July 8, 2011

Projection Intentions

I have been waking up twice each night for several days now - the best time for me to AP. Unfortunately I can't seem to stay up long enough. Each time waking up I can feel something took place since the others presence tends to have a sort of shimmering effect - it is like a clear connection is trying to be established. The wave energy is amplifying and at times feels like a full body sexual experience. At the same time because of this APs have changed - in what ways I'm not sure but I feel it has made me more susceptible to something - good or bad I can't really say at this stage.

I have had difficulty to focus on APs due to certain issues I am having to deal with. I think this AP needs a great amount of focus meaning I need to keep thinking about it and at least put forth intention - need to empty mind so that the contents of whatever issues are present does not completely take over.

I feel there is still so much to learn through APing and perhaps more to discover. I don't plan to have any specific goals as usual just go where I'm naturally directed of course this could change at any time.

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