March 21, 2008

Double Vision

Woke up 7am, far too groggy to stay awake so instantly went back to sleep. Suddenly my body felt really heavy and I began sinking. Again I'm back in bed with some lucidity, my body now feels spaced out and very light. I lift my right arm with some effort which looks transparent and has a bluish glow.

I try to move my body by rolling out of bed but struggle. My physical eyes open and half of my vision is covered by my room, below that on the other half I can see a field of grass and some trees. I've had this before where I'm seeing both physical and astral.

After that I had some vivid dreams all of which I can recall very clearly.

Last night I was listening to a Hypnosis CD ('Develop A Powerful Memory' by Glen Harrold) to help recall my astral experiences and dreams. I will be writing a review and my experiences on this soon.

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