December 18, 2008

Instant Shift

Attempted AP at 9:00am using astral phasing technique. I was already relaxed and did not bother with focusing on my breathing.

I closed my eyes still very awake I was able to hear songs playing in my head. I listened carefully trying to capture the words. It was in Hindi - I think I heard both male and female voices. Another song played and I began singing along in my mind - at the time I felt like I knew the song only now both the lyrics and melody have escaped me.

My head began vibrating as the song continued to play. I followed the vibration in an attempt to stay conscious. An image formed in the middle of my field of vision. It was of a bright lamp on a table with other equipments around it. The image of a cracked window of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse took form and I felt like I was moving. This place had a sense of darkness so I immediately affirmed that 'I am a vibration of love'. I then requested to be taken to a place of higher vibration to some invisible forces.

There was a fuzzy static noise followed by a change of scene. I found myself in an apartment that looked incredibly new and neat. Couldn't move yet although I was now immersed in this new environment. Heard a few voices whispering - seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the apartment. When the voices became more audible I realised it was in a foreign language, possibly French. The scene dimmed out, everything became dark and then I sensed my body. I was squeezing my eyelids tightly closed so that I could re-enter. I opened them, checked the time at 9:10am, did not really feel like attempting again.

December 17, 2008

Meditation Progress: Smiling and Wave Sensations

Yesterday evening I meditated twice, the second time was unintentional. Started at 5:45pm. I didn't bother with a deep breathing exercise this time nor did I focus on my breathing, instead just allowed my body to relax by itself and left my mind to its busyness.

Almost instantly I began getting visions of random images, my recall of this is vague right now as I didn't bother focusing on it much. What really got my attention focused was the sensations in and around my body. I'm not sure how to describe it but it felt like a gentle wave wash all over my body, then I felt a loosening which I thought was probably the astral body. I also started smiling involuntarily - not that I was complaining. There was a deep sense of peace associated with the smile. I felt really light, perhaps because I was feeling really good. Overall the first session went very well. I opened my eyes at 6:00pm and felt like napping.

While taking the nap, once again I felt the wave sensations and smiling involuntarily. I woke up at 6:10pm - I was surprised because I felt like I had woken up from hours of refreshing sleep.

December 13, 2008

Built In Hypnotist

At 10:35 this morning I made an attempt to AP using the breathing technique. Did not ask for any assistance this time. I couldn't seem to focus clearly as my mind was rampant with thoughts. Tried the third eye chakra meditation which I haven't practiced in a long time. It was a lot easier to focus on the sensations which were intensifying between my brows. Eventually found myself in a mind awake/ body asleep state where I began hearing a male voice saying 'you have to wait for the 1.13' or something along those lines. Of course I had no idea what that meant or that it was even directed at me. I could be picking up on thoughts.

Eventually my ears began vibrating - I should be used to this by now but it is very uncomfortable although not painful. Heard another male voice, he began with telling me to relax, almost whispering the words. Perhaps this was a diversion from focusing on the ear vibes and if so it helped. His voice oscillated between my right and left ear much like in some of the Paul McKenna Hypnosis Programmes. I actually became quite comfortable with the vibes but maybe because it was slowing down. Unfortunately, I was faced with a new problem, there was a tickling sensation on my right cheek and felt as though something was crawling, I forced myself out of the SP state at 11:00am.

My first listening of hypnosis was in July of this year and I've been listening to some more programmes off and on in the past two months. I've had two experiences so far where I can clearly hear a hypnotic voice, the other instance occured in Guided to Outer Space.

I wonder now, if I'm drawing out these voices from my subconscious or there are actually non-physical entities who are probably using those methods I am accustomed to. Of course I believe in Spirit Guides and Higher-Selves but that all is really a matter of faith, not an absolute known. Either way I think asking for assistance is somehow helping.

December 11, 2008

Ink Blobbing

Woke up at 5:25am, back to bed at 7:00am attempting AP by focusing on breathing. Again, I asked for help from guides and higher self.

Felt subtle vibrations and instantly floated out, I gained partial control of movement finding my way to the window. I could not go through instead began to spin out of control. Moving without control, I did not get a chance to see my body in bed. I was moved to a corner of my room - sprawled across the floor was a floral dress and I can't recall if I had left it there as I have a huge mess piled up in that area but it exists in reality. I wondered if I was in the Real Time Zone (RTZ). Again began moving on auto with clear vision which suddenly became clouded with what appeared as blobs of ink bubbling and multiplying. I focused and it seemed wherever I looked the bubbles of ink would continue to form.

Had a FA, where I checked if the dress was where I'd seen it in the projection. Instead there was a different dress that does not exist in reality but for some reason in the FA it seemed like I accepted that dress as the one in reality when in fact I've never seen it before. I went on having a lucid dream where I was completely aware however I noticed an intense feeling of excitement followed by a sense of fear for some unknown reasons.

Woke up at 7:45am, in reality the dress from projection was in the exact location. I never really bother with experiments to validate my experiences mostly because I'm not exactly skilled enough at projecting to do so. I'm also not all that concerned with validating my experiences but just in case I will set up a card experiment.

December 10, 2008

On The Radio

Woke up at 4:20am. At 6:30am I attempted to AP by focusing on my breathing - it was difficult and the process took about 40 minutes, mostly because my mind was occupied with plans for the rest of the day. Prior to the attempt, I asked for my spirit guide(s) or higher self to assist me.

Finally letting go of all tension I felt mild vibrations in my head, suddenly heard what sounded like the static sound when tuning into a radio station and lost all sensations of my body. The static noise would stop at a station, play a song for a while and then tune into another station where another song would be played. In between I was able to hear radio DJs' and what sounded like news reporters. I focused on the song lyrics, songs I've never heard before but sounded familiar and absolutely amazing. There was one particular song I was focused on and trying my best to memorise it, it was really odd because I was actually singing along as if I knew the words.

The words were not in English, nor any other language I'm familiar with unless Gibberish counts as a language. I realised the words were not all that important and tried my best to memorise the melody instead. Unfortunately, I can't remember it. I think a lot of creativity and inspiritation occurs in this hightened state of awareness - if only my memory served me well.

Body sensations returned with the sense of being back in bed, in a groggy state moved the covers which were blocking my view. After looking around I realised I was not in my bedroom. A few seconds later as I awakened, I felt intense pulsating sensations in the solar plexus. It was 7:50am and I was still feeling rather groggy and felt like I needed days of sleep, a few minutes later normal alert waking state returned.

December 4, 2008

Resuming Meditation

I've resumed my meditation practice as of this evening.

Started at 6:00pm by practicing deep breathing for 5 minutes, then in a relaxed state I followed my breathing sensations. Surprisingly I was able to clear my mind of thoughts almost instantly and entered a calm state of mind. Got deeper and felt the usual IBM's which were not distracting at all. I opened my eyes thinking quite some time had passed - it had been only five minutes so I closed my eyes, entered calm state once again. This time index finger on right hand raised up several times, breathing had become very soft almost nonexistent but present.

Ended session at 6:20pm.

My intention is to continue practicing meditation, hope I don't stray again. I'll report back any further developments.

December 3, 2008

Long Time In 3D Blackness

Attempted AP at 7am. Turned around to my left side to get comfortable, then my right and continued shifting positions until I shifted on my back and focused lightly on my breathing.

My neck suddenly became heavy followed by my face. As this was occurring I felt a wave passing through my entire body. At this stage it was clear that I was entering SP. I felt wind gushing in/through my ears. My right ear began to vibrate - this vibration was passing between both my ears and the sensation was also felt in my head. I almost resisted when an aeroplane passed by high above in the sky (in the physical) - I felt the noise from the plane was making the vibration even more erratic.

With some courage I continued to raise my awareness by not reacting so much. Images of unusual shapes and blobs of light were in my field of vision - passing from left to right with the ongoing of sensations in my head and ears.

Everything became blank when I perceived my body floating up and rotating, then my window became visible. I began to sink down very fast losing my sight. I found myself in a 3D blackness with a steady level of consciousness. Wasn't sure what to do next but I could feel as though I was moving. I asked for some clarity which didn't work, then I commanded 'lights on' which also failed. At this stage I noticed squiggly lines which were transforming into wave lines revealing some kind of frequency pattern. A blip emerged and growing bigger in size and transforming in shape, it became familiar when I realised the last time I noticed this I thought it was some kind of symbol in Map Directions. It vanished just as quickly as it appeared.

My vision returned with my arms up in the air in front of me. I gained some control over my arms by waving them about. Lost consciousness and woke up at 7:35am.

December 2, 2008

A Dream of Astral Projection Method Statistics

Last night, on a whim I thought about trying out an Astral Projection method since I was having trouble falling asleep. The only method that I seem to be bothered with is the Astral Phasing Technique.

I was up for over an hour trying to get my body completely relaxed using the deep breathing method. I haven't been practicing deep breathing since stopping meditation so at first it was difficult almost as if I completely forgot how to. Eventually, noticed I was breathing in a nice rhythmic pattern and followed the breath. My attention shifted to a familiar pressure between my brows which intensified with each breath.

It was at this point I intended to practice noticing behind my closed eyelids but it was nice finally getting in that calm state of mind and I actually wanted to just drift off to sleep. I'm not sure what space I was in but when I opened my eyes 5 minutes before midnight I felt like I had slept for a good 8 hours when in actual fact my eyes were closed for twenty minutes. I'm certain that I could've stayed up for the entire night feeling energized had I not forced myself to fall asleep at 2:00am in fear of feeling sleepy in the morning.

I can recall quite a lot of dreams - most of them making no sense with a few that seemed significant.

In one particular dream I was staring at a page of Astral Projection Method Statistics. At the top of the page was the term 'Projection by faith'. There were other methods on the list I can't recall very well but the projection by faith method had the highest score.