January 26, 2013

Take Over

Woke up at 3:45am to empty bladder, then I had to go a second time. I did the revision which thankfully has helped keep my mind at bay otherwise it would be meaninglessly occupied with lots of crap.

Even after the revision I still did not feel mentally drained, so I focused on the breathing. Was feeling relaxed and along with that I knew or predicted that something was going to happen near the rectum and tailbone. I shifted to my front side almost preparing for it. Relaxed and lost sense of physical environment and then it started. A movement near rectum followed by a really intense orgasm. Without getting too caught up in the frenzy of the intense sensations I observed each and every movement as diligently as I could. Trying to understand it. One guess is oxygen or prana was taken in through the rectum, another is the others are causing internal physical change, and the other is a bit more sexual but I think that is hardly likely although I was very much aroused.

Eventually shifted out of the body, the scenery changing. I could feel myself going on a long trip. Suddenly I ended up back in bed with those earlier sensations. My duvet was moved, and then the right leg moved. Something had taken over complete control of the physical body and it has attempted this multiple times before, however not as effectively as this morning. I was alarmed but not afraid, in fact I was curious. What did it want to do, where does it want to go and finally I came to my senses when I realized I had gone to bed naked and quickly took back control, pinned the body back on the bed with all my might.

I remained awake for a short while and not much time had passed, went back to sleep. I have wondered for next time to remain prepared for this so that I can observe its movement.

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

23/01/2013 - Orientation
Back at the start of the program, since last time I simply could not focus. Went smoothly yet I think I still need to relax more.

24/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
In this session remained alert - physically relaxed deeply. All sensations of deep relaxation were present. Felt energy concentrate around leg area and some movement within the brain. I should also note here that I am being more louder with the RT. The energy sensation I was feeling around legs and arm felt like something separating from physical body. Reminded me of some old OBE type experience where the body form that was separated was no different, in solidity and denseness of the physical body.

25/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
Practicing this session once again has made me aware just how tense I have been, especially around the forehead area. There were the same sensation as in the previous session but not as intense and I fell asleep. Woke up early morning at 3:45am and had an interesting experience 'Take Over'. This waking up early has either to do with the hemi-sync audio, spring arriving a little earlier or because there is something deeper going on. For a while the sleep interruption had ended and I felt I was sleeping deeply. There are some extra things going on in my world right now perhaps it's a combination of all of this.

January 25, 2013

Latest Dreams of Change

Having dreams that are signifying some change.

The Drs
I am in some hospital waiting room, people around me. Eventually get called in, a doctor is trying to explain to me my diagnosis. Apparently I have a rare condition, one symptom is brain wave sensations. The doctor is telling me because previously I rejected an MRA scan (odd because in the dream I knew it was supposed to be MRI). I have an envelope of a previous hospital report and they want to see it. A little embarrassed as I have it tucked away in my undergarments. From under the table, hoping they are not looking swiftly pull it out and hand the document over. My cousin is in this dream, which is odd as she was in another dream. In the past she has always been in this dream - I think she is some kind of symbol in dream that I need to be aware of.

Living In the Desert
In this dream Bell actress is present from Once Upon A Time. She has lost her memory and starting life fresh. She is on the land wondering where her home. Slowly she performs some rather elaborate gymnastic movements. As she dances she is thinking that the land, which looks like a desert is her home and decides to live there.

The other dreams are related to family issues and things I can't recall right now.

January 21, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

14/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
Around 10 pm shadow silhouttes percieved through closed eyelids near about focus 10 state - sensations around body in sync with the movements of others - the same others from Salvia experiences, not sure what they are doing.

15/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
My intention was to start the audio much earlier around 7-8pm but between that time and after midnight so much on my mind. I was also thinking about Divine Beloved, requested it to come forth however it wished. I recall pouring my heart out and then remained still and let the thoughts pour out. I was told many things  but of that the most essential insight was that Divine Beloved is in everything including the goosebumps I have felt in the past and that it is never far away. My mind pondered on every connection I have had with the Divine trying to piece things together.

After midnight I think it was almost 1am I put my earphones on and relaxed. After or maybe during REBAL I felt a breeze and then the goosebumps, there was some tingling near upper lip and around face region. I smiled, happy with the confirmation. I continued to relax and for the briefest second I let go so completely. There was a melody, one that I have heard before in a Salvia experience when physical reality as I knew it was about to end. Awareness was almost completely lost of myself, my environment and everything that pertained to existence, when suddenly I heard Monroe's voice just about starting the count up to F10. It is very interesting that Salvia type experiences are taking place with Hemi-Sync. I personally do not want to categorize these experiences as they have more to do with the operation of the brain or mind - Salvia and Hemi-sync are the tools that awaken functions of the brain.

16/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
5pm tried to relax as much as I could but two people AR and SP constantly kept irritating me after an incident. I put them in the energy conversion box which helped very little. Clicked out at some point. Towards end felt tired and sleepy. It is more efficient if you practice these sessions with less conflict, perhaps in these situation I should consider using the Release and Recharge exercise.

Later in the night 10 or 11pm tried it one more time again those two annoying people somehow barged into my mental space. I relaxed and fell asleep. This morning had a astral type experience.

17/01/2013 - Release and Recharge
Odd, I tried to think of a fear but nothing popped out. I know there are some fears that are still present but lately I feel my issues differ slight from fear issues. Instead I should be working perhaps with some anger issues and other emotions other than fear.

I think next time if I can't think of a fear issue I may instead think of a goal or something that I want to achieve and see how that plays out, can't recall but maybe there's another audio in the program that is for this particular use.

19/01/2013 -
 First I should note that I have been feeling an odd sensation on left side of temple, spasm like contractions and internal movements, could be hemi-sync related.

20/01/2013 - Sleep Exploration and Advanced Focus 10
Was far too frustrated to listen properly and follow exercise. Felt fidgety and agitated - during these states it is pointless to even attempt any session.

January 17, 2013

Chubby Energy Body Waking In Others

Early morning around 4am I woke up with earphones still intact from Gateway Experience. Could not sleep and eventually just did a bit of revision in my head which I noticed is helping. It lulls the mind much like a mantra.I could feel the sleepiness coming on and in the midst of the revision I dozed off when suddenly a white light flashed, opened eyes not sure it could be a plane since it was too bright as though it was internal. Continued to relax and started to feel the familiar astral sensations. I anticipated those nasty blackboard scratching effects but fortunately it did not appear. Instead scenes started to rapidly emerge. I felt the familiar sinking feelings from other travels only this time there was visuals of where I was sinking into.

There was a wardrobe in front of wherever I was lying down. I was trying to figure out what room I was in but was not certain if it was in my house. The scene would constantly morph into other rooms that had wardrobes facing the bed. In the last scene I perceived the familiar energy body which is sometimes like a silhouette, a physical form or phantom like. This time it was phantom, I felt it but could not see clearly. I raised the arms, they felt magnetic and something else as well as myself was moving it about. The energy felt different, it was light and yet at the same time there was a heaviness. The arms felt very chubby - energy felt highly concentrated. At some point I felt like I was materializing on the bed and had this feeling that things were going to get sexual. Some other brief moments I caught myself, some part of me creating the scenes.

At the end of it I got this feeling, an understanding that I was awakening in others, in their rooms and bodies. With Salvia it is a lot more stronger and obvious but it can be done without the use of plants. The spell was broken by external noise and I think I awakened not from the experience but a sleep state.

My guess is that I am or the consciousness of 'I am' is in all people and everything. Every cell, every atom is a portal in which this consciousness resides. And now the question still remains - Who or what is this consciousness?

January 14, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

From now on I intend to do a weekly update of hemi-sync, that is if I could keep up with it along with my hectic schedule.

11/01/2013 -

Advanced Focus 10
Listened around 5pm. Head moved on auto left and right twice. Then the familiar forefinger movement on both hands were present and reminded me of my earlier sessions where fingers gently raised. There were brief visuals like in previous experience.

Sleep Exploration
Feeling a little bored of the Advanced Focus 10 track decided to try out sleep exploration around 11pm. I blanked out completely - not sure if it was the longest click-out but when I came back to full waking consciousness I was a little disoriented couldn't recall what I was doing before. Then a few seconds later checked around for earbuds, checked time and it was almost midnight however felt like it was much later.

Advanced Focus 10
Last 2 sessions were hard to focus on - mind kept wandering on concerns and some issues which energy conversion box was not helping with. There is some changes with sleep pattern - today in the morning woke up 4:45am. For a while sleep interruption had not been present until recently since taking up hemi sync. Also had a very vivid high anxiety dream - briefly I was in the back of a cab and somehow a person I was getting violent vibes from entered the car, I felt strongly that I needed to get him out by force this was the dream that woke me up. Also my cravings for bad sugar and carbs have gone up perhaps related somehow with anxiety dream.

January 11, 2013

Focus 10 - Body Awakens

Focus 10 - mind awake and body asleep state seems to be having a reverse effect on me. Not sure I've mentioned on previous posts but as I listen to the audio body movements are present - particularly head rotating. Relaxed in bed last night around 11pm fortunately not tired this time and started on Advanced Focus 10.

During REBAL creation there were the usual energetic sensations on which I did not focus on much, mind seemed to wander on irrelevant stuff. Around Focus 10 count-up where my body was relaxed feet was briefly lifted up and heels kicked down involuntarily. The feeling that someone was there was evident after this. Still don't know what to call it - to me it is an unknown energy but whenever it is there I greet it and feel unconditional love for it. No fear present. Soon enough in visual field people were emerging, I saw cars and streets forming and had this feeling that I was in a location that had physical existence but was not sure what timeline. This is most likely to be remote viewing. Lasted briefly and did not form vividly as though still tuning, I guess I couldn't focus on it since my awareness seemed to be keen on the presence.

The energy suddenly shifted eyes left, right and at times round, did not notice any particular pattern. This startled me a little and I was also amazed since I've never had eyes move automatically with such concentrated control.

Once session ended I felt good and uplifted, also some sexual energy present. My guess is this energy was recharging physical batteries, I definitely felt rejuvenated this morning.

January 10, 2013

Sleep Interruptions via Hemi-Sync

I have been swamped lately with studying, running errands and very very busy but somehow managed to fit hemi-sync sessions into schedule. When I am exhausted it is pointless listening to hemi-sync. The other day after creating REBAL I have no recall whatsoever, my only guess is I fell asleep.

Hemi-sync makes me wake up in the middle of the night, from around 2 am  - will be observing this more closely as it could be related to other factors.

In the meantime I am listening to 'Advanced Focus 10'.

January 2, 2013

Brain Tuning

Woke up at 2:20am from a dream surrounding certain issues I am having with others - in the dream I was angry and expressing a bit aggressively with a few relatives stunned at my behavior. After this I could not sleep at all so I put on Hemi Sync TGE Advanced Focus 10. Eventually I did feel very relaxed before reaching F10 but then once earphones were out I was too awake. Started doing some revision for a course and brain started to get quiet. Relaxing I dozed off.

Instantly there was a change - screeching sound in ear much like a black board scratching. I felt like I couldn't go deeper and wanted to snap out. Slowly with eyelids closed a familiar bearded face started to form, etched in darkness illuminated with dark blue lines. I could sense he's been waiting there. There's a plane in the sky - sounds coming from this only add to the discomfort of the screeching sound. I knew if I moved the head too much something could go very wrong, tried my best to remain still. Still sensed physical body and environment.

I thought briefly what if I was being abducted (paranoia after reading latest comment). Quickly put intention forth for higher and beneficial energies that were there to help. Visions of images, most of them cartoonish. Soon I was in a scene of a woman and a man frolicking, then another scene where a persons hand was on the edge of a door - I felt squeamish because it seemed this person was about to have an accident. Some parts of some scenes I felt a sexual arousal but it was more energy based rather than lust.

The scenes were changing rapidly and more cartoons popping out. During experience I recall how earlier when I couldn't sleep I thought about how the brain is like a computer. The images, things I was seeing, hearing -  all that was stored in the brain and every other people had access to the same visuals, scenes, sounds. Hemi-Sync audio may be rewiring brain pathways so that they are operating with more functions. It is so interesting how everything I am doing as of late - a new study course that guarantees a very appealing job as it correlates with some of my interests but also it makes the brain grow and recently the urge to listen to hemi-sync. The combination of this and the changes that were made through Salvia journeying plus other aspects like dietary change is causing something new to happen in the brain - or perhaps it is something that has been sleeping for centuries.