January 26, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

23/01/2013 - Orientation
Back at the start of the program, since last time I simply could not focus. Went smoothly yet I think I still need to relax more.

24/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
In this session remained alert - physically relaxed deeply. All sensations of deep relaxation were present. Felt energy concentrate around leg area and some movement within the brain. I should also note here that I am being more louder with the RT. The energy sensation I was feeling around legs and arm felt like something separating from physical body. Reminded me of some old OBE type experience where the body form that was separated was no different, in solidity and denseness of the physical body.

25/01/2013 - Introduction to Focus 10
Practicing this session once again has made me aware just how tense I have been, especially around the forehead area. There were the same sensation as in the previous session but not as intense and I fell asleep. Woke up early morning at 3:45am and had an interesting experience 'Take Over'. This waking up early has either to do with the hemi-sync audio, spring arriving a little earlier or because there is something deeper going on. For a while the sleep interruption had ended and I felt I was sleeping deeply. There are some extra things going on in my world right now perhaps it's a combination of all of this.

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