January 26, 2013

Take Over

Woke up at 3:45am to empty bladder, then I had to go a second time. I did the revision which thankfully has helped keep my mind at bay otherwise it would be meaninglessly occupied with lots of crap.

Even after the revision I still did not feel mentally drained, so I focused on the breathing. Was feeling relaxed and along with that I knew or predicted that something was going to happen near the rectum and tailbone. I shifted to my front side almost preparing for it. Relaxed and lost sense of physical environment and then it started. A movement near rectum followed by a really intense orgasm. Without getting too caught up in the frenzy of the intense sensations I observed each and every movement as diligently as I could. Trying to understand it. One guess is oxygen or prana was taken in through the rectum, another is the others are causing internal physical change, and the other is a bit more sexual but I think that is hardly likely although I was very much aroused.

Eventually shifted out of the body, the scenery changing. I could feel myself going on a long trip. Suddenly I ended up back in bed with those earlier sensations. My duvet was moved, and then the right leg moved. Something had taken over complete control of the physical body and it has attempted this multiple times before, however not as effectively as this morning. I was alarmed but not afraid, in fact I was curious. What did it want to do, where does it want to go and finally I came to my senses when I realized I had gone to bed naked and quickly took back control, pinned the body back on the bed with all my might.

I remained awake for a short while and not much time had passed, went back to sleep. I have wondered for next time to remain prepared for this so that I can observe its movement.

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