July 23, 2011

Salvia Type Projection

Woke at 2:10am - walked a bit and by 3am tried to fall asleep. Depressed about the wound on my neck which isn't healing as fast as it is apparently supposed to - more tests to be done and I think I'm more sick of the hospital visits then I am of my condition.

Fidgeting a lot until by 6am gave in and closed eyes. No intention to AP, just hoping to make up for lost sleep. I can see immediately with closed eyes the impression of the others, only it is dark - with Salvia it is like the lights come on and I can see again . I can feel their movement more than I'm able to see them.

I can see different contrasts of black a neck starting to form. I open eyes just to see that I am still physically awake and then close again. Now it feels like someone is stuck to my face and that's is why I can't see - this entity seems to be blocking my view. Again the neck forms and this time I relax and go with the flow. Soon I see a young man, formed by the colour black and splits of light - his face has cracks and the light appears to be glowing through these cracks. He is looking directly at me. A fuzzy snowy patch suddenly appears, forming into checkered shapes glistening in flashy lights. The patch forms into the face of an old man who looks familiar from other experiences. Others start to storm through and this experience starts to feel very similar to Salvia sessions. It's interesting how this is occuring without the Salvia.

The young man is doing something to third eye - I can feel the pressure - intense and energetic. I relax and suddenly I am moving in a projection. At some point open eyes because I'm still aware of physical environment and body. Awareness fully on body - it feels heavy. Close eyes and I'm still travelling.

Near towards some sea area - I know this place, wanted to come here - I'm so happy they heeded to my request. I am trying to remember when I was last at this location. It is strange that I know this place yet cannot recall when I was last here - I don't even know the name of the palce but the feeling of knowing this place is undeniable. I even had this flashing memory - an inner feeling of having spoken to someone about this place in the physical and how I wished I could go there but still no actual recall of this taking place.

Streaming along now near a row of buildings - movement fast and vision is a little dark and hazy but able to percieve in other ways.

Passing by a street and I think I see houses similar to the one I live in moving across many people I am in very close contact with a man who is carrying a briefcase. Moving on I start to have these burning questions. Who am I? Who are we and those others? What is this Earth and why are we here? I keep repeating these like mantras. Start to sink within the layers of the Earth and at the same time I am curiously aware of my physical body - it feels like my physical arms are being moved and with some trepidation I open my eyes. Head is moving left and right but not swaying.

My impression after this is that the two men I saw initially are experimenting, mostly working on 3rd eye and head region. I am getting a stronger feeling that there is information stored in each human being - perhaps in the brain or dna or in every particles - information and instructions that we have access to - much like a super computer - I just don't know how to use the information simply because I don't even know how to access it.

I think in the Earth Documentary experience this part was being accessed. The huge amount of energy that literally charged the brain with electricity was barely enough to get a clear processing of information - managed to only get bitesize, snippets of information about the Earth. Eventually after this huge charge of energy I was physically drained with a severe headache.

In this mornings experience there was no energy going through crown of head which is probably why I haven't experienced major headaches. I have a feeling another incident like the one in Earth Documentary is approaching and will likely be more intense than anything I've experienced and will require a strong healthy body. This certainly explains why I've been so obsessed with getting incredibly healthy and trying out a great number of detox therapies since the beginning of this year almost as if 'they' have planned this out guiding me every step of the way.

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