January 14, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

From now on I intend to do a weekly update of hemi-sync, that is if I could keep up with it along with my hectic schedule.

11/01/2013 -

Advanced Focus 10
Listened around 5pm. Head moved on auto left and right twice. Then the familiar forefinger movement on both hands were present and reminded me of my earlier sessions where fingers gently raised. There were brief visuals like in previous experience.

Sleep Exploration
Feeling a little bored of the Advanced Focus 10 track decided to try out sleep exploration around 11pm. I blanked out completely - not sure if it was the longest click-out but when I came back to full waking consciousness I was a little disoriented couldn't recall what I was doing before. Then a few seconds later checked around for earbuds, checked time and it was almost midnight however felt like it was much later.

Advanced Focus 10
Last 2 sessions were hard to focus on - mind kept wandering on concerns and some issues which energy conversion box was not helping with. There is some changes with sleep pattern - today in the morning woke up 4:45am. For a while sleep interruption had not been present until recently since taking up hemi sync. Also had a very vivid high anxiety dream - briefly I was in the back of a cab and somehow a person I was getting violent vibes from entered the car, I felt strongly that I needed to get him out by force this was the dream that woke me up. Also my cravings for bad sugar and carbs have gone up perhaps related somehow with anxiety dream.

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