August 31, 2010

Hornet Totem

Past week hornet signs showing up everywhere - today it came to my mind. Was doing some online shopping and tried to remind myself once again to look up hornet totem info and almost completely forgot for a few seconds until I scrolled down amazon page and there was a book on adscroll 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest' and then that was it - looked it up. The hornet is a wasp so it would seem whatever applies to wasp also applies to hornets.

Looking up hornets I realized that what I've actually been seeing are yellowjackets.

August 26, 2010

Exhalation and Excess Sweating

Last night as I went off to sleep my right arm surged with electricity, there were tingling sparks. Suddenly I was alarmed awake and spontaneously exhaled with hushed tones. This happened a few times.

Woke up this morning dripping in sweat but no signs of fever or any illness. This is obviously body detoxing due to Kundalini energy.

August 20, 2010

Ausome Water and Ormus

I am currently researching Ausome water and Ormus. I will be ordering the A Water soon, intuitively feel this is the next step and just feel so guided to head in this direction. As yet my expectations are very low but the signal to get this is so strong, with the ormus not so much but still feel guided to do more research.

I have read the testimonials and from that I've gathered it is safe - after all it is pure water energetically charged.

I'm not sure why I even want to take the Ausome water, but it is like I am being drawn to these pockets of information about this and that and then something is sparked and the urges seem to play out by themselves. It has been the same way with Salvia - I obsessed several days about the legal issues of certain natural plants such as cannabis and eventually researching this area I found out about Salvia which led me to explore an area I was very cautious about in the past.

Since the beginning of this year a lot of stuff has played out like this such as my adaptation to a vegan diet and so much more. This year everything has been synchronistically falling into place so smoothly, so subtle though I would not have been able to notice it all if I weren't so aware.

August 18, 2010

Lucid Touch

It starts off outside a building that is very familiar to me - I am outside the primary school I attended and say out loud how everything still looks the same. I then look to the left and there is a slope which I don't ever recall being there. I go through a door into the corridor up the familiar staircase.

I am scanning a massive room, walk towards wall and I touch everything and surprised it is so solid as I expected my hands to just go through. I keep feeling my way around the place so utterly astounded with the solidity.

Can't recall anything further at this time.

August 16, 2010

The Trap

This is one of those very weird dreams

I'm with a friend, we see a man by some rocks and in a crater filled with water we could see some kind of melon sliced in chunks. The man is eating this and then offers to us. We silently eat. Suddenly we're at this man's house. The friend accidently scratches a bit of his flooring leaving him utterly anxious, paranoid and angry all at the same time. He tells me that his father is on the floor above and how we must be quite - I have the impression that his father is an old disabled man and also very controlling.

There is something creepy about this man and his father who we have yet to meet. I look around for my friend but cannot find him. The man is talking from a distance and saying that he wants to get taste of me at which point I'm panicking looking for an exit.

Soon my friend appears and I repeat to him what I heard the man say and look for an exit until we both realize we have been trapped.

August 8, 2010

Lucid Hold

Dreamt that I was doing some kind of show. There is a man who looks familiar, there seems to be some kind of connection. All us actors are naked and we are given weaved luxurious gowns. We are signalled to partner up. I wrap myself with a gold shawl looking piece and feel deeply attracted to the man that had caught my attention. I see a woman with a sparkling multi-colored gown - for reasons unknown I feel this man is meant to be her partner though I am really sad about this. I move away letting them get together but all the while feeling his eyes on me. Waking up from this dream there was some sexual tension.

Back to sleep Ryan Stiles is flirting with me, in a very touchy feeling kind of way. I was really enjoying myself with all the flirting and laughing though in reality I would not have been attracted to Stiles but there was something sparked in the dream.

I walk away then see him near my staircase from a distance. I see he looks apprehensive though smiling, I know inside he's not sure whether I like him. I walk up to him pretending that I hardly notice him there, not making eye contact. As I get to first step I grab his hand suddenly and hold tightly giving him the impression that I really like him. Amazingly the hand holding was the most vivid part of the dream, very solid feel and real - at that moment I was incredibly lucid but awakened abrubptly.

August 7, 2010

Three Totems

Animal totems definitely represent some important message in this game called life.

I am just learning to understand these messages and incorporating whatever I learn.

This morning as I woke up a Magpie was on the roof, a wasp got through the window and then I went to the kitchen and a squirrel in the garden caught my eyes.

Fingers Surging

Last night I suddenly had a crushing headache, all throughout in my left hand index finger there was a surge of energy, it is still there.

When I relaxed dozing off to sleep, other sensations were present and that energy seemed to surge all over my hands.

Dreams of You and Me

I dreamt about requesting help from an african woman, she looks at me smiling says "I am you and you are me". That statement rippled through my consciousness and I completely understood her.

Later dreamt about a plant pot where several different types of weird looking plants were growing. Some large roots were on the surface, some looked mutated. I look at several large stone like seeds and wonder whether I should pull one off and germinate.

Had another very vivid dream, where it is like some kind of game. I am placing right foot above a bulb glowing switch and two doors slide open, and then I am in another room, soon the dream turns into a movie and I see one of the actor, a child who plays one of the main role. His mother is present and she looks a lot like Julia Roberts.

August 4, 2010

Fear Through Mouth

Woke up at 4am and dozed off half an hour later. Eyes closed still awake but relaxed. Suddenly jolted up and breathed out for long. With this breath there was an intense fear - it was coming out with the breath. The fear pouring out of my mouth was quite shocking. The feeling subsided a few minutes later and I went back to sleep.

I am pondering what it is, starting to get a grasp of what Kundalini is doing. This is obviously that energy - the one I think of as a Being behind this. Kundalini is the force through which that Being comes through.

I have also considered the possibility of more changes taking place - things that I might not be ready for but I remain open and willing for the change to take place however painful it may be. Letting go of all resistance.