June 6, 2011

Return to Hemi-Sync Audio

I'm listening to The Gateway Experience once again. This time moving through it faster, anyways there was another Salvia experience I had where the others gave me the impression that my brain should be fried with what they are doing surprised at this myself I realized that hemi-sync audio I had listened to sent certain signals to the brain where the energy patterns residing and working through there adjust and comply to this signal. The signal itself was some kind of energy pattern. I knew at that moment that I have to carry on with listening to this program and advancing until all the stages were complete and so I have picked it up again.

I've decided not to journal hemi-sync experiences unless there is something significant because it is unnecessary at least for now and just too long to be bothered about it. However one thing I should note here is that even whilst listening to it that wave energy movement around and in the body is present. I started the program from last week.

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