January 2, 2013

Brain Tuning

Woke up at 2:20am from a dream surrounding certain issues I am having with others - in the dream I was angry and expressing a bit aggressively with a few relatives stunned at my behavior. After this I could not sleep at all so I put on Hemi Sync TGE Advanced Focus 10. Eventually I did feel very relaxed before reaching F10 but then once earphones were out I was too awake. Started doing some revision for a course and brain started to get quiet. Relaxing I dozed off.

Instantly there was a change - screeching sound in ear much like a black board scratching. I felt like I couldn't go deeper and wanted to snap out. Slowly with eyelids closed a familiar bearded face started to form, etched in darkness illuminated with dark blue lines. I could sense he's been waiting there. There's a plane in the sky - sounds coming from this only add to the discomfort of the screeching sound. I knew if I moved the head too much something could go very wrong, tried my best to remain still. Still sensed physical body and environment.

I thought briefly what if I was being abducted (paranoia after reading latest comment). Quickly put intention forth for higher and beneficial energies that were there to help. Visions of images, most of them cartoonish. Soon I was in a scene of a woman and a man frolicking, then another scene where a persons hand was on the edge of a door - I felt squeamish because it seemed this person was about to have an accident. Some parts of some scenes I felt a sexual arousal but it was more energy based rather than lust.

The scenes were changing rapidly and more cartoons popping out. During experience I recall how earlier when I couldn't sleep I thought about how the brain is like a computer. The images, things I was seeing, hearing -  all that was stored in the brain and every other people had access to the same visuals, scenes, sounds. Hemi-Sync audio may be rewiring brain pathways so that they are operating with more functions. It is so interesting how everything I am doing as of late - a new study course that guarantees a very appealing job as it correlates with some of my interests but also it makes the brain grow and recently the urge to listen to hemi-sync. The combination of this and the changes that were made through Salvia journeying plus other aspects like dietary change is causing something new to happen in the brain - or perhaps it is something that has been sleeping for centuries.


Cray said...

Hi Jasmine... A very interesting experience to say the least. I see you have been on this path for a very long time and still continue to keep a very good record of your experiences.

Have you just started using the Gateway Experience from TMI? The reason I ask is because I myself, as of October 21st, started using the Gateway which is the same day that my journey down this path began. I always knew of astral travel but it always stayed rooted firmly in the back of my brain until early October of last year, when I would say I became a student of Monroe. Since that time I have been a sponge for anything astral, metaphysical or energy related. Having now read countless books on the subject and putting the techniques into practice I feel I am starting to really get a grasp on things especially in my own personal life. This path has taken someone who was up int he air about so many things and given me a place to put them so that their perspectives seemingly now have a place with me, including God and spirituality.

I guess the point of me writing this is to reach out to you. I have been looking for someone who has been going through the Gateway Experience or who has gone through it. So that I can converse with someone who is or has gone through similar things. I have had some AMAZING experiences with the Gateway. And from all accounts it seems that my development is not only progressing but progressing in a rather quick manner considering I started with no actual knowledge of the things I am now and have been learning.

I am a web developer so the web was my natural medium for sharing my experiences as well. I set up my own site that people can also join and share their experiences on. I'd really like to get you over there as well as here, if only to offer me feedback on my experiences. I will of course return the favor... =) Check the site out at myastraljournal.com, hope to see you there soon...

Jasmine said...

Hi Cray,

I have just started once again with the Gateway Experience after several years I think. I had no actual intention to restart the program - decided to listen to it because I couldn't sleep but after experiencing the heightened sensitivities I may continue to explore the new changes.

It is nice to hear from others about these types of experiences. Thank you for sharing your website, I look forward to reading your journal and offer any feedback that may be beneficial to your progress.