August 8, 2010

Lucid Hold

Dreamt that I was doing some kind of show. There is a man who looks familiar, there seems to be some kind of connection. All us actors are naked and we are given weaved luxurious gowns. We are signalled to partner up. I wrap myself with a gold shawl looking piece and feel deeply attracted to the man that had caught my attention. I see a woman with a sparkling multi-colored gown - for reasons unknown I feel this man is meant to be her partner though I am really sad about this. I move away letting them get together but all the while feeling his eyes on me. Waking up from this dream there was some sexual tension.

Back to sleep Ryan Stiles is flirting with me, in a very touchy feeling kind of way. I was really enjoying myself with all the flirting and laughing though in reality I would not have been attracted to Stiles but there was something sparked in the dream.

I walk away then see him near my staircase from a distance. I see he looks apprehensive though smiling, I know inside he's not sure whether I like him. I walk up to him pretending that I hardly notice him there, not making eye contact. As I get to first step I grab his hand suddenly and hold tightly giving him the impression that I really like him. Amazingly the hand holding was the most vivid part of the dream, very solid feel and real - at that moment I was incredibly lucid but awakened abrubptly.

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