July 9, 2011

The Raincoat Killer

A lot on my mind at night time - would've slept straight through if it were not for external noisy distraction at 4:30am.

5:15am tried my utmost best to relax but the thought of 'black magic' was running through my mind - no, I'm not practicing - it has happened to someone I know and this was the same reason why I couldn't sleep until late.

Close eyes and drift. In a part, a massive green field - big sloped hills. I see someone approaching me - can't tell whether male or female, almost concealed in their raincoat. There is a thought in my mind about a raincoat killer on the loose in this very park even though at the same time I am aware that this is a projection and that I have a physical body sleeping in my room.

I start to walk and amazed at how normally and real life like I am walking. The raincoat killer walks past me and a second raincoat killer approaches only this time there is imminent danger and I focus on moving past the killer without having to cross paths. I look ahead in the distance where there are a group of people seem to be playing some kind of sport in a flash think that if I focus on that distance there is a possibility that I might teleport there. I focus but end up gliding forward but more towards the left in order to not go near raincoat killer. The speed I am moving at gives me a heart pounding rush as if I am really physically there.

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