January 19, 2009

Tiny Me Or An Expanding Environment

Noticing a blue glowing light coming in through the window I got up out of bed to check it out. I then heard a conversation between a few people and expected to see my neighbours, though my neighbours are never ever in because they are so wealthy they are on vacation for the rest of their lives. I looked up at the night sky at which point I remembered that just a few minutes ago at 7:30am I had intended to AP and it was most definitely not night time.

I moved out into the sky, floating mostly and when vision became blurry I decided I wasn't going to try too hard instead my intent was to let the experience evolve naturally. Without warning, I began moving backwards, back through the window towards the bed. Floated up again and instead of heading towards the window I floated to the opposite end of the bedroom. I began sinking and soon after my vision was becoming clearer. I was able to observe that I was in a completely different room and looking down I was only partially excited with the clarity of my vision. I took this opportunity to ask for a connection with my spirit guide.

The room became brighter. I was moving backwards looking at one corner of the room where there was an empty bed and other unrecalled objects. I noticed that as I moved back, which was occuring involuntarily, I was either shrinking or the room was stretching bigger in size. I continued to shrink with the added fear that if I became any smaller I would simply disappear. There was some physical distraction, I can't recall right now what it was, that woke me up at 7:45 am.

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