August 16, 2010

The Trap

This is one of those very weird dreams

I'm with a friend, we see a man by some rocks and in a crater filled with water we could see some kind of melon sliced in chunks. The man is eating this and then offers to us. We silently eat. Suddenly we're at this man's house. The friend accidently scratches a bit of his flooring leaving him utterly anxious, paranoid and angry all at the same time. He tells me that his father is on the floor above and how we must be quite - I have the impression that his father is an old disabled man and also very controlling.

There is something creepy about this man and his father who we have yet to meet. I look around for my friend but cannot find him. The man is talking from a distance and saying that he wants to get taste of me at which point I'm panicking looking for an exit.

Soon my friend appears and I repeat to him what I heard the man say and look for an exit until we both realize we have been trapped.

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