July 11, 2011

Shrunk Consciousness

Woke at 3:30am - by 5:30am it was so difficult to relax - my mind is so occupied during these times. As I drifted I felt that I would not AP and end up sleeping deeply in order to compensate for the past 2 hours of wakefulness.

Suddenly somewhere in the midst of drifting I hear a female voice saying 'I want to show you something' or 'There is something you have to see'. I wait for it. My consciousness begins to shrink and it appears as if the room is growing much larger - at the same time I feel to be moving backwards in the corner of the room. This occurs endlessly as though there is no such thing as the smallest, biggest or the farthest and I wonder So, where is it - this thing the woman was talking about.

I think this is just it - consciousness shrinking and room expanding at the same time and there's nothing more. Suddenly there is a magnetic sensation at the crown of my head - it is very strong pulling. Then I feel something move like a lid at the top of my head open - end of recall.

This isn't the first consciousness shrinking room expanding type of experience I've had.

I have this feeling something more had occurred but no recall. This is the third projection type event to take place this month and despite being brief I know if I kept my mind focused on this the frequency would eventually increase as well as duration. I think what might help next time is restful sleep but not so restful I can't relax. A free unoccupied mind and keeping the physical body healthy.

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