January 11, 2013

Focus 10 - Body Awakens

Focus 10 - mind awake and body asleep state seems to be having a reverse effect on me. Not sure I've mentioned on previous posts but as I listen to the audio body movements are present - particularly head rotating. Relaxed in bed last night around 11pm fortunately not tired this time and started on Advanced Focus 10.

During REBAL creation there were the usual energetic sensations on which I did not focus on much, mind seemed to wander on irrelevant stuff. Around Focus 10 count-up where my body was relaxed feet was briefly lifted up and heels kicked down involuntarily. The feeling that someone was there was evident after this. Still don't know what to call it - to me it is an unknown energy but whenever it is there I greet it and feel unconditional love for it. No fear present. Soon enough in visual field people were emerging, I saw cars and streets forming and had this feeling that I was in a location that had physical existence but was not sure what timeline. This is most likely to be remote viewing. Lasted briefly and did not form vividly as though still tuning, I guess I couldn't focus on it since my awareness seemed to be keen on the presence.

The energy suddenly shifted eyes left, right and at times round, did not notice any particular pattern. This startled me a little and I was also amazed since I've never had eyes move automatically with such concentrated control.

Once session ended I felt good and uplifted, also some sexual energy present. My guess is this energy was recharging physical batteries, I definitely felt rejuvenated this morning.

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