July 16, 2011

The Skull Cracker

Woke at 5:30am - surprisingly slept well despite drinking coffee last night, I think I haven't drank coffee in over a year.

Dozing off after 6am entered several vivid dream states - the last one being incredibly lucid and each dream related to health.

1. Cat's medicine
There's a box of medicine (antibiotics) - I know it's prescribed for my brothers cat. I took one and then read on box 'Lethal to humans'. Panicked a little. In reality my brothers cat was prescribed with antibiotics - it had the same ingredient as my antibiotics, I took it one day and was not feeling great on it so I stopped - no more antibiotics.

2. Kidney failure
I was being explained about the process of kidney failure which I cannot recall in great detail.

3. Health Check
Getting a check up from the doctor but it seems related to my mental health - he checks and tells me that I suffer from a distraction disorder. Yet deep down I seem to know what is going on just wanted a second opinion.

4. The Sky Man
In a hospital clinic - doctors checking me. Looking out at the sky - there is a giant man formed by sky, he is old but strong looking. He is running around the entire global shape of the earth making the Earth spin. I know I'm about to switch, I am going to breakdown and the doctors are probably going to admit me to a psychiatric hospital. I am about to point out the window and consider shouting out 'Father'. Then I thought the doctors would probably think I'm calling my dad from physical reality. I start reaching out to the window, to the man spinning the Earth.

5. Skull Crack
I go to see the two doctors I met recently regarding cyst near neck. Sit down on chair - one doctor to my left preparing the left side of my temple area and the other doctor preparing the crown of my head by parting my hair and rubbing the area he is about to crack open. I relax knowing what is about to happen. I think there was something in my hands keeping me occupied. Suddenly feel the impact on skull - no drill like sounds that I'm familiar with. This was quiet. The tool is squeeging through and I start to feel a pumping pressure entering the brain, intense cranial movement yet there is absolutely no pain. The energy is too much - I don't know if I can stay still. I shift head a little and then physically open eyes to my bedroom - the operation is still going on, sensations amplifying in waking consciousness. I know it is paramount that I stay still and that though this surgery is in the head it is my spine that is at risk, sensations stop a little but my head is spontaneously swaying left and right a part of the process I assume.

I signal a timeout hand gesture - I think by now they understand what this means as I've used it many times under Salvia effects. I go toilet to empty bladder and returning to bed my head continues to sway. I think the ones involved in these 'psychic' surgeries are using physical reality data to make me feel comfortable.

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