March 1, 2008

Astral Phasing

Astral Phasing is a very simple technique, at least it seems that way. All you do is lie down on your back, remember comfort is important here so if you prefer lying on your side or any other sleeping positions go ahead. Make sure you are wearing loose clothing and if using a blanket use a light blanket. Once you get comfortable breathe deeply, click here for a great exercise on breathing deeply with visual aid.

Once fully relaxed with eyes closed notice the darkness behind your closed eyelids. You won't notice much other than this darkness but eventually you might notice a spark or a flash of light or images. Don't try to analyse everything that you see or feel, try to remain as passive as you can. I guess if you are a beginner it can be difficult to not get excited when something like a random vivid images pop up, but with practice it will be easier to release it.

Eventually what happens is several scenes will begin to flash before you, these can look cinematic. In my experience they looked like moving pictures with a glow of light around them. Soon the speed of these random scenes should slow down - I don't know if this can be controlled, I need to experiment more. Once slowed down you can begin stepping into one of the scenes - I have no experience yet with the stepping into the scene but I expect to do so with more practice.

I think the best time to practice this is anytime that's good for you. By this I mean it can be anytime under the following conditions:

1. A strong desire to astral project
2. You can dim the light in the room you are using - the darker the room the better
3. Make sure there is some peace and quiet and that you will be undisturbed
4. An empty bladder

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