February 13, 2008

Disturbing posture in sleep paralysis

I was nearing an astral projection this morning. Got into a trance felt myself almost nearing a projection. I also felt the vibrations this time. In the trance state I heard a young girl crying and thought it was my neice, there was also the sound of doors closing and movement around the house. Worried I tried to get myself out of the paralysis but my body remained completely immobile. I began losing consciousness until finally I became conscious of my head bent on the other side of the bed and my butt above me in the air. To the human eye I probably would have looked like I was about to do the rollie pollie only I got paralysed halfway. I had extreme difficulty getting out of it.

Eventually I snapped out and realized I was lying on my back and think the body I percieved was the one in the astral. Of course there was no one crying in the physical - the sounds I'm hearing in the trance state are sounding so real it feels like I'm hearing them physically and not astrally.

I've been meditating this past week and I've noticed some changes in my hearing. It's sharper than ever. I am constantly hearing a high pitched sound in my ears throughout the day which is mildly annoying. I'm quite happy with the progress I'm making on my meditation and by progress I mean that I now look forward to my meditation sessions.

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