July 29, 2011

Mugwort Tea Dreaming

Yesterday evening about an hour or so before bed I drank some mugwort tea - used the entire bunch I picked two days ago. I was surprised by the taste of the tea was expecting something bitter but instead had a nice fresh tolerable leafy taste.

At the time of drinking I was tired wanting to retire to bed - it was quite hot thought it might be difficult to sleep. An hour after tea I went to bed started to doze off 11pm- felt very sedated but I am not sure the tea caused this since I was already tired. However a lot of images emerged - auto visuals, very vivid I even found that I could reconstruct the visuals. Relaxed some more, felt myself smoothly transitioning to sleep state. Suddenly someone just ran directly near my face which made me jump. Fell asleep and I woke up around 12:33am recalling vivid dreams of harvesting plants - I think there were some mugwort as well. Waking up at this time I thought it might be about 4am - I felt like I slept for long but having slept for just over an hour all the days exhaustion was gone as if renewed with energy.

Went back to bed and transitioned to sleep immediately and all I recall is flashes of blue. I can recall snippets of more dreams but nothing vivid or lucid.

Healthwise the tea has helped me to sleep smoothly, refreshed me with renewed energy in just one hour. Dreamwise it has given initial highly vivid visuals whilst drifting off to sleep and helped with some recall which might get stronger over time. Of course I don't want to over use it nor would I recommend it to be taken regularly. A lot has been written about its medicinal use and like all medicines you do not want to over use this - right now I don't know much about the toxicity of this herb so will use with caution. Saying that, I am aware that I may have over used Salvia and need to minimize any future use - maybe sticking with once a week and lower dosage.

July 28, 2011

Death Dream

At 4ish am woke up from a dream where I get this really bad feeling just before I receive a text message that my dad has passed away. I am in shock and tell family members. I feel some sadness but more than that I am bemused by the incident. I open eyes physically awake yet carrying those same feelings - relieved that it was just a dream.

The others were present - hazily fluttering in the surroundings almost as if to get my attention. I briefly felt that they created this dream to wake me up here in the physical and yet at the same there is this undeniable feeling of an impending loss. It doesn't help that there is some connection between the dream and reality as I have found out only today that my dad has been feeling very sick - it's interesting that I had this dream this morning since my dad just arrived yesterday from his holiday. When I saw him I had a feeling that something was wrong but he was being quiet about it.

July 27, 2011

Mugwort - The Dream Herb

I have been doing some exploring in wild plants - for use as food and medicine. I have taken a great interest in this subject and exploring my local wild areas. Only just starting to harvest some amazing nutritious berries.

One plant that I have come across is mugwort, considered a herb dream - many have smoked or brewed into a tea and have had powerfully vivid dreams. It can also be left under the pillow or near the bed in order to enhance dreaming.

I will be harvesting some mugwort leaves and flowers soon, will dry and make tea. As well as having dream effects this herb provides many health benefits. Will report back any experiences.

July 23, 2011

Salvia Type Projection

Woke at 2:10am - walked a bit and by 3am tried to fall asleep. Depressed about the wound on my neck which isn't healing as fast as it is apparently supposed to - more tests to be done and I think I'm more sick of the hospital visits then I am of my condition.

Fidgeting a lot until by 6am gave in and closed eyes. No intention to AP, just hoping to make up for lost sleep. I can see immediately with closed eyes the impression of the others, only it is dark - with Salvia it is like the lights come on and I can see again . I can feel their movement more than I'm able to see them.

I can see different contrasts of black a neck starting to form. I open eyes just to see that I am still physically awake and then close again. Now it feels like someone is stuck to my face and that's is why I can't see - this entity seems to be blocking my view. Again the neck forms and this time I relax and go with the flow. Soon I see a young man, formed by the colour black and splits of light - his face has cracks and the light appears to be glowing through these cracks. He is looking directly at me. A fuzzy snowy patch suddenly appears, forming into checkered shapes glistening in flashy lights. The patch forms into the face of an old man who looks familiar from other experiences. Others start to storm through and this experience starts to feel very similar to Salvia sessions. It's interesting how this is occuring without the Salvia.

The young man is doing something to third eye - I can feel the pressure - intense and energetic. I relax and suddenly I am moving in a projection. At some point open eyes because I'm still aware of physical environment and body. Awareness fully on body - it feels heavy. Close eyes and I'm still travelling.

Near towards some sea area - I know this place, wanted to come here - I'm so happy they heeded to my request. I am trying to remember when I was last at this location. It is strange that I know this place yet cannot recall when I was last here - I don't even know the name of the palce but the feeling of knowing this place is undeniable. I even had this flashing memory - an inner feeling of having spoken to someone about this place in the physical and how I wished I could go there but still no actual recall of this taking place.

Streaming along now near a row of buildings - movement fast and vision is a little dark and hazy but able to percieve in other ways.

Passing by a street and I think I see houses similar to the one I live in moving across many people I am in very close contact with a man who is carrying a briefcase. Moving on I start to have these burning questions. Who am I? Who are we and those others? What is this Earth and why are we here? I keep repeating these like mantras. Start to sink within the layers of the Earth and at the same time I am curiously aware of my physical body - it feels like my physical arms are being moved and with some trepidation I open my eyes. Head is moving left and right but not swaying.

My impression after this is that the two men I saw initially are experimenting, mostly working on 3rd eye and head region. I am getting a stronger feeling that there is information stored in each human being - perhaps in the brain or dna or in every particles - information and instructions that we have access to - much like a super computer - I just don't know how to use the information simply because I don't even know how to access it.

I think in the Earth Documentary experience this part was being accessed. The huge amount of energy that literally charged the brain with electricity was barely enough to get a clear processing of information - managed to only get bitesize, snippets of information about the Earth. Eventually after this huge charge of energy I was physically drained with a severe headache.

In this mornings experience there was no energy going through crown of head which is probably why I haven't experienced major headaches. I have a feeling another incident like the one in Earth Documentary is approaching and will likely be more intense than anything I've experienced and will require a strong healthy body. This certainly explains why I've been so obsessed with getting incredibly healthy and trying out a great number of detox therapies since the beginning of this year almost as if 'they' have planned this out guiding me every step of the way.

July 16, 2011

The Skull Cracker

Woke at 5:30am - surprisingly slept well despite drinking coffee last night, I think I haven't drank coffee in over a year.

Dozing off after 6am entered several vivid dream states - the last one being incredibly lucid and each dream related to health.

1. Cat's medicine
There's a box of medicine (antibiotics) - I know it's prescribed for my brothers cat. I took one and then read on box 'Lethal to humans'. Panicked a little. In reality my brothers cat was prescribed with antibiotics - it had the same ingredient as my antibiotics, I took it one day and was not feeling great on it so I stopped - no more antibiotics.

2. Kidney failure
I was being explained about the process of kidney failure which I cannot recall in great detail.

3. Health Check
Getting a check up from the doctor but it seems related to my mental health - he checks and tells me that I suffer from a distraction disorder. Yet deep down I seem to know what is going on just wanted a second opinion.

4. The Sky Man
In a hospital clinic - doctors checking me. Looking out at the sky - there is a giant man formed by sky, he is old but strong looking. He is running around the entire global shape of the earth making the Earth spin. I know I'm about to switch, I am going to breakdown and the doctors are probably going to admit me to a psychiatric hospital. I am about to point out the window and consider shouting out 'Father'. Then I thought the doctors would probably think I'm calling my dad from physical reality. I start reaching out to the window, to the man spinning the Earth.

5. Skull Crack
I go to see the two doctors I met recently regarding cyst near neck. Sit down on chair - one doctor to my left preparing the left side of my temple area and the other doctor preparing the crown of my head by parting my hair and rubbing the area he is about to crack open. I relax knowing what is about to happen. I think there was something in my hands keeping me occupied. Suddenly feel the impact on skull - no drill like sounds that I'm familiar with. This was quiet. The tool is squeeging through and I start to feel a pumping pressure entering the brain, intense cranial movement yet there is absolutely no pain. The energy is too much - I don't know if I can stay still. I shift head a little and then physically open eyes to my bedroom - the operation is still going on, sensations amplifying in waking consciousness. I know it is paramount that I stay still and that though this surgery is in the head it is my spine that is at risk, sensations stop a little but my head is spontaneously swaying left and right a part of the process I assume.

I signal a timeout hand gesture - I think by now they understand what this means as I've used it many times under Salvia effects. I go toilet to empty bladder and returning to bed my head continues to sway. I think the ones involved in these 'psychic' surgeries are using physical reality data to make me feel comfortable.

July 15, 2011

Uninterrupted Sleep and Health Crisis

Past two nights have not had the chance to AP at usual time since I haven't been waking up - I've been sleeping without any interruptions. Also observing the whole otherly presence and flutterings of visuals is calming down now. I should start setting forth intention to awake in middle of sleep before sleeping.

Once in a while I have been napping during day time and there have been some very harsh movements. During one incident as I relaxed aware of the entire sleep stage I felt the physical body growing heavy and then suddenly my left hand which I relaxed on the right side rib cage area grabbed tightly squeezing as though to crush bones. As soon as I jumped up it stopped.

Don't know if I mentioned this but in previous Salvia trips I recall a feeling that someone else had occupied this body - felt as though someone has joined me but observing for most part and has access to the control centre (brain). I feel that it waits until I'm mentally and physically relaxed or asleep.

I should also mention here that I am going through some kind of health crisis - although it is not much of a big deal and nothing life threatening. It has a lot to do with the cyst that has formed near collar bone. I am doing so many tests and so far everything fortunately is coming out negative. The last thing I wanted to mention to my doctor is that a salvia entity accidently caused it whilst we were journeying. Initially I hadn't intended to go see the doctor regarding this - thought I'd just let nature take its course and deal with it myself. Things got pretty bad and sore I had no choice. I did start to get a little curious and wanted to know what the doctors say it is but it seems they are at a loss - they can't decide that it is something benign and want to explore other possibilities despite the fact that I'm fit and healthy.

Another doctor had a look at it and as well meaning as he may be I feel he will never be satisfied until he finds a disease and so I felt pressured to do more tests - now waiting for more results plus there's a possibility of another surgery which is minor but very painful. I think Salvia is very detoxing, add oil pulling and urine therapy to that and there's a great chance of major cleansing. I have been adapting gradually to a healthier diet and I think this health crisis is a good thing - a sign that certain 'energy patterns' are being secreted - the body has it's own natural intelligent operation. It is amazing really how the body functions, how each organ is connected to other organs and provide intricate systematic support and I wonder if what Salvia revealed to me is indeed true - that the physical body is made up of other beings, so many different beings each creating a unit called organs according to a blueprint. Not only is the physical body created in this way but houses, ordinary object, animate or inanimate even the sky is just a camaflouge of these entities or beings.

July 11, 2011

Shrunk Consciousness

Woke at 3:30am - by 5:30am it was so difficult to relax - my mind is so occupied during these times. As I drifted I felt that I would not AP and end up sleeping deeply in order to compensate for the past 2 hours of wakefulness.

Suddenly somewhere in the midst of drifting I hear a female voice saying 'I want to show you something' or 'There is something you have to see'. I wait for it. My consciousness begins to shrink and it appears as if the room is growing much larger - at the same time I feel to be moving backwards in the corner of the room. This occurs endlessly as though there is no such thing as the smallest, biggest or the farthest and I wonder So, where is it - this thing the woman was talking about.

I think this is just it - consciousness shrinking and room expanding at the same time and there's nothing more. Suddenly there is a magnetic sensation at the crown of my head - it is very strong pulling. Then I feel something move like a lid at the top of my head open - end of recall.

This isn't the first consciousness shrinking room expanding type of experience I've had.

I have this feeling something more had occurred but no recall. This is the third projection type event to take place this month and despite being brief I know if I kept my mind focused on this the frequency would eventually increase as well as duration. I think what might help next time is restful sleep but not so restful I can't relax. A free unoccupied mind and keeping the physical body healthy.

July 9, 2011

The Raincoat Killer

A lot on my mind at night time - would've slept straight through if it were not for external noisy distraction at 4:30am.

5:15am tried my utmost best to relax but the thought of 'black magic' was running through my mind - no, I'm not practicing - it has happened to someone I know and this was the same reason why I couldn't sleep until late.

Close eyes and drift. In a part, a massive green field - big sloped hills. I see someone approaching me - can't tell whether male or female, almost concealed in their raincoat. There is a thought in my mind about a raincoat killer on the loose in this very park even though at the same time I am aware that this is a projection and that I have a physical body sleeping in my room.

I start to walk and amazed at how normally and real life like I am walking. The raincoat killer walks past me and a second raincoat killer approaches only this time there is imminent danger and I focus on moving past the killer without having to cross paths. I look ahead in the distance where there are a group of people seem to be playing some kind of sport in a flash think that if I focus on that distance there is a possibility that I might teleport there. I focus but end up gliding forward but more towards the left in order to not go near raincoat killer. The speed I am moving at gives me a heart pounding rush as if I am really physically there.

July 8, 2011

Projection Intentions

I have been waking up twice each night for several days now - the best time for me to AP. Unfortunately I can't seem to stay up long enough. Each time waking up I can feel something took place since the others presence tends to have a sort of shimmering effect - it is like a clear connection is trying to be established. The wave energy is amplifying and at times feels like a full body sexual experience. At the same time because of this APs have changed - in what ways I'm not sure but I feel it has made me more susceptible to something - good or bad I can't really say at this stage.

I have had difficulty to focus on APs due to certain issues I am having to deal with. I think this AP needs a great amount of focus meaning I need to keep thinking about it and at least put forth intention - need to empty mind so that the contents of whatever issues are present does not completely take over.

I feel there is still so much to learn through APing and perhaps more to discover. I don't plan to have any specific goals as usual just go where I'm naturally directed of course this could change at any time.

July 4, 2011

Crushing Chest

Wake at 2:30am and by 5ish am close eyes and drift away with the intention to AP.

I am aware of a presence near my legs crawling up to my chest - it feels so real and tangible but I am only able to see a slight impression of it - the feeling of it is very strong as though a real person was on top of me.

Suddenly this being increases its weight on my chest pushing down. It is painful I feel my chest is being crushed. I can't move or scream as the body is paralysed. I start to control my fingers somehow breaking the spell. The heaviness is gone but now I am struggling to get out of the paralysis. I realize I should've let go to this and not express any fear except I think it wasn't that I was afraid, the pain was just something that I did not have the endurance for.

I remember seeing two birds on my bed but can't recall when it occurred.

I go back, this time letting go to everything. Can't recall if I had an encounter with that heavy being but felt myself going in deeper. There was a crowd of evil laughter - several people, mixed gender. I knew they were trying to scare me but simply observed. Going deeper I am sucked in some internal part. Looking up there's a hole and I start to realize I'm inside my body and I think that hole is the inside part of the lump near right collar bone. There's someone else there and I get a feeling he drew me in.

I feel we are both going somewhere now and then more episodes of sleep paralysis fortunately without crushing chest. I slip into dreams of a very sexual nature. The main theme involved polygamous relationships, and one dream involved similar characters competing with each other regarding an object that appeared to be some kind of special chip or a book which they were trying to get to a publisher. Both manage to sabotage each others work.

During these episodes a lot of thoughts came to my mind illuminating certain fears - fear of body being possessed and going into a deep coma in that SP state.

I think these SPs, crushing sensations and other undesirable sensations may be due to one's mental state - before AP intention I was feeling a little depressed about random stuff. Maybe other factors are involved, need to record more of these incidents and mental state.