January 25, 2013

Latest Dreams of Change

Having dreams that are signifying some change.

The Drs
I am in some hospital waiting room, people around me. Eventually get called in, a doctor is trying to explain to me my diagnosis. Apparently I have a rare condition, one symptom is brain wave sensations. The doctor is telling me because previously I rejected an MRA scan (odd because in the dream I knew it was supposed to be MRI). I have an envelope of a previous hospital report and they want to see it. A little embarrassed as I have it tucked away in my undergarments. From under the table, hoping they are not looking swiftly pull it out and hand the document over. My cousin is in this dream, which is odd as she was in another dream. In the past she has always been in this dream - I think she is some kind of symbol in dream that I need to be aware of.

Living In the Desert
In this dream Bell actress is present from Once Upon A Time. She has lost her memory and starting life fresh. She is on the land wondering where her home. Slowly she performs some rather elaborate gymnastic movements. As she dances she is thinking that the land, which looks like a desert is her home and decides to live there.

The other dreams are related to family issues and things I can't recall right now.

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