly until I decided to try and focus on it. I noticed that the more intently I focused on it the faster it pulsated, when I divert my attention away from it, the sound seems non-existent. Now I do not hear it at all unless I focus on the sounds in my right ear.


Dmitri Safine said...

Had similar experience today. Sat to meditate for 1 hr and after approximately 30 minutes started to hear music that never heard before. At first orchestral with some parts played with traditional chinese instruments, then it has switched to more modern compositions. I could hear it clearly in my head.

Swati Nigam said...

I used to have these experiences too before. Music -- instrumental or with songs. I have heard Hindi songs, and choir type of music. Been a long time since it has happened.