June 30, 2011

Sisters brief OBE

This morning the sister who was followed yesterday by the 'others' showed up in my room and started chatting about random things - somehow I felt, I sensed it that something obviously happened to her in the dream state. After yesterdays incident I have this feeling that they've been up to something.

I didn't want to ask her if anything weird occurred so I started the topic by telling her how I had this really bizarre dream at which point she jumped in relaying her experience. Early morning she was in a paralysed state and then sinking into the bed she just suddenly popped out of her body and that was that.

Her expression said it all, this is her first major OBE experience, I have a feeling it's going to be the first of many.

June 16, 2011

The Double

5am and clear daylight outside I was hoping to get some more sleep but too awake so I simply just focused on nothing and reached a calm state of mind. Suddenly felt energy piling up at the center of my forehead and the brain started charging. I just ignored it continuing to focus on nothing really. Then right leg spontaneously lifted up, it felt so incredibly light and flexible. I made no movement, no resistance on my part. The left leg followed suit. Both legs leaned towards the wall and dragging my body anticlockwise. When it reached other side of wall I felt this light body spin up. I was observing these movements and now wonder who was behind them as I was not controlling these movements nor do I ever really.

I land in a room almost identical to mine as though I never really left the room. I see someone, hazy visual but I know it's my sister. She's chatting away but don't recall the conversation. I thought she might be trying to talk to me. To my right I see another person, I get the feeling it's me - another me that is. I thought perhaps this is some future time or a parallel reality. I realized that I left the physical shell vulnerable to those entities but quickly release the concern wishing to observe and understand this situation here. Other me leaves the room and my sister amazed after becoming aware of me calls after the other me saying 'There's someone else in the room who looks just like you'. She comes back and I think both are observing me as I observe them. They are talking but I can't hear them clearly. Suddenly a neice walks in, I give her a hug but don't recall how this scene changed.

After this there were many different shifting scenes some of which I recall some still hazy. I opened eyes around 7:20am.

June 6, 2011

Return to Hemi-Sync Audio

I'm listening to The Gateway Experience once again. This time moving through it faster, anyways there was another Salvia experience I had where the others gave me the impression that my brain should be fried with what they are doing surprised at this myself I realized that hemi-sync audio I had listened to sent certain signals to the brain where the energy patterns residing and working through there adjust and comply to this signal. The signal itself was some kind of energy pattern. I knew at that moment that I have to carry on with listening to this program and advancing until all the stages were complete and so I have picked it up again.

I've decided not to journal hemi-sync experiences unless there is something significant because it is unnecessary at least for now and just too long to be bothered about it. However one thing I should note here is that even whilst listening to it that wave energy movement around and in the body is present. I started the program from last week.

June 5, 2011

A Clean Town

No intention to project but last night I was reading my journal for notes on last AP experience and I think it triggered this mornings AP.

Woke 5am, drifted off between 6 - 7 am. Suddenly I'm gliding across street, a suburban looking location and I think how lovely and clean this area is. Wondering if I was local which seemed unbelievable considering how polluted London is - the air here was simply too clean, colour crystal clear and had a pleasant natural backdrop.

Just simply flying above the streets for a few minutes longer until I end up back in bed. The movement starts again and I am gliding, below me a burgundy surface and I realize consciousness is moving across the carpet in my room or maybe another part of the house. End of recall - that was a very brief experience yet I think there may have been some more to it.