July 15, 2011

Uninterrupted Sleep and Health Crisis

Past two nights have not had the chance to AP at usual time since I haven't been waking up - I've been sleeping without any interruptions. Also observing the whole otherly presence and flutterings of visuals is calming down now. I should start setting forth intention to awake in middle of sleep before sleeping.

Once in a while I have been napping during day time and there have been some very harsh movements. During one incident as I relaxed aware of the entire sleep stage I felt the physical body growing heavy and then suddenly my left hand which I relaxed on the right side rib cage area grabbed tightly squeezing as though to crush bones. As soon as I jumped up it stopped.

Don't know if I mentioned this but in previous Salvia trips I recall a feeling that someone else had occupied this body - felt as though someone has joined me but observing for most part and has access to the control centre (brain). I feel that it waits until I'm mentally and physically relaxed or asleep.

I should also mention here that I am going through some kind of health crisis - although it is not much of a big deal and nothing life threatening. It has a lot to do with the cyst that has formed near collar bone. I am doing so many tests and so far everything fortunately is coming out negative. The last thing I wanted to mention to my doctor is that a salvia entity accidently caused it whilst we were journeying. Initially I hadn't intended to go see the doctor regarding this - thought I'd just let nature take its course and deal with it myself. Things got pretty bad and sore I had no choice. I did start to get a little curious and wanted to know what the doctors say it is but it seems they are at a loss - they can't decide that it is something benign and want to explore other possibilities despite the fact that I'm fit and healthy.

Another doctor had a look at it and as well meaning as he may be I feel he will never be satisfied until he finds a disease and so I felt pressured to do more tests - now waiting for more results plus there's a possibility of another surgery which is minor but very painful. I think Salvia is very detoxing, add oil pulling and urine therapy to that and there's a great chance of major cleansing. I have been adapting gradually to a healthier diet and I think this health crisis is a good thing - a sign that certain 'energy patterns' are being secreted - the body has it's own natural intelligent operation. It is amazing really how the body functions, how each organ is connected to other organs and provide intricate systematic support and I wonder if what Salvia revealed to me is indeed true - that the physical body is made up of other beings, so many different beings each creating a unit called organs according to a blueprint. Not only is the physical body created in this way but houses, ordinary object, animate or inanimate even the sky is just a camaflouge of these entities or beings.

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