September 16, 2013

Brain Vibrator

Last night went to bed around 11pm. As I slept there were some genital movements and feeling of a presence nearby. This evening I went through an emotional outpouring requesting for something from a particular energy that I had encountered. I asked this unknown source to reveal itself more clearly really wanting to have a solid connection. The following experience may have been due to this or completely unrelated, also did practice OM in the evening.

Slowly drifting off to sleep with those sexual type sensations, not feeling aroused just sleepy. All of a sudden I'm aware, there is a rapid vibrating inside the brain. It felt like something entering the brain - In and out in a continuous flow. Honestly, felt like a thousand penises penetrating my brain.

I was feeling afraid at this stage, thought my brain was about to be done with. I tried to move, there was heaviness in the head. Felt paralyzed but eventually managed to snap out some time after 12am. The vibration was dissipating. Pressures are still in the head at this stage.

Orgasmic Meditation

I have been practicing a meditation known as OM - Orgasmic Meditation. It was my first session yesterday, very interesting and will see how this goes. 

September 10, 2013

Kundalini Braingasm

I have been doing something lately, for now not reiterating explicit details. It is something that I know I shouldn't do at this stage - the result has been crazy head inner thrashing. It is very much like as described in others experiences. Feels like a penis on the head.

Last night had a very scary braingasm - I was not expecting it. Came on suddenly after leg tingling energy traveled upwards. Base of spine thumping and energy running up the spine.

Breathed deeply for the most part. Relaxed and tried to sleep it off. There was a womans voice in my head in my native tongue saying 'They have been talking for 4 hours' repetitively - I felt sick for unknown reasons. Then images flashed in my head - a perception different to seeing. Didn't care for it, was not bothered. Turning over my left ear leaned against the flat pillow. There was a beating that sounded very sexual, felt like it was coming from inside the body yet simultaneously outside.

I want to explore this further, I probably shouldn't but I'm willing to take the risk.