March 14, 2008

Meditation Progress

I've once again included meditation in my daily routine.

What, When and How I Practice Meditation?
My meditation sessions take place at 6:00pm because things quieten down and I feel like relaxing at that time. So far each session lasts about 15 minutes and when I do meditate for longer I tend to get frustrated.

The practice I use is very simple, I lie on my back (on sofa or bed) and take a few minutes to breathe deeply which is controlled (this really helps to relax). Then I breathe normally and focus my awareness exclusively on my breathing. When thoughts do arise I just notice it and remember to go back to being aware of my breath.

My Current Progress
So far managed to get deep into meditation to the point where I lose awareness of my body. I then experience involuntary movements in my fingers, hands and arms which instantly snaps my awareness back to my body and then I'm back at square one. The good thing is that I don't get frustrated for not going deeper because when I do snap back I feel extremely refreshed and energized as if I had woken up from a good nights sleep.

In my recent sessions I have been experiencing something different. When I close my eyes and focus on my breathing within 2 minutes the darkness behind my closed eyelids snaps into an orangish red shade - the same intense shade you see when you close your eyes in sunlight. It quickly disappears as soon as I become aware of it.

I guess when these sort of phenomena arise I get distracted and very analytical. Next time I intend on being as passive as I can - which is easier said than done.

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