February 29, 2008

Keep A Dream Journal

Keep a dream journal beside you (somewhere easy to reach). Before going to sleep affirm that you will have a restful sleep and remember your dreams in the morning. Upon waking up keep your eyes closed and try to remember some impression of your dream. This could be a certain way you felt, a person or an object from your dream. By doing this other fragments should come naturally. Write a brief summary of the dream. The shorter the better.

A dream journal is incredibly helpful in achieving an astral projection. It expands your awareness of the altered conscious states. The more dreams you can recall and write down the more aware you will become of your altered state during sleep.

February 13, 2008

Disturbing posture in sleep paralysis

I was nearing an astral projection this morning. Got into a trance felt myself almost nearing a projection. I also felt the vibrations this time. In the trance state I heard a young girl crying and thought it was my neice, there was also the sound of doors closing and movement around the house. Worried I tried to get myself out of the paralysis but my body remained completely immobile. I began losing consciousness until finally I became conscious of my head bent on the other side of the bed and my butt above me in the air. To the human eye I probably would have looked like I was about to do the rollie pollie only I got paralysed halfway. I had extreme difficulty getting out of it.

Eventually I snapped out and realized I was lying on my back and think the body I percieved was the one in the astral. Of course there was no one crying in the physical - the sounds I'm hearing in the trance state are sounding so real it feels like I'm hearing them physically and not astrally.

I've been meditating this past week and I've noticed some changes in my hearing. It's sharper than ever. I am constantly hearing a high pitched sound in my ears throughout the day which is mildly annoying. I'm quite happy with the progress I'm making on my meditation and by progress I mean that I now look forward to my meditation sessions.

February 4, 2008

Voices in my head

I woke up from a dream about terrorists at 6:00am. I realized how calm I was in the dream. People were getting shot in front of me yet I was calm. My reaction in the dream to the event was quite disturbing that it kept me awake for about 40 minutes. For 40 minutes I was trying to decipher the dream, find out what it could mean until I decided that it meant nothing.

I then tried to focus on my breathing so that I could astral project. Within a minute I gave up. Sleep came naturally and this time I just woke up and found myself in another place, I think it was a dream rather than a projection. I had immediate control of my body and I was beginning to create a few scenes to experience. Nothing that seemed relevant.

Then in the background I began hearing someone speaking. This voice was pulling me towards it. My dream began to fade away and I was left in the dark. The voice was female and she had an Indian accent. She used the word 'belief' several times. I'm guessing she was talking about how we create our realities a topic I'm very interested in. I was focusing really hard trying to make out what was being said. This caused her voice to slowly fade away and take me back to my earlier scenes. When I stopped trying to focus on the voice it came back.

More and more voices were coming through at such an alarming speed that I didn't catch a single word. I felt overwhelmed and as I did the voices started calming down coming to a slow speed. Then a 60-something year old sounding man with a british accent said 'My death was caused by an overactive imagination. Actually I died because of my imagination.' Every being that was present including me bursted out laughing. In fact I woke up laughing. This guy was really funny and I guess that is why I can easily remember what he said.

Voices are very common in the state of body asleep/mind awake sate. I've experienced hearing voices before. They are usually in foreign accents and sometimes speak in different languages. I've been hearing voices these past few days in that sort of light trance state. They are mostly incoherent, I think I need to learn to tune in properly.